Bottrop: The new Rheinbabenwerkstatt building offers modern workplaces

140 people in dire need of support can work at Bottrop in new, modern production halls. This is how merging works.

The workplaces in the spacious and bright timber workshop are deserted, the machines stand stationary under the high ceiling, and the adjoining assembly and packing area is almost deserted. No, the employees did not actually turn their backs on the modern factory buildings constructed on the Rheinbabenwerkstatt. On the contrary: that morning they flocked to the hall with many guests to celebrate at last the opening of the new building.

Work has continued on the new production halls since January

The production halls in Heinrich-Theissen-Strasse have been operating since January, and now the Corona pandemic situation allows not only work there, but also a joint festival that includes a service and a blessing.

Sebastian Schwager, Diakonie’s commercial director, explained in his letter that Diakonisches Werk Gladbeck-Bottrop-Dorsten had spent approximately €4.7 million on the new building, almost entirely of its own money. “We’ve created a site for people who need support that perfectly meets their needs,” Schwager says.

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Because these needs, as indicated by the director of the workshop department, Arend Schreiner, have changed a lot since the first construction in 1977. On the other hand: “the number of employees who have grown old with us is increasing.” Some have now worked in the workshop for more than 40 years and come to work with a treadmill or a wheelchair, for example. On the other hand, the need to help newcomers has changed and increased. Tube feeding or incontinence care was part of the spectrum.

Plus: “We now have a lot of people on the autism spectrum,” Schreiner says. They also have other requirements for their jobs, so they should be as annoying as possible. Something proper has been achieved in the old building.

New ceiling lift systems care centers

The new three-part building has an area of ​​approximately 1,800 square meters and attractive interior courtyards, where the old production areas have been demolished, and now houses, among other things, modern healthcare centers with roof-lift systems, relaxation rooms and separate accommodation for the professions. 140 employees find a place here. “Stones alone don’t move us forward,” Schreiner added and also described a new content-based concept based on the pillars of education, rehabilitation and care.

In cooperation with the staff and workshop staff, the new halls were planned and the transition was carried out. Schreiner thanked him for that. The workshop board members emphasized that it was not always easy: “It was a long and arduous journey for all involved.” But now employees can enjoy the modern factory buildings.

Mayor Bottrop: “You are a strength of our city”

Mayor Bernd Teichler in his welcome speech emphasized that they are of course productive there too, as a well-established partner in service and production. Inclusion is not a sure success, it has to be worked towards and promoted.

Diakonie is an important provider of engagement in working life. “As Lord Mayor, I am very grateful for Diakoni’s work.” And he was “proud of the work that is done here every day by all of them. You are a source of strength to our city.”

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