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Status: 05/20/2022 20:06

Two scientists have clashed over the question of the origin of the coronavirus. Hamburg physicist Roland Wiesendanger accuses Berlin virologist Christian Drosten of deception. The Hamburg District Court decided that Wiesendanger may not do so.

For the physicist Wiesendanger, the origin of the epidemic is nothing less than one of the most important questions facing humanity in the past 100 years. He says the whole world will be watching this process. The coronavirus is believed to have originated in a Chinese laboratory. Two years ago, 27 virologists, including Berlin virologist Christian Drosten, described this theory as a conspiracy theory.

Wiesendanger should not accuse Drosten of cheating

Wiesendanger then accused Drosten of deliberately deceiving the public. He is no longer allowed to do so. The presiding judge confirms that his civil chamber is not obligated to determine the correct original thesis. It’s all about who is allowed to say what or not. There is no evidence that Drosten deceived the public against his better knowledge.


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Physicist Roland Wiesendanger and virologist Christian Drosten have clashed over the question of the origin of the coronavirus. The dispute ended in court on Friday. 1 minute

Accordingly, the Chamber confirms a previous urgent decision. On the other hand, Wiesendanger was there. He was allowed to charge Drosten with a campaign of disinformation and lies.

The origin of the Corona virus remains unanswered

The background to the controversy is the statements of Wiesendanger in an interview with the magazine “Cicero”, which appeared on February 2 this year under the title: “Does the Corona virus come from a laboratory? – ‘Mr. Drosten misled politicians and the media'”. In it, Wiesendanger accused the director of the Institute Charité’s virology deliberately deceives society about the origin of the Corona pandemic.

He also accused other international virologists, who assume that the virus originated in the animal kingdom, of deliberately misleading and covering up. He was primarily referring to an open letter published by 27 virologists on February 19, 2020 in The Lancet. In it, they rejected the claim that the virus had no natural origin as a conspiracy theory.

Objection to the injunction

After Cicero’s interview was published, Drosten Fessdinger issued a warning and on March 14 of this year obtained an injunction from the Hamburg Regional Court, a court spokesperson said. For example, a nanoscientist should not repeat the claim that Drosten deliberately deceived the public. Wiesendanger appealed the decision.

Wiesendanger hypothesizes the origin of the corona in the laboratory

He is convinced that there are many indications that the SARS-CoV-2 virus was caused by a lab accident at the Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China. So the altercation between the two worlds took place in court on Friday.

Charité: Too many inaccuracies in the facts

Christian Drosten, Director of the Institute of Virology at the Charité Berlin.  © picture alliance / dpa Photo: Kay Nitfield

Virologist Drosten has obtained an injunction against Wiesendanger.

A spokeswoman for Charité Berlin said in early March: “The interview with Mr. Weisendanger published by Cicero contains a large number of factual and inaccurate allegations that infringe on Professor Drosten’s personal rights.” The magazine and the world were therefore asked “in particular to refrain from making false allegations that Professor Drosten misled the public about the origin of the virus and participated in the alleged cover-up”.

After the interview surfaced, Drosten described his opponent on Twitter as an “extremist”. The interview is not currently available online. Instead, the journal published a statement stating that individual points are currently being legally examined and that the substantive results of the dispute between Drosten and Wiesendanger are pending.

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Christian Drosten, director of the Institute of Virology at the Charité Berlin, at a press conference.  © dpa picture alliance / dpa Pool Photo: Michael Kappeler

With the ruling, the Hamburg District Court confirmed an injunction against the physicist. More Corona news in the live broadcast. more

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