F1 live tape on Aston Martin: ‘It would be a crime’

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Horner: The FIA ​​approached Red Bull

Exciting comments from the Red Bull team boss once again on the subject of Aston Martin and the “Red Bull Green”. He reveals to ‘Sky’ that the FIA ​​approached Red Bull last week.

The World Assembly stated that there is a car that is very similar to the RB18. That’s why the “alarm bells” are ringing at Red Bull. The crux of the matter is the personnel change from Red Bull to Aston Martin.

Horner stresses that, of course, it is not forbidden to transfer the knowledge in your head to another team. At the same time, it is of course not allowed to take data or similar things with you.

“It would be a criminal offence,” the Red Bull team boss explains, while also making clear that Red Bull has launched an “internal investigation”. So things are not over yet…

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Pirelli assumes two stations

According to their first analysis, the Italians expect two stops on Sunday. “The front left tire is the most used,” explains Mario Isola, who sees this as the “limiting factor” for drivers.

So it is assumed that the race has two stops. The “big question” now is what tires will be used. Especially since the difference between the three mixtures is “slightly greater than expected”.

The difference between soft and medium paper is 1.1 seconds, and the difference between soft and hard is 2.4.

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Live broadcast

Don’t forget: In just over 30 minutes, Kevin Schoren and Christian Niemervall will be reporting live on Formel1.de YouTube channel with the big analysis of Barcelona on Friday. Of course, the emphasis is on the “Green Red Bull”. The following topics are planned:

Summary of Friday’s training in Barcelona
Aston Martin: Did Vettel steal from Red Bull?
– “Show & Tell”: These are the team’s updates for Barcelona
– Alonso criticizes Whitish, race director and commissioners
– ‘Wimp’ discussion: Alonso contradicts Sainz
Vettel slams current F1 engines as ‘exhaust gas’
Long-Term Analysis with Kevin Hermann
– DTM Norisring tickets: sweepstakes for channel members

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Schumacher optimistic: There is a third question

Haas is absolutely the only team without updates this weekend. However, Schumacher stresses: “We hope that the plan will start in the third quarter. And I think we are on the right track to do that.”

He finished the day in P10, with teammate Magnussen in P12. In any case, it was the “right decision” to forgo a major update at Barcelona for the time being and save money, according to Schumacher.

The big package should come in France.

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McLaren: Norris damage can be repaired

He sighs at McLaren: “We can fix it overnight,” Andrea Stella says of the damage to Norris while driving over the curb. As a result, he was only able to complete six laps in FT2.

“It’s been a tough day for me,” admits Norris, who hopes to turn things around tomorrow. He finished the day P14 on the combined schedules, teammate Ricciardo only P16 – without the update.

“We tried a few different settings in both sessions,” he said, acknowledging, “We’re clearly not where we want to be on the timelines.” But the top ten will be there tomorrow. lets see.

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Aston Martin with handbrake

At least that’s what Lance Stroll, who talks about “positive first day” and explains, “we’ve handled it a little bit more cautiously today, understandably lacks spare parts.”

The update was definitely a “step in the right direction”. “The car felt good for one lap,” he says. In terms of balance, though, one could definitely go a step further.

With a P8 and P13 on the joint schedule, things didn’t go too badly for Aston Martin today. Let’s see if Q3 is possible for both drivers tomorrow.

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modern technology pictures

Our photographers have been busy, and as promised, we’ve once again populated our tech photo series with new shots. Click through, it’s worth it!

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Doesn’t fit AlphaTauri yet

P11 and P15 in the combined timelines of Gasly and Tsunoda. “Today was not our best Friday. It was very difficult. We can’t seem to get the car where we want it,” says the Frenchman.

“The conditions aren’t helping either,” he shrugs and explains, “It’s not going to be an easy race for anyone. The car has never liked these high temperatures.” At least you are “not very far” from the top ten.

Her teammate Tsunoda is also “not happy” with the car so far. “We have a lot of work to do tomorrow if we want to target the third quarter of the qualifiers,” the Japanese said. “But I think it is possible,” he says jihadily.

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Hamilton ‘very happy’ with P3

We’ve never seen the record champ so satisfied all season! He rates Friday “positively” and states that he is “very pleased with the progress” Mercedes has made.

“We are not the fastest yet,” he explained. But you are on the right track. It was the first time that Mercedes had almost not jumped the strait.

“It’s much better,” he says, explaining that with a little tuning, you could be faster tomorrow. We are excited!

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Mercedes in the lead? Wolf is skeptical too

“We were also strong in Miami on Friday and I think if the grip level increases we might go back to our old weakness,” said the Mercedes team boss, slowing expectations at the ‘Sky’ after P2 and P3.

The bounce may come back – as it did recently in Miami. “But he’s strong for Friday,” he sums up, adding: “I think we could have had a little more engine than Ferrari and Red Bull.”

“But at least we’re not as far away as we used to be,” said Wolf.

6:53 PM

Bottas confirms: It may have been an engine failure

“I could see and smell smoke,” he said after his FT2 flaw, adding, “Before that, I heard a noise that didn’t sound very good. We still didn’t get the car back, so we don’t know.”

But he assumes that something broke in the engine. After all: “I’m sure we can resist,” he says optimistically. Because the car looked “very good” today.

“At least Zhou had some long runs. I think we can still have a strong weekend,” said Bottas, who previously finished FT1 in P17. But you only collected the data and did not specify a fast time.

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Vettel: “We will definitely not back down”

The Aston Martin driver is cautiously optimistic and explains regarding the update on “Sky”: “It’s still hard to compare at the moment because conditions aren’t completely transparent. But it’s certainly not a step back.”

“I think we are good on the first day […] He can be quite satisfied,” he sums up and explains: “It was a good day for us because the car is practically new and with so many new parts it was important to get a lot of laps. “

Regarding the similarities with Red Bull, he explains: “There are always similarities between cars.” From the start, the option to switch to a different concept has remained open.

I’ve done that now. “We kept the door open because we weren’t completely clear,” Vettel said.

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Verstappen after P5 not interested

The Ferrari and Mercedes drivers were faster today. However, the world champion is relatively relaxed after P5. “It was a bit difficult to find the right balance in the heat,” he said.

So, it’s ‘obvious’ that you still have some work to do quickly. “At least the long distances looked good. I’m happy with that. It’s just about finding a middle ground,” he explains.

He doesn’t seem too concerned.

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Friday’s most important thing…

…we have of course summarized it again today in our photo series. Take a look when you get the chance. Fastest way to update!

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Horner was not surprised

“I’ve said all year it’s only a matter of time,” the Red Bull team boss said in ‘Sky’ of Mercedes’ good result. In fact, Horner never crossed out the silver stock in the World Championships.

He expects a very close fight between the three big teams tomorrow. However, one does not know who actually put all the cards on the table today. It should be clear that everyone still has something up their sleeve to qualify.

But the question is how much will this be…

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Russell doesn’t trust barbecue yet

“I honestly don’t know,” he replied when asked if he was satisfied today. It also reminds us of Miami, when it completely crashed on Saturday after P1 on Friday.

Recoil isn’t fully under control yet, and sometimes it still does—also in curves. Tire wear will play another important role on Sunday.

It currently assumes “at least” two stations.

6:00 pm

FT2: Closing time

And that’s it. No more major accidents, no improvements. Perez was briefly off the track again. So the best time to go to Leclerc is in front of the Mercedes and Sainz drivers. Red Bull is a little late at the moment. Here is an overview:

Training Report

Score FT2

Friday’s total score

Photos: F1: Spanish Grand Prix (Barcelona) 2022, Friday

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