Ferrari updates on double the best time

( – Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) had the best time in his first free practice session for the Spanish Grand Prix (Formula 1 2022 Live in the Ticker). The world championship leader had a best time of 1:19.828 minutes, placing his teammates Carlos Sainz (+0.079) and Max Verstappen (Red Bull/+0.336) in second.

Charles Leclerc had the best time in first free practice


Interesting: Barcelona is the traditional weekend for big technology updates, and Ferrari and Red Bull have followed suit. While Ferrari has modified the bottom and rear wing, the bottom and front wing are new to Red Bull. And the RB18 lost weight, “because our car is still too fat,” Verstappen grins.

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Helmut Marko: The VIPs have done a good job

Also interesting: Verstappen set the best time in the first sector with 0.102 seconds behind Leclerc. But in the second sector he lost 0.105 and in the third 0.155 seconds to the Ferrari driver. Sergio Perez did not play in the first training session. In his place, Red Bull Junior Juri Vips took 20th and last place, 4.310secs behind.

Helmut Marko, Red Bull motorsport consultant Helmut Marko, praised in an interview with Sky: “The VIPs had certain tasks. “Time is not representative because it is always stuck in traffic when the soft tires are on. Overall, we’re happy with what he’s showing.” (Presentation: All races live without commercial breaks – exclusively on Sky.)

As far as the balance of power is concerned, Marko is anticipating a small shift since Miami: “Ferrari brought a big update. We were ahead for long periods. It changed a little bit with the soft tyres. But I think we’re inside tenth,” he says.

“It’s satisfying for us that the gap is very small despite Ferrari’s update. Although I don’t think we are still where we should be in terms of balance yet. I suppose it will be the usual Ferrari duel against Red Bull.” at.”

Misunderstanding between Hamilton and Alonso

As is often the case, there was a first gap in the rankings behind the top three. George Russell in a fully overhauled Mercedes (including the bottom plate and front wing) finished fourth, but was already 0.762secs behind his best time. Fernando Alonso (Alpine/+0.940) is fifth, Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes/+0.983) sixth.

There was a near collision between Alonso and Hamilton as Hamilton was on his fastest lap when he hit Alonso and the Spaniard simply ignored him. Hamilton had to drive on the barriers from the outside and probably lost 0.221 seconds which Russell eventually lost. The International Automobile Federation is investigating the accident after the session.

For the teams, the first free training session was more important than ever because, with the exception of Haas, everyone in Barcelona is coming out with some important updates. McLaren has reported ten new components for the FIA, Alfa Romeo and Aston Martin at least eight. The Aston Martin B-Type was initially the general topic of talks on Friday.

Aston Martin Legal According to the FIA

Because Sebastian Vettel’s green racer is amazingly similar to Red Bull in the sidepods territory. The FIA ​​made sure during the investigation that everything was done correctly. But Red Bull believes that the design should be copied from the RB18.

“Quantum leaps cannot be expected”: Vettel before 1st FT about updates

Sebastian Vettel and Aston Martin go to the weekend in Barcelona with lots of car changes

Vettel was 15th when he came out on a fresh soft at the end of the session. Clearly he wasn’t aiming to chase the time although the German couldn’t improve and finished 16 – 0.018sec behind Mick Schumacher (15/Haas) and 0.244sec behind teammate Lance Stroll (12).

How powerful are McLaren’s updates?

McLaren presented themselves aggressively, and fairly traditionally conservative on Friday mornings. Lando Norris finished seventh, half a second behind Daniel Ricciardo. Team boss Andreas Seidl analyzed in an interview with “ORF”: “It was positive that we had a good session and no problems with the new parts.”

But: Ricciardo with more new parts was half a second slower than Norris. Seidl puts it in perspective: “We’ve driven different configurations with the two cars. It was a positive start. But it’s still too early to say where we stand. Others have also brought updates.”

By the way: In addition to the Vips at Red Bull, two more drivers on Friday were on the job as well. Robert Kubica finished 13th in the Alfa Romeo race, 2.147 seconds behind. Nick de Vries finished 18th in the Williams race, which is usually driven by Alexander Albon, and was 0.091sec faster than teammate Nicholas Latifi.

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