Fortnite: Season 3 Live Event – Epic Games Presents First Vision

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The end of Chapter 3 of Season 2 of Fortnite is approaching and some content has already been leaked. Epic Games is now showing an insight into the live event.

Update from 05/20/2022: It looks like things are starting to get a little clearer around the expected Fortnite live event. There has been a lot of speculation and leaks about the grand finale, which is supposed to mark the transition from season two to season three, but so far there is no significant information from Epic Games. Now the studio will likely be ready to get the wider audience eager for a new event.

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Fortnite: Epic Games is teasing a live event with a new background in the lobby

What happened? On May 19, a major change occurred in the background of the Fortnite lobby. The game now has a new lobby that looks like it’s on the moon. Not only that, but veteran Battle Royale players may notice the remains of a mecha bear hanging on scaffolding in the background. The giant robot bear last appeared in the ninth season of the first chapter of the game.

Fortnite: Season 3 Live Event – Epic Games Presents First Vision

© Epic Games

Mecha Bear will likely play a major role in Season Two’s final live event. In the current week of the Resistance mission, players must collect items that “Help the Seven rebuild their attack and defeat IO.The attack could well refer to the massive mechanism, but in its current state, it has seen better days. If this idea proves true, there could be a big final battle against IO in the live event.

Fortnite: Season 3 Live Event Confirmed – Huge Leak Shows First Content

First report from 05/18/2022: Curry, North Carolina – The second season of Fortnite Chapter 3 is slowly but surely ending. With the new update 20.40, new content has been added and new locations can also be found on the ever-changing map. But since the update, the well-known countdown to the end of the current season has begun in the lobby screen again. Data miners have taken a closer look at the Fortnite code and can confirm that this countdown is ending in a live event. The leaks show it.

Fortnite: Season 2 Chapter 3 ends with a live event – Leaker confirms great fan request

Will Fortnite Season 2 see a live event? yes! This was confirmed by well-known leaker FNBRINtel on Twitter. After the second season was released without a major live event, many fans were disappointed. Epic Games will take this frustration seriously. Season 2 will end on June 3, 2022 with a major live event that has already been announced with a timer in the lobby. There will likely be a separate player search again so that the live action can be watched without disturbing others. FNBRIntel has also found an animation to play in the lobby when the live event starts.

What will happen? Fortnite live events are often conducted with great attention to detail and are always popular with players. Since update 20.40 in Fortnite, there is a new POI (Point of Interest) in Loot Lake – The Collider. This doomsday device is designed to unleash the events that herald the third chapter of Season Three. You can already see that the tallest tower is sucking up water from the surrounding streams.

Fortnite: Loot Lake’s Doomsday device will make noise in the live event

© Twitter: HYPEX

Share this Fortnite HYPEX leaker in one game tweet He found hints in the code that the Doomsday device can emit different impulses that can affect players in different ways. in another place tweet FNBRINtel shows what these pulses look like. Other lines of code suggest that the Moon will somehow participate in the live event – somewhat funky, but nothing new to Fortnite.

Fortnite: Season 2 Finale Event – More Content & Information

What else is there? The official Fortnite account has already shared the first teaser for the new season 3 on Twitter. with short textstand up“(or”upload— depending on how you want to translate it) and a short video clip, Epic Games features Team Leader Mecha. Players are sure he’ll come back and play a role during the live event.

What you should know: Until the official information comes out, you have to trust the leaks first. Usually, data miners rarely get it wrong, so it’s safe to assume that most content will find its way into Fortnite. With the live event at the end of the season and the connection to season 3, a longer layover is again expected, as you can’t play. So be prepared to wait a bit after the June 3 live event. If you want to know how to play Fortnite on iOS, you should check out our dedicated article.

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