Future career: How to become a marine engineer

For many people, the sea is a place of longing. This living and economical area provides job opportunities for those who do not want to surrender to the charm of big water only in their spare time. Marine technology, for example, offers an exciting array of careers for engineers.

marine engineering, underwater technologies, power generation; The range of jobs for marine engineers is wide.

Photo: Panthermedia.net/Djmattaar

Our oceans make up more than 70 percent of the Earth’s surface, and the ocean depths absorb 95 percent of the living space of living organisms on our planet. In many ways, it remains unexplored – one of the reasons why the sea and life in it attract so many of us. As airy, we humans don’t really have a chance in this habitat by nature. Naval engineers are making up for this biological flaw with technological advances.

What does a marine engineer do?

First of all: it is difficult to introduce a marine technician, because the field of activity is almost parallel to the width of the sea itself, but this is also an attraction of this specialty. Dr. says. Jan Schulz.

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