Hardened Fronts – Will Catherine and Tobias ever get back together again?

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Catherine And Tobias They are in crisis – will they find a solution together or is their relationship about to end? Philip He doesn’t want to give up so easily and go on trial sunnyBut fate unexpectedly thwarts his plans. also between John And Lura The fronts are not clearly defined. You can see if the two are getting close again beforehand in broadcasting on RTL+ Premium.

GZSZ Preview for Monday, May 23, Episode 7519

shocked to understand Catherine who – which Tobias Doubts about the interrelationship. After a passionate discussion, they both end up in bed. However, they did not overcome their crisis. Catherine definitely doesn’t want to lose Tobias! About sunny To convince yourself of the plans Philip Big surprise. Moreover Noah You should not interfere this time. But while Philip eagerly awaits his beloved, fate thwarts his plan …

GZSZ preview for Tuesday 24 May Episode 7520

sunny It can’t be denied Noah It makes her heart beat faster. But she knows that too Philip I am still waiting for you at the agreed meeting point. However, when he found out what had happened, he immediately took off. John He suggests that he even consider emigrating if the festival is not successful and encourages Lura You act subconsciously: you immediately take care of a potential patron. John shows his gratitude and thus ensures an intimate moment between the two…

GZSZ Preview for Wednesday (May 25th) Episode 7521

Lura Angry because she thinks so John Having sex with another woman. She doesn’t know he’s withdrawing from the situation before it really starts working. When John saw Laura flirting with another man, he hit him more than he thought. Jenna feel in pee Near the most comfortable. However, his thoughts are with his ex-wife, because emilys Birthday is coming.

You can find out in the video which former GZSZ stars now look completely different and have changed a lot after they left:

GZSZ Preview for Thursday (26/05)

Today’s episode has been canceled due to the Ascension Day holiday.

GZSZ preview for Friday, May 27, Episode 7522

Because pee I didn’t wish her a happy birthday emily Harm. When she wants to get distracted from work, she meets Paul of all people. With Moritz help pull Louis Back to his old common room. The two decide to travel together, but their plan is thwarted by a broken car. Fortunately, Moretz on his father Michi can count!

GZSZ preview for Monday 05/30 Episode 7523

Because sunny The desire to Noah You want to prepare him a romantic surprise. However, since he plans the same thing, they thwart each other’s plans. Catherine so afraid Iphone aware, but this quickly invalidates them. When the two women get into an argument, Yvonne threatens to become a leaker after all.

GZSZ Preview for Tuesday, May 31, Episode 7524

Moritz very concerned about Louis Which makes video creation difficult. But his friend calms him down and claims that everything is fine. Moretz has no idea that Louis is with Linostrami It was by no means completed. who – which Philip Now from their sudden plans to Noah white is sunny Very uncomfortable. Even if the Doctor seems to treat the situation with good humor, Sunny fears that he may have finally lost Philip as a friend.

GZSZ Preview for Wednesday, June 1, Episode 7525

Jenna What is slowly recovering pee Take note with satisfaction. when jonas Supposedly Gina has developed feelings for Paul, he denies everything: everything is settled between him and Gina! distance Catherine It turned out that he had brought himself to confession Tobias I was shocked. While Catherine wants to make her intentions clear to him, her boyfriend believes the confession came only under great pressure.

GZSZ preview for Thursday, June 2, Episode 7526

pee He’s happy with that too Jenna He denies having feelings for him. Now, after all, he should join first emily dealing with. Jenna is sure that Paul has not finished his relationship with his ex-wife. Marine And Michi They are on their way to Copenhagen. But their journey was halted shortly after from Berlin. When Michy forgot his shoes on the side of the road after the car broke down, her dance competition entry was on the brink.

GZSZ Preview for Friday, June 3, Episode 7527

Even if Marin objects, Mishi decides to go back and get the shoes. Meanwhile, Maren is going through time and feeling very disoriented when she suddenly comes face to face with Tobias…Laura accompanies John to the house, where a close moment approaches. Then John pushes Laura away from self-defense. Annoyed, Laura swears that Jon could still be stolen from her and has no idea he’s in danger… (Text: RTL Passion)

GZSZ Preview for Monday (06.06.)

Today’s episode has been canceled due to the Pentecost holiday.

GZSZ Preview for Tuesday, June 7, Episode 7528

Because Michi Missed registration for the line dance competition, convinced Maren Tobias, To stand by their actual dance partner, but when Tobias is then asked to duel by another participant, the two have to improvise. Lura managed to faint John To lift from the bathtub. without emily or philip Notice, Laura later visits John in the hospital. Even if he was still completely dazed by the medication, he had an important message for Laura.

GZSZ Preview for Wednesday, June 8, Episode 7529

Because Louis time with Moritz Wanting to spend, he puts his plan behind. But while his thoughts revolve around him during the night, he decides to go to the interview after all. Jones The drug rush wears off and he realizes with embarrassment what he has Lura Just made for a love confession. He pretends he doesn’t remember anything and insults Laura with it. She doesn’t want to accept John’s excuse and alerts him to finally speak clearly.

GZSZ preview for Thursday, June 9, episode 7530

Buy out of necessity Emily Jenas Shoes and you never want to take them out of the box again. On the way to the event, I met Gina again, who suddenly was not feeling well at all … jonas get with how Louis Meet a dealer. But he justifies himself and promises to get rid of the essence. By having a meal together, Lewis wants to prove that all is well with him…

GZSZ preview for Friday, June 10, Episode 7531

because yourself Philips He reports a bad conscience, decides to give the gift sunny to go back. Before Noah He tells his own version. But it smells like barbecue right away… emily Do not deviate in the hospital Jenna The side – although the tip slips through her fingers as a result. sunny And tuner Impressed by Emily’s sponsorship. Their good work pays off immediately when a journalist wants to win Emily for an exclusive interview…

GZSZ Preview for Monday, June 13, Episode 7532

Leila justify himself Eric He assures him that she is around Martin recovery efforts. But Eric is suspicious of Martin’s intentions and believes that he stole from Lily to buy alcohol. Before Noah Do Philip As if he already had a new torch. In order not to embarrass himself, he wants to join sunny Introduce a new wife on her birthday. with its previous history that He actually managed to deceive others.

GZSZ Preview for Tuesday, June 14, Episode 7533

worry emily And pee sure how much Kate The school’s performance suffers from the current situation. Catherine praised for Tobias He improved, but when he puts it to the test, the situation escalates.

GZSZ preview for Wednesday, June 15, Episode 7534

affectionately explained Jenna Kate The future family situation has finally broken the ice. emily Received an unexpected date invitation. Catherine He seems to be still cruel and willing Tobias Do not be sad, but the pain is deep.

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GZSZ Review for Monday (May 16th) Episode 7514

after the raid Catherine forced to confess. Tobias You know she wasn’t honest with him. While Catherine cannot understand the injured Tobias, his disappointment is great. emily puffs out her frustration Jenna outside until John He puts his half-sister in her place. Emily was angry with herself, after all she wanted to look forward. Instead, she stayed true to her reputation once again…

GZSZ review for Tuesday 17 May Episode 7515

I realized with satisfaction Iphone who – which Linostramis entity network you want to detect gladly for help. His plan works: the prosecutor’s office cannot resist the documents and accepts the offer. Philip accepts with conviction that it exists in Noah And sunny No more progress. Once again he goes on a courtship course and can score points with his sweetheart. Noah responds and doesn’t want to ditch Sunny anytime soon…

GZSZ Review for Wednesday (May 18th) Episode 7516

who – which entity Who wants to sell construction engines John Concern lines on the forehead. He cannot afford the property himself, and therefore hopes to get a decent new tenant. A look into the future learn it Lura better … sunny Useful brunch invitation Philip To a new self-confidence. As is Noah He realizes he was able to score points with Sunny, who immediately takes action and thwarts Phillip’s plan. Frustrated, he has to accept Noah’s return to the race.

GZSZ Review for Thursday, May 19, Episode 7517

The Mauerwerk crew gathers together when it becomes known what threatens them. Lura It can still prevent early selling and thus buy some time. Because John Asking for support marin, Help him organize the annual Mauerflower Festival. thanks for the Michi Marine John can really help. She wants to show her appreciation for Michi’s commitment and is thinking of a big surprise.

GZSZ Review for Friday, May 20, Episode 7518

Marines brings gesture Michi Reflecting: Did feelings arise for him? Moreover Catherine Her friend’s behavior is interpreted as an indication of the first approach. Meanwhile, her relationship is in crisis, she doesn’t know it yet Tobias He was on a business trip. In order to save Marine’s birthday party, Mitchie convinces his friend Tobias to serve as well. But his presence causes trouble when a fight breaks out between him and Catherine.

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