Lucien Favre before returning as coach

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Lucien Favre before returning to Borussia Mönchengladbach

Coach Lucien Favre is about to return to Borussia Monchengladbach. All indications are mounting that the Swiss should replace Adi Hutter. However, the staff is not complete yet.

There is no doubt that Lucien Favre is a coach who is a perfect fit for Borussia Mönchengladbach. The club has conceded a lot of goals and is unstable. And Favre is someone who can make the team stable again with a categorized defensive concept, in order to then play in an orderly fashion, which is therefore attractive, and is also a required profile for future football Gladbach. Favre’s return, which has been speculated for days, will soon become a reality, everything is ramping up in that direction, according to our editorial team.

This coincides with what was first reported by “Bild”, which expected the execution on Sunday, and other media on Friday. Experts in Switzerland, home of Favre, believe he will take over Gladbach for a second time. Favre’s return has not been officially confirmed, and neither the coach himself nor Borussia has commented. According to our information, the staff should have arrived by the middle of next week, and Favre should be on the podium at the public meeting on May 30.

18 months ago, the 64-year-old had to leave Borussia Dortmund. As early as 2011, when he first came to the Lower Rhine as a problem solver, he did so after a creative hiatus of about a year and a half, by which time he had taken a break after the end of his tenure as a coach at Hertha Berlin. Just as then, Favre will come to Gladbach well-prepared, and will have looked closely at his future team, but also at any options in the youth field.

The 117 goals conceded in two seasons are the house number and the biggest standings for Favre, his predecessor Adi Hütter, who, as we can learn from Austria, likely to be paused for the time being, has already declared this to be his most important approach. Work, but the problem was not controlled, on the contrary: the number of waived goals increased. Favre will have a plan for a long time, and his players can expect plenty of detailed work on the training ground. He had settled on Borussia eleven years earlier and then led him into new areas, including the Champions League. In 2015, he retired from playing after five consecutive defeats at the start of the Bundesliga season.

Favre will be the third coach to sign with Gladbach for the second time. Jupp Heynckes (1979-1987, 2006-2007) and Hans Mayer (1999-2003, 2008-2009) have returned with varying degrees of success. Heynckes resigned a few months later, at the end of the season, Borussia was relegated for the second time. On his return, Mayer saved Gladbach with a concrete tactic, reinstalling the libero and some luck with just 31 points.

Favre now takes charge of an unbalanced Borussia side after many years of promotion, a very different arrangement than in 2011, when he initially had to revive a team that was almost relegated to the second division. But as at that time, there is still a lot to do. He scored an average of 1.62 points in his first 1,679 days in office, making him Gladbach’s fourth best coach of all time. Now he must get a two-year contract, Bild speculates. Hütter’s contract was still in effect for a long time, and the Austrian announced a friendly split after Borussia’s 5-1 win over Hoffenheim on May 14.

Exploratory talks between Borussia and Favre had already been reported in the run-up to the Hoffenheim match, and after Hütter’s exit the rumors grew more and more. It is said that Favre visited real estate in Gladbach. Favre had announced a few months ago that he wanted to work as a coach again. “At some point you sit at home and realize: I want to come back, I need space, I have to kick the ball, smell the football, feel the adrenaline. I’ll stay at work for a few more years,” Favre said. and Favre worked with him from 2011 to 2015. Christoph Molin, a 63-year-old Swiss, is said to have joined as an assistant.

Sporting director Roland Verkus is currently working on designing the newly announced Borussia track, which should be the common thread for the strategic realignment. Favre is an important building block. Possession of the ball for Borussia was never effective, the project was halted, and the coach comes in Favre who represents a different direction: Favre’s principle is possession of the ball, and he is basically not envious of the opponent for the ball.

Ferkus knows Favre’s work from his early days at Gladbach, when he was still a youth manager. Borussia wants to focus more on young players again, and Favre is a developer and coach. Suits. “I always enjoyed the training and the matches. We had the ball and wanted to control this match. Favre is the best coach I’ve had,” said the Brazilian Dante, who worked with Favre in Gladbach and Nice.

Of course, every comeback campaign also carries risks. But above all, there is a certainty that there is a coach who knows and understands Borussia. And anyone who knows Favre knows that he will be collecting many ideas since BVB-Aus on December 13, 2020. One can be curious about Lucien Favre 2.0 at Borussia Mönchengladbach.

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