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Nina Rubin (Merritt Baker) and Robert Carew (Mark Waschki) together investigate Tatort: ​​The Girl Who Goes Home Alone for the last time. Photo: rbb/ARD/Hans Joachim Pfeiffer

For the last time, Merritt Baker, better known as Nina Robin, goes to search for the criminals in “Tatort: ​​The Girl Who Goes Home Alone”. In it, she tries to free a young woman from the clutches of the mafia – and she must keep her partner Karo out of it. Is it worth running it?

After more than seven years, it’s time to say goodbye: Merritt Baker, 53, is renouncing her role as Nina Robin. In Berlin’s Tatort: ​​The Girl Who Goes Home Alone (May 22, 8:15 p.m., the first), a stern inspector takes up her duties for the last time — and has to deal with a dangerous opponent. In the new case, not only her ability as a police officer is at stake, but also her relationship with her colleague Robert Caro (Mark Washcke, 50). Because she has to hide her partner which causes emotional chaos for both of them…

This is what “Tatort: ​​The Girl Who Goes Home Alone” is all about.

The headless corpse of a man is being hunted from the Spree. It is difficult to identify the victim. Shortly thereafter, Commissioner Nina Rubin follows a young woman. Julie Bolshakov (Bella Dane, 34) tells her she witnessed a murder and is now asking Robin to put her under police protection. Bolshakov knows the dead man from Spree and explains that her husband Yasha (Oleg Tikhomirov, 33) is a leading member of the Russian mafia in Berlin.

Robin then decides to help the woman and discusses how to proceed with the crime boss (Nadeshda Brennicke, 49). Jolie would like to be included in the witness protection program if she could find incriminating evidence against her husband. Since then, Robin finds himself in a bind, as she is not allowed to tell Karo so as not to endanger the young woman.

Karow continues to investigate Spree’s body, but realizes that his colleague is hiding something from him. Since trust between the two has always been a sensitive issue, Carew is disappointed with Robin’s behavior – especially since the two have also become closer in secret. Will Robin succeed in freeing the young woman from the clutches of the mafia against all odds?

Is it worth running it?

definitely! And not just because it’s the 15th and final case with Nina Rubin aka Merritt Baker. The story takes place in the middle of the mafia in Berlin and is constantly told in an exciting way. The fact that the focus is on two women is great: Nina Rubin and Julie Bolshakov, who want to escape from her criminal family. The small and discreet meetings between the two were superbly organized. Women don’t know each other, but familiarity surrounds them from the start. But even in the short tumultuous moments, a dark cloud hangs over the scene. Both smile and sadness speak from both eyes.

Of course, Robin’s secrecy also affects her relationship with Robert Caro. For years, the two have been very rough with each other, only in the last few cases have they gotten closer – a theme of “The Girl Who Goes Home Alone”. But now the two revert to old patterns, facing each other suspiciously – only eventually the walls come crashing down. It was important for director Ngo The Chau, 45, to “create a confrontation that unequivocally shows that they loved each other without ever meaning to each other,” he explained in an interview with the broadcaster.

Actress Merritt Baker thinks it’s a good thing that the two of them didn’t get a chance for a relationship. “Missed opportunities or things that don’t happen and stay open are a part of life,” she said in an interview with Spotify on the news. The relationship that Caro and Robin wanted “did not allow or was not able to,” the 53-year-old continued.

In addition to the commissioners, the supporting cast also starred in this issue. Above all, Bella Dane, fully immersed in her role as the wife of the mafia-horrific Julie Bolshakov. The actress gets along perfectly with Meret Becker and it’s fun to watch the two women – even if the story contains some very rough moments. One scene in particular is hard to bear, especially for viewers.

The ending provides an extra dose of drama and suspense. The makers of the film say goodbye to Merritt Baker with a big bang. Fans of Berlin’s “crime scene” should definitely have tissue paper ready. Altogether, it is a worthy departure for the commissioner that has made its way into the hearts of so many people for more than seven years.

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