NBA Insights Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics Game Two: The Celtics Empire Retreats

The East Finals balanced, Boston made a real show of strength in Game 2. The recipe for success can be traced back to the return of two of its best players – the Heat, on the other hand, threaten to lose one of them. the findings.

The Celtics Empire responds smartly with Point God!

Head coach Im Odoka must have been relieved when both Marcus Smart and Al Horford received their second match clearance just hours before receiving their warning. His most important post-bankruptcy adjustment at first came naturally: “It was great coming back from the veterans and their calming effect. It definitely helped.”

Smart and Horford have brought the Celtics back to an almost unbeatable empire that has been spreading fear and terror in the regular season since the beginning of the year. Boston won the last 18 minutes of the first half 62:27, by which time the game was already over. Jimmy Butler summed it up: “They tried to embarrass us. They embarrassed us.”

With all the good action in the first half, Smart somehow had a finger in the cake. Jason Tatum was the top scorer (27 points) in a 127:102 blast, but Smart was the leading figure of the evening both defensively and offensively.

Let’s start with the attack: Smart brilliantly played the role of the playmaker, giving the team the calming effect that Udoka mentioned. The spin problem has disappeared from the first game, but Smart put his teammates in the spotlight with some gems As in this example at the beginning. His 12 passes were compensated for by one loss of the ball.

Meanwhile, it looked like a typical smart game: excellent defense, solid playmaking, but exciting shooting. In the first inning he was off the field at 2/11, blazing only in the third and fourth quarters. So right. On the credit side, there was a shot from above the backboard, anklebreaker plus mid-range jumper And 4 threes in two halves.

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