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Trim you movement in front of the TV

Over 15 years ago, Wii Sports turned the gaming world upside down: Suddenly, your parents wanted to go to the console with you, and bowling rounds were set up in their retirement home with the Wii remote. With over 80 million units, it’s the world’s best-selling video game released on a single platform – Wii Sports is an example of Nintendo’s successful plan to expand audiences. After the self-proclaimed Wii Sports Resort (2009), which also appeared for the Wii and scored in increasing accuracy thanks to Wii Motion Plus and twelve majors, the series was revived again in 2014 — but the new, high-res version of the first Wii U product, called Wii Sports Club, no longer does the hype like the motion control pioneer.

Buckle up, please: The leg harness that comes with the unit is for use only in the soccer screaming position.

Of course, this was also due to the Wii U’s mediocre sales numbers – and that’s where the Switch and its aforementioned victory come in. Meanwhile, Nintendo’s bestseller has left the Wii behind, making it the most successful home console from the Big N. Any potentially high-selling title Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (43 million, as of December 31, 2021) and Animal Crossing: New Horizons (38 million) to unlock? Exactly: a new sports title. It was released last Friday for €39.99 as a digital version or bundled in a bundle with a leg strap for €49.99. Where it is used, we will discuss later …

Accompanied by fast menu music and greatly improved graphics, Switch Sports invites you into a large sports area in which you can choose one of six disciplines. These are: tennis, badminton, bowling, soccer, volleyball, and chanbara (versus the plastic sword fighting game). Given the manageable number, we don’t beat going through them individually with you…

light tennis

Excuse me, Chanbara: In this single order, you use three types of swords.  Entertaining and sweaty

Excuse me, Chanbara: In this single order, you use three types of swords. Entertaining and sweaty.

We start with the famous felt ball battle that inspired Pong, the grandfather of all video games: tennis. Here the relationship with the predecessor Wii Sports is clearly visible. Tennis can only be played in doubles and again the player is not allowed to direct the running movements of the athletes. Instead, the animators rush across the field automatically, and your job is to swing the racket by swinging the arm holding the Joy-Con. By the way, you can decide whether you are right-handed or left-handed for all disciplines. Nintendo Switch Sports Tennis does better than its predecessor: movements are recognized correctly, as well as swing direction, and timing is especially important in determining whether to hit the ball across the court (early hit) or play elegantly along the line (hit later). ). In addition, the balls also work properly if you build up an upward movement in your arm, and sometimes the balls end up out of bounds. On the other hand, the restriction on complications is weak: if you play alone, you capture both players – if the ball moves over the net and you move the Joy-Con, the player positioned in front automatically makes a shot. This subtle confusion game fails in a four player play mode, so everyone can focus on their turn. There are three levels of difficulty (unfortunately: very easy, very easy, easy) and the option to play either a single game or short matches with the best 3/5.

Badminton is played differently than tennis: the rallies are long and interrupted

Badminton is played differently from tennis: long runs and shots dropping are a good tactical tool.

Let’s move on to soccer, because there are three modes waiting for amateur soccer players: in a one-on-one or four-on-four mode, two or eight boys and girls rush through a moderately textured park. The movements of the athletes are controlled by the analog stick of the left Joy-Con, while the right Joy-Con swing is used for shooting. There are also sprint head jumps and diving head balls. Everything is closer to Rocket League than it is to FIFA & Co. , without reaching the brilliance and versatility of Autoball. An orderly passing game is hardly possible, the balls usually roll towards the goal, and there are only bands; Unfortunately, there are no funny mistakes in the Nintendo World Cup. The leg strap, which is included in the unit version and which you may still have from the Ring Fit Adventure, is used in the Shootout mode (but it’s just there, no other sport uses it): To do this, you attach the Joy-Con to the Velcro thigh strap and take five shots A corner kick on a goal without a goalkeeper. Unfortunately, this has entertainment value for the game between VfL Wolfsburg and FC Augsburg; On the last day of the match, when neither of you matters…

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