Official severe weather warnings for NRW with heavy rain, severe thunderstorms and storms

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In North Rhine-Westphalia, it cracks again on Friday. Thunderstorms can be more dangerous. Strong winds and thunderstorms are imminent. current prognosis.

Update from May 20, 3:22 p.m.: The German Weather Service (DWD) issued official severe weather warnings for the southwestern regions of North Rhine-Westphalia early on Friday afternoon, a band from Aachen to Essen in the Ruhr region. A spokesperson for the Department of Human Development (DWD) said there could be severe thunderstorms with heavy rain and hail in the afternoon. In addition, people will have to withstand gusts of winds of up to 100 kilometers per hour.

The storm could hit areas across North Rhine-Westphalia from afternoon until evening. More Level 3 and 4 warnings for severe storms are also expected. “If you don’t have any plans, it’s best to stay home,” the spokesperson said.

Severe storm in NRW: DWD warns of local winds

Update from May 20 11:56 am: In NRW, people in the Southwest and West were the first to expect severe thunderstorms and wind gusts in the state. A spokesman for the German Weather Service (DWD) said: “We expect the clock to start at noon at the border.” Advance information in its severe morning weather warning indicated severe thunderstorms at times with severe storms and tornadoes. Flashes and heavy rain and hail there. Storm warnings have already had first results in the morning — on schools, among other things.

She added that the largest rainfall is expected in the northern half of the northwest of the northwest state. Stronger winds are likely to be expected in the southern half of North Rhine-Westphalia. However, the standards of the storm affect the entire country.

According to the spokesperson, the DWD could, as on the previous day, give warning of widespread severe weather from Friday afternoon. Level 4 severe weather warnings are also expected. So Home Secretary Herbert Roll has appealed to NRW citizens to stay home due to the storm, RUHR24 wrote.

“If you don’t have any plans, it’s best to stay home,” the spokesperson said. “We expect local winds to blow at 100 to 130 kilometers per hour.” People have to assume that trees will fall and branches can fly across the area.

Supercell storm Friday – expert warning: ‘Extreme danger in NRW’

[Erstmeldung] Important – summer has arrived in North Rhine-Westphalia – and now the first thunderstorms come. And they can be violent. The German Weather Service (DWD) warns of bad weather. On Friday (20 May) things can get dicey. And even dangerous.

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Dangerous storms in NRW: threatening severe thunderstorms with risk of tornadoes

Across North Rhine-Westphalia, people had to prepare for storms with heavy rain, strong winds and cold Thursday afternoon. Starting at 2 pm, the first showers appeared, as of 5 pm, they increased in size a little regionally. The German Met Office has warned of hurricanes of up to 110 kilometers per hour. In Duisburg, a man was seriously injured when a ship was struck by lightning.

According to DWD, there is a much higher probability of severe weather on Friday. There is also a low risk of tornadoes in NRW, said meteorologist Dominic Jung of

In the Health Care Administration’s (DWD) Prior Warning Information Thursday evening, there is talk of severe and sometimes severe thunderstorms with massive impacts. Thunderstorms are accompanied by “strong winds or hurricanes, with a speed of between 90 and 130 kilometers per hour,” as well as heavy rain and hail. According to the Weather Service, individual tornadoes are also not excluded. There is a risk of small-scale flooding as well as broken trees and branches. Infrastructure disruptions are also possible.

Severe weather in NRW: Hurricane risk and super hives on Friday

According to Jung, the risk of supercells also increases in the West on Friday. This is a thunderstorm accompanied by a mesocyclone: ​​a deep rising current, constantly rotating.

“There is a threat of the deadliest thunderstorm in a long time,” said Sebastian Altnau, a meteorologist with the Department of Human Development. Rheinische Post. “If you stay outdoors, there is a risk of death,” Altenau says. NRW is hardest hit, and authorities have been warned. “We are talking about a very dangerous situation in NRW.”

Meteorologist Dominic Young also shows a weather model that indicates the storm’s focus is in the NRW. © WA

Accordingly, the New South Wales Home Office set up a so-called state status on Thursday, in which independent regions and cities have been made aware of the impending storm. According to NRW, she has been in constant contact with DWD since Wednesday afternoon.

The maximum temperatures on Friday range between 24 and 28 degrees. Rain and thunderstorms move east Saturday night. It will remain mostly dry with dips between twelve and eight degrees.

Storm in NRW: A man struck by lightning – City Alert in Sauerland

NRW was already hit by a severe storm on Monday (May 16). Regions have been affected to varying degrees. While there was only a short thunder in large parts and a few rain fell, the city alarm was sounded in Minden in the Sauerland. Hönne’s level rose sharply. There were reports of flooding of streets and basements from many parts of the city.

In Essen, a thunderstorm had serious consequences: lightning struck a passerby (56). The man was seriously injured and had to be resuscitated.

By the way, it seems that May will still be summer. “It seems that the warmer air masses want to hold them for a little longer,” says Dominic Jung, referring to the forecast for Monday, May 23. NRW may already be looking forward to permanent summer weeks – with a view to the holiday season and the €9 ticket starting soon, people can plan a few more trips with peace of mind.

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