Outright Games Unwrapped – Lineup Event 2022

We all know publisher Outright Games for its many licensed games, which usually make the whole family happy. As part of their internal show, OG Unwrapped 2022, Outright Games gave us a look at the games we’re looking forward to in 2022. You can find out what games were introduced here in our summary.

How to Train Your Dragon – Legends of the Nine Realms

Finally train your dragon again! If, like us, you can’t get enough of the cute flying giant, Legends of the Nine Realms might be worth a watch. At the time of the game, humans and dragons have not met, so you will be able to control different types of dragons. The motive is to search for the eggplant, it has apparently disappeared and is now missing its species. The special feature in the game should be the smooth change between different dragons and the limited usable flying function.

Legends of the Nine Realms will be released in Fall 2022 for PC, Google Stadia, and all major consoles.

Paw Patrol: Grand Prix

If you have young children in the family, it is almost impossible to avoid the Paw Patrol franchise. The very popular children’s series is now a casual game! The racing game is similar to Mario Kart and lets you dash across the map with different dogs and riders in different vehicles. Objects can be collected along the way, for example to spread ink on the road or to protect yourself from enemy attacks.

Since the series is especially popular with very young children, there are specially adapted controls for this so that the fun does not fail due to a lack of hand-eye coordination. A potential couch couch should also allow up to four players to play together at home. It is a racing game that the whole family can really enjoy.

From September 30, 2022, you can start racing and compete with your friends on PC or consoles.

LoL Surprise – BB Born to Travel

Anyone who knows and loves these little dolls should enjoy here alone or with the kids. Up to four players can play various mini-games across the couch barn and travel the world of LoL Surprise.

The game will be released on October 7, 2022 for all major platforms.

Star Trek Prodigy Supernova

The already announced Star Trek Prodigy Supernova has an approximate release date! In October of this year, the time has come and the characters of the animated series in the Star Trek universe will be brought to consoles. The characters Gwyndala and Dal, known from the series, can be played here. As Guendala was emerging from close-range combat, Dahl shot his signature Phaser device from afar.

Nothing is known about the plot so far, it is only clear that you will visit three different planets with the two and their crew and solve puzzles there and fight battles. And all this is also possible in Couch Coop.

As of October 2022, you can jump into the adventure and enjoy the game on your PC or console.

My Little Pony – Martie Bay Adventure

Fans of colorful horses can look forward to May 2022. This is when the new game for My Little Pony is supposed to appear, where you can not only customize your horse with a lot of accessories, but also play many mini-games such as racing.

The all-new game will be released on May 28, 2022, so very soon and ready to hit your screens.

Finally, a teaser…

Of course, such a show could not do without a little humor. So we can look forward to a possible game in 2023 with the Justice League characters, seen briefly at the end of the presentation. It’s hard to know exactly what’s in store for us, but we hope Outright Games will provide us with more information over the coming months.

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