Putin’s daughter: a secret affair with the former Munich ballet director?

05/20/2022 – 09:57

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Putin’s daughter is said to have an affair with the former head of the Munich State Ballet

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Putin’s youngest daughter, Ekaterina Tikhonova, is said to have a secret affair with the former head of the Munich State Ballet.

Not much is known about the Putin family. But new documents must now prove that his youngest daughter has an affair with the former director of the Munich State Ballet. Both are said to have a secret daughter.

When it comes to private matters, Russian President Vladimir Putin likes to remain silent. Information about his children is “top secret” – this applies even to married people. But since the start of the Ukraine war, the Putin family’s environment has come under particularly close scrutiny. This is how explosive new information about Putin and his daughters continues to emerge. Now it turns out: Putin’s younger daughter Katerina Tikhonova is said to have a secret affair with the former head of the Munich State Ballet. They are said to have a child together.

Putin’s daughter is said to have an affair with the former head of the Munich State Ballet

The youngest daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Ekaterina Tikhonova, is said to have had a secret affair with the former Bavarian State Ballet director, Igor Zelensky (52). This is what Spiegel reported, citing documents available to the Russian newspaper and the iStories unveiling platform. but that is not all. In 2017, Putin’s youngest daughter was said to have given birth to a child by Zelensky, according to Spiegel. A copy of the girl’s passport will likely be documenting the birth of the child. It is said that Igorevna is entered as a second name in the corresponding document. A circumstance that Igor’s paternity seems to confirm once again.

If this information is indeed correct, then the previous headlines about the controversial choreographer appear completely differently. Because at the beginning of April, Zelensky announced that he could no longer run the Bavarian State Ballet due to “family matters”. In his statement at the time, he said, “Directing a ballet requires absolute focus and efficiency. But personal and family matters currently require my full attention and time, which is incompatible with my job as Ballet Director in Munich.”

It seems that Zelensky needs time to do other professional tasks. Because since 2018, he has been a member of the board of directors of a foundation that aims to create a series of major cultural projects on the personal instructions of Putin. It is rumored that the Russian president wants to start a “ballet tradition” with Zelensky’s help in the Ukrainian city of Sevastopol. The corresponding projects will also be implemented in the Crimea. If your father-in-law entrusts you with such tasks, it is likely that your job in Munich will be abandoned.

Flight data document many flights from Moscow to Munich

According to a report unearthed by Spiegel, many of the flight data point to a secret relationship. Because passenger data from Moscow Vnukovo Airport as well as passport copies and emails from Tikhonova and Zelensky show that they both traveled together. In addition, a bodyguard for Putin’s daughter was said to have twice booked flights from Munich to Moscow and back to Zelensky. Particularly hot: one of the flights likely took off on February 24, 2022, the day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In addition, the security man was said to have helped Zelensky to move from Munich to Moscow. But this is not the only data documenting that Putin’s daughter stayed in the Bavarian state capital several times.

According to Spiegel’s information, after breaking up with her husband Kirill Shamalov in 2016, Tikhonov followed her to Munich several times a month – allegedly with a second passport in the name of Kuznetsova. However, it is unclear whether the rumors are actually true. Because both Zelensky and Tikhonowa left inquiries from “Spiegel” unanswered.

Supposedly the Bavarian State Ballet knows nothing

It is said that the Bavarian State Ballet knew nothing of any of this. “For us, this information is completely new, he never commented on his private life anyway,” said the Bavarian State Ballet when asked by Bavarian Radio. “He separated his work from his personal life completely.” Usually the ballerina picked it up from his future father-in-law.


Sources: spiegel.de, br.de and tz.de

Rumors surrounding Putin’s secret lover, Alina Kabaeva, have flared since the Ukraine war. It has been repeatedly rumored that they both have children together. Now there is confirmation for the first time that the best gymnast has given birth to two sons.

But it was not only news about Putin’s daughters and his lover that has spread since the start of the war. Reports in Ukraine also bring us a lot of news every day:

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