Severe storms NRW today – Met Office warns of possible tornadoes Friday

Severe storms expected in NRW
“There is a risk of death if you stay outdoors”

Severe weather warnings will be issued again Friday: People across the NRW should prepare for severe thunderstorms and even potential tornadoes. There are still problems with the train, and school lessons should not be canceled entirely.

The German Weather Service is once again issuing a severe weather warning for NRW for Friday. “There is a threat of the most severe nationwide thunderstorms in a long time,” says DWD meteorologist Sebastian Altnau. The situation is expected to get worse from noon in particular. “We expect heavy rain, hail of up to five centimeters and strong winds,” Altenau said. According to DWD, very heavy rain of about 40 liters per square meter can occur locally in a short time. You should also expect strong winds of up to hurricanes at speeds of between 100 and 130 kilometers per hour. Isolated hurricanes are not excluded.

“There is a risk of death when you are outside,” the meteorologist explained. If possible, people should stay indoors only after midday, and basements should be avoided. There were already strong thunderstorms in NRW on Thursday, several railway lines were blocked by fallen trees, and a man was struck by lightning in Duisburg. We’ll also be following up on the storm’s condition on Friday in our live blog.

NRW: Weather Service expects severe storms

There should be more potential for isolated tornadoes Friday than usual in NRW. It is not yet possible to predict if, where and when pipe-like storms could sweep the country. “We can only warn of a hurricane for a short time, about five to sixty minutes in advance,” the meteorologist said. If you see a black wall in your path, seek shelter quickly in indoor spaces without windows or basements. Last year, there were between 40 and 80 tornadoes in Germany.

According to DWD, NRW is the federal state hardest hit by the storm. There will be “severe thunderstorms – with massive impacts”. The authorities have been warned: “We are talking about a very dangerous situation in NRW.” Floods are also possible – but a flood disaster like 2021 in the Ahr Valley is “fairly unlikely”. But there may be overflow ducts, flyaway branches and lightning bolts.

Schools are still open nowadays

The Department of Education announced in response to a request from the dpa that a statewide lesson is not scheduled for schools in NRW. It is not expected at what time and in what parts of the country the expected storm will occur in the afternoon. In such cases, based on the relevant decree, each district government decides independently, taking into account regional weather conditions, whether face-to-face teaching is possible, according to the Ministry of Education.

Exams scheduled for Friday, including the Abitur rewriting exams and exams in vocational colleges, should take place as planned. If necessary, school premises should remain open until students can return home safely.

Railroads are disrupted more

Due to weather-related repairs on the road, there will be delays and cancellations on the train between Cologne and Wuppertal on Friday. The railways said Friday morning that long-distance lines were affected. The part of the road is only accessible within a limited range. The individual trains will therefore be diverted and delayed. Some stations were dropped at Hagen, Wuppertal and Solingen. So travelers should check their connection before driving. According to preliminary estimates, the repair should continue until the end of the day. Instead, the train said, passengers could use the S-Bahn and regional trains.

The flood information service has been activated

Based on the weather forecast, the State Agency for Nature, Environment and Consumer Protection (Lanuv) has activated a flood information service. Precipitation can affect runoff in water bodies in the country. It is not yet possible to make a specific forecast for the affected areas and the relevant period. In areas affected by heavy rains, local flooding can occur, and the water level in the affected areas can rise significantly.

Flood Forecasting Model projections currently indicate an increase in water levels in the Erft and Ruhr regions and their tributaries. The focus is expected to be on rapidly rising levels from Friday morning. Residents should keep themselves informed, for example through the Nina warning app, according to Lanoff.

Rain and thunderstorms move east Saturday night. It will remain mostly dry with dips between twelve and eight degrees. Saturday is expected to be partly cloudy. In the morning, isolated rain is expected north of the Ruhr, otherwise there will be mostly no rain, according to the Department of Human Development. It will be significantly cooler with maximum temperatures between 18 and 22 degrees and around 16 degrees in the mountains. Strong flashes can still occur in the northeast. Sunday night will probably be rain-free.

Here is the photo gallery: Severe storms in May in NRW – thunderstorms, heavy rain and hail

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