Severe weather in NRW: DWD forecasts ‘severe to severe thunderstorms’

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The German Weather Service issues official severe weather warnings for parts of the NRW. The possibility of severe thunderstorms, hail and heavy rain.

  • As of Friday afternoon, the lower NRW “Emelende” region will hit “sometimes very severe to severe thunderstorms,” ​​according to the German Weather Service.
  • Extremely heavy rain, hail and hurricanes are likely – DWD doesn’t even rule out tornadoes.
  • In the administrative regions, some schools close early, and there is no uniform system.
  • NRW Home Secretary Herbert Rolle (CDU) has called on people in the state of NRW to stay home.
  • NRW’s Storm Evolution is below in the News Blog.

employment NRW There will be “severe thunderstorms” on Friday. subordinate German weather service Expect “larger and more well-organized thunderstorm complexes or thunderstorms”. There may be strong winds, even hurricanes. Severe heavy rains can also occur in a short time, as well as large hail. In addition, there is a “low probability of individual tornadoes”, as confirmed by meteorologist Sebastian Altnau in a video message from the Department of Social Development (12 noon).

“As is often the case in the aforementioned areas Not everyone“But wherever thunderstorms occur, they will be violent,” the meteorologist said. And wherever it strikes there is the danger of lightning, breaking branches and trees, and local flooding.

According to information from DWD in Essen on Friday morning, the first storms are expected in Eifel from noon. who – which Low thunderstormwhich then formed, subsequently moved in a southeasterly direction through the NRW. From 2/3 pm will with Storms also hit the Ruhr region Calculated, in East Westphalia from the late afternoon, according to the Department for Human Development. A DWD spokesperson announced that the highest rainfall was expected in the northern half of the NRW. Stronger winds are likely to be expected in the southern half of the country. However, the standards of the storm affect the entire country. The advice: “If you don’t have any plans, it’s best to stay home.”

Severe weather in NRW: According to DWD, tornadoes can occur, too

It was all over NRW with Extensive local storms It can be expected, which can stand much longer and cause major problems locally due to torrential rain and gusts of wind, explained the DWD meteorologist. According to DWD, tornadoes can also occur: “Weather conditions make this possible.”

According to Friday morning estimates, storms are likely to start Lower Rhine It is “pulled” from 7 p.m., in Westphalia From 22 o’clock. DWD said tonight through Saturday should be quiet, on Saturday itself showers are still expected, but they are no longer severe.

NRW Severe Weather: Developments on Friday in the News Blog

2:35 pmSevere weather warning – The German Met Office is officially warning of severe thunderstorms with heavy rain and hail over a sector from Cologne via Düsseldorf and Essen to Lower North Rhine via the Nina app within the next hour.

2:05 pm: at a meal Grugapark and swimming pool closed, management also closed all sports grounds in the city area for school and club sports. Click here for the live tape from Essen’s local editorial team.

1.30 pm: The school used to be outside Events or in Zoo? This should not be today. In Cologne, the zoo and the forest botanical garden were closed, and the Dortmund Zoo did not open its doors this morning. A planned thank-you ceremony for aiding Cardinal Rainer Maria Wolkie in the flood disaster in Bad Münsterfel has also been cancelled.

12:45 pm: While Borussia Dortmund sacked coach Marco Rose a few moments ago, the juniors from the black and yellow U19 teams are today in Potsdam. German FA Cup. The German Football Association postponed the match by an hour due to the storm, and the match will start at 5 pm.

12.40 pm: The Deutsche Bahn It is already preparing for its customers for delays and cancellations of trains. Passengers who want to postpone their Friday flight due to the storm can flexibly use already booked long-haul tickets up to seven days after the disruption ends. Seat reservations can be redeemed for free, according to the Deutsche Bahn website.

12:05 PMA note from a weather expert Jörg Catchelmann:

11.50 am: Minister of the Interior NRW Herbert Roll (CDU) called on residents to be especially vigilant in light of severe weather warnings from the German Weather Service. “Please stay home. Avoid spending time outdoors. In particular, keep your distance from buildings, trees, scaffolding and high voltage lines! Do not go to the basement or basements.” People should familiarize themselves with warning apps like “Nina” and “DWD Warnwetter,” and also pay attention to sirens, radio announcements, and loudspeakers.

10:45 AM: Christmas market in May, it’s there Solingen – But only on Saturday. As announced by the city, the Christmas market at Burg Castle has been postponed due to the storm. About 60 merchants want to display the goods, there should be an ice rink and live music for Christmas.

7 am: Due to weather-related fixes on the track, there will be between Friday Cologne and Wuppertal Train delays and cancellations. The railways said Friday morning that long-distance lines were affected. The part of the road is only accessible within a limited range. The individual trains will therefore be diverted and delayed. Some stations were dropped at Hagen, Wuppertal and Solingen. According to preliminary estimates, the repair should continue until the end of the day.

Severe weather in NRW: Some schools close early

to me schools Friday There is no school dropout nationwide The NRW Department of Education said at its request. It is not expected at what time and in what parts of the country the expected storm will occur in the afternoon. In such cases, based on the relevant decree, each district government decides independently, taking into account regional weather conditions, whether face-to-face teaching is possible, according to the Ministry of Education.

That’s how they think Administrative areas With lessons on Friday, according to the German news agency (dpa):

  • Cologne Administrative District (eg Heinsberg, Aachen, Bonn): School ends at 11.30 am
  • Arnsberg administrative district (eg Bochum, Dortmund, Hagen): schools can decide
  • The administrative district of Düsseldorf (eg Essen, Duisburg, Oberhausen): the school administration and the municipalities can make the decision
  • Munster administrative district (eg Gelsenkirchen, Bottrop and Recklinghausen): Schools can decide
  • Administrative district of Detmold (eg Bielefeld, Paderborn, Gutersloh): Schools can decide

The Abitur written rewriting exams and exams for professional colleges will continue.

Severe NRW Weather: Local Flood Warning

Because of the weather forecast, the State Bureau of Nature, Environment and Consumer Protection (Lanuv) The flood information service has been activated. Precipitation can affect runoff in water bodies in the country. It is not yet possible to make a specific forecast for the affected areas and the relevant period. It can happen in areas affected by heavy rain local flood Water levels may rise dramatically in affected areas.

Flood forecasting model forecasts currently referred to in areas erft warr And its tributaries indicate a rise in the water level. The focus is expected to be on rapidly rising levels from Friday morning. Residents should be kept informed, for example about nina warning appso the Lanuv.

Storm in NRW Thursday less violent than feared

Storms had already hit NRW on Thursday – albeit less violent than initially expected. The fall of trees and the storm disrupted air and rail traffic. subordinate Airport in Dusseldorf I stopped working for 30 minutes in the afternoon due to safety reasons. We were in the Lower Rhine and Münsterland railway lines blocked. Between Düsseldorf and Leverkusen, for example, a tree fell on the main north-south line. to me “” (External link) Several regional trains were also affected in Münsterland, Duisburg and Dortmund.

When lightning strikes a Cargo ship in Duisburg One person was seriously injured. A spokesman for the fire department said it was likely an employee on board the ship. He was on the cargo ship during a severe storm. The spokesman said lightning struck the ship’s deck and the man was seriously injured. Read the thunderstorm report from Duisburg here. (red with dpa)

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