Springer raises alarm with statement about new Hertha stadium

The location is next to the Olympic station

Springer raises alarm with statement about new Hertha stadium

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Audio: rbb24 Inforadio | 05/19/2022 | Sebastian Schubel | picture: imago / camera4 +

The location of the new Hertha station has been determined, and there is no longer a need for debate – with this statement, the senator for sport in Berlin Spranger raised eyebrows on Thursday. Politicians from both the ruling coalition and the opposition see many unanswered questions.

Berlin’s indoor and sports senator, Iris Springer (SPD), has caused a skeptical reaction with her statement that nothing stands in the way of the construction of the new Hertha stadium at Mayfield in Berlin-Charlottenburg.

“There are still a lot of unanswered questions,” said Claudia Engelmann, a spokeswoman for Left Party sports policy in the House of Representatives. There are still many aspects to discuss here, such as requirements to protect monuments, protect the environment, develop traffic or finance.

“We have a site and we will continue to stick with it,” Spranger explained Thursday on rbb24 Inforadio. The first is “in preparation” and in conversations with all involved. Hertha will also get a new stadium there, there is no debate about it now. “

Greens sports expert Clara Shedlich responded somewhat cautiously to this statement: The site will be verified in Maifeld – but nothing more.

The FDP sees a contradiction in the absence of an announcement by the union

The spokesman for the sports policy of the FDP parliamentary group, Stefan Forster, was also disturbed by the statements made by the senator – after all, Hertha himself has not yet offered any position on the plan to build a new stadium on the site behind the Olympic Stadium. . “There is no resolution of a general meeting, no decision of a supervisory board, no statement of the board of directors on the matter – which is why I am amazed that a sports senator is going forward so bravely without knowing: does Hertha want this smaller capacity and is he still Stop the project at all?”

Here, however, Spranger disagrees and states that Hertha has agreed to build a stadium for 45,000 instead of the previously planned 55,000. Club representatives will be heard on June 10 at the Sports Committee of the House of Representatives.

The plans met with mixed resonance

Plans envisage new construction on the edge of Maifeld, a sports lawn area near the Olympic Stadium. However, the equestrian club is currently still on site. Plans have recently taken this by surprise.

Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf District Sports Adviser Heike Schmidt-Schmils (SPD) was also sceptical. She was “not convinced” of the sports senator’s proposals. “Because I don’t understand how the problems we had at Mayfield and Romenter Alley were eliminated,” Schmidt-Schmels told RBB.

The district office had previously refused to build a stadium in Olympic Park. New plans will be checked. Noise pollution, which comes in addition to the Olympic stadium and jungle stage, is particularly difficult, Schmidt-Schmels said. You should now talk to the locals about it.

Broadcast: rbb24 Inforadio, May 19, 2022, 5:55 p.m.

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