Theft: You no longer dare to leave the house alone

Victims of violent crime rarely come out to the public. The reasons why most people don’t do this are manifold: fear, shame, and helplessness. It took Christa P. four weeks to make a decision: I’m going to tell my story. “It can happen to anyone at any time. I wouldn’t have thought it was possible and that’s why everyone should know,” said the Neustrelitz native. So I stood at the door of the local editorial office and asked, “Do you have a moment?”

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Pain all over the body

It’s not just the pictures that haunt her since that day and take her sleep. Even the pain in her body did not allow her to forget what had happened. The 67-year-old just wants to go back to her old life. She was then a spirited retiree, and was enjoying her retirement with her husband after a successful career as an investment advisor. “It’s over. I’m just scared. Don’t trust me outside the house alone. I’m scared and sad.” She’d like to go back in time to that Easter Sunday in April. She would not drive alone to her grandchildren in Wesden in the morning and hide for them Easter nests in the garden. Then you will not go to the ATM to collect 200 euros. After all, she and her husband wanted to go for an afternoon excursion, but we did not decide on the place. She wouldn’t have said when she left the apartment that she would be back for lunch. She would just stay at home and not meet the thief.

“He came very innocently,” she says. After returning from Weisden, Krista B. The car was near her home on the Alte Poststraße shortly after 12 noon, and she hung her shoulder bag with papers, money, and hearing aids over her shoulder and drove the short distance home. Here she was approached by a young man pushing a white bicycle. In broken German, he explained that he was looking for work and an apartment. Couldn’t service with both. However, the man – “I think he was about 20 years old, thin and no more than 1.65 meters” – accompanied her and spoke to her in a mixture of languages ​​she could not understand. Arriving at the front door of the apartment building, Krista B. Shoulder bag on her head for better access to her apartment key. Then everything happened very quickly. “I could still hear the crack of a traveling pole, and then I felt two heavy blows on the shoulder blades and flew toward the front door,” she said.

Victim Support has been contacted

She instinctively wraps the purse strap around her wrist. The robber pulled her and gave Christa B. Another blow. “I landed on my stomach and knees and screamed as loud as I could,” she says. However, the offender did not calm down. The moment the neighbors – alarmed by the noise – walked out the front door, the handbag strap broke and the offender fled the dust. “The neighbor was chasing after him, but he fell and injured himself,” she says. Since then her life has been off-kilter. The fact that the ambulance and police were on site quickly, credit cards were blocked half an hour later and she received medical care herself at the hospital, did not change that. “Thank you to everyone who helped and still supports me,” she says. Christa P. is now ready to accept help. “The police recommended me the white ring, but it was very difficult to report there,” she says. Trust in the world is lost.

After her conversation with the local newsroom, Krista B. Courage and contact the victim support. “It was a good move,” she says. But it will be a long time before Krista B. Than to leave the house again without fear. She would like to ask her tormentor how he feels when he hurts others.

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