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THW Kiel reached the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League in Cologne. The German handball record champion won the second leg of the quarter-final against Paris Saint-Germain by a hairline on Thursday with a time of 33:32 (17:19). Downer: Hendrik Beckler tore his Achilles tendon.

by Christian Gorzen

It was an incredible thriller – but for THW coach Filip Jicha’s team, from an outcome point of view, it was a happy ending. When the mist finally sounded, Kiel Arena was upside down. The meager success in front of 10,285 enthusiastic fans was enough for the “Zebra” after a tie in the first leg to qualify for the first-class quarter-finals (18 and 19 June) for the eighth time. The dream of winning the Champions League for the fifth time after the years 2007, 2010, 2012 and 2020 continues more than ever.

It’s fantastic. It was a big dream to be back in Cologne, and then in front of the spectators. That’s absolutely fantastic,” THW Managing Director Victor Tsilajy told NDR.

My voice: Szilagyi: “It’s cool” (4 minutes)

Kiel residents head to the cathedral city – unlike SG Flensburg-Handouet, who lost to defending champions FC Barcelona. Other potential competitors for Team Jicha are KS Vive Kielce (Poland) and KC Veszprem (Hungary). On Sunday (2 pm) there will be a derby between SG and THW in Flensburg to get Bundesliga points and thus qualify for the UEFA Champions League in the 2022/2023 season.

“We will do everything we can in Cologne to represent German handball in the best possible way there.”
Philip Gicha

Checkout for Pekeler in 25 minutes

However, THW’s best performer Beckler will be absent: the defense specialist shouted after his circuit duel with PSG star Nadim Rimley, grabbed his ankle with a sore face and limped off the bench after 25 minutes. The team doctors’ diagnosis: The circuit player ruptured the Achilles tendon in his left foot and will be out for several months. “I wish him all the best and a speedy recovery,” Gicha said. And after the injury, “his team played with Hendrik Pickler even without Hendrik Pickler.”

“Zeros” run behind Paris

Schleswig-Holsteiner entered the match knowing that just one goal victory would be enough, but how difficult it would be against the star group of the Seine was already evident in the early stages. Paris Saint-Germain used two fouls in Kiel’s attack to fire long shots into the opposing goal, and former THW professional Nikola Karabatic and powerful Rimley scored the goals. Six minutes later, THW was 1:4 behind.

However, Jicha decided not to take the time out, instead relying on his team to find their way around without further instructions.

THW Kiel after their home win over Paris Saint-Germain.  © picture alliance / dpa Photo: Sacha Klan

My voice: THW Kiel: Thanks to the white wall at the Final Four in Cologne (2 minutes)

In fact, circuit player Patrick Winske made the connection with 5:6 (18). However, there was no more at first. Paris stayed ahead – also due to some mistakes by the landlords with a 7:6 majority.

Kiel comes after the break

At 2:15 PM, the “Zebras” mission is made more difficult by the failure of the Pekeler. After changing sides, the tide turned. Also because THW goalkeeper Niklas Landen became a factor. His younger brother Magnus Landen scored 19:19 (34), and Sander Sagosen scored 21:20 (37) on a counter-attack in THW’s first lead of the match. Impact blow: Now the North Germans were all there.

Goalkeeper Landin presented himself in a world form, and in front of him his teammates threw themselves into guest throws, in their own attack, chances were taken – especially by Magnus Landin, the most successful player of Kiel (a total of seven goals), and Harald Reinkind. He made the last 26:23 (43) with his sixth goal.

Landin saves THW from progress

But Paris did not calm down, and so it reached its climax. When the score was 32:31, Landin again prevented a goal, and Stephen Weinhold scored in the other side to make the score 33:31. At 33:32 and threatening to lose time, the “Zabras” missed the goal again.

So PSG regained possession and got a free throw with four seconds left. A draw was enough for the French. But Niklas Landen was there, avoiding Luke Steins’ crank throw – and the big THW party could begin.

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