Ultra-lightweight, fast-fire Lix gaming mouse series goes wireless – Hardware

(extract from press release)

05/19/2022 – Warsaw, Poland SPC Gear, SilentiumPC’s European gaming brand, has announced two new models of the Lix wireless gaming mouse. The new lightweight, high-resolution SPC Gear LIX Wireless and LIX Plus Wireless mice use the 2.4GHz wireless standard, ensuring a stable connection without lag, while long battery life and fast charging allow the mouse to be used for hours.

The honeycomb structure of the mouse housing makes the LIX Wireless Series particularly light and enhances the breathability of the hand. The mouse is equipped with high-quality components to give the user an edge against the competition in the virtual battlefield. In addition, the controllable RGB backlighting provides the right atmosphere.

Now also without cable

The stable, lag-free 2.4GHz wireless radio link provides the user with unparalleled accuracy and convenience. This solution helps keep the desk tidy and improves the overall comfort of use. Thanks to the magnetic compartment on the bottom of the mouse, you don’t have to worry about losing your wireless USB receiver.

Fast charging and long battery life

Especially energy-saving sensors with large capacity battery enable Lix Wireless series to have a long service life. When the battery level drops below 25%, the scroll wheel flashes red, indicating that the mouse should be charged soon. To charge the mouse, simply connect it to a power source with the included USB-C cable. The cable is flexible and covered with a soft, braided material similar to paracord. The mouse can continue to be used as usual during the charging process.

ARGB lighting

The Lix Wireless Series features a controllable RGB backlit scroll wheel, SPC Gear logo, and bottom bar. They are easily customized to suit a user’s specific preference or style and help accentuate the aesthetic setting of the PC. The lighting can be changed via an additional software that provides various lighting effects including color changing, static monochrome backlighting, multicolor waves or even pulsating colors and other various effects.

advanced sensors

The LIX Plus Wireless Mouse uses the PixArt PAW3370 sensor, while the LIX Wireless uses the PixArt PAW3335 sensor, both of which are specifically designed to power wireless mice. The sensors provide unparalleled accuracy and DPI settings of up to 19,000 on the LIX Plus Wireless and 16,000 on the Lix Wireless. At the same time, they provide a reaction speed of 10.16 m / s. Users can also change the LOD (take-off distance) between 1mm and 2mm. The high efficiency of the sensors ensures a longer battery life.

Ultra-lightweight construction

The LIX Wireless Series honeycomb housing not only reduces weight to 69 grams, but also allows for better hand cooling during prolonged use. This important attribute is especially useful on hot summer days, during tough online matches, or especially challenging levels. The breathable structure ensures air circulation, thus effectively cooling both the mouse and the user’s hand. The light weight and specific PTFE glides ensure that the mouse glides smoothly and effortlessly over the mouse pad. The lower inertia of the mouse results in less strain on the hand and wrist muscles, which leads to greater efficiency during long gaming sessions.

SPC Gear LIX Wireless and LIX Plus Wireless are available today.

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