Windows 11 22H2 in the big test: What does the update bring to my PC?

Microsoft also wants to improve the performance and functionality integrated with Windows Update. Reason enough Windows 11 22H2 Test To do that. Because only the test cycle shows whether many new technical innovations, such as SMB compression or efficiency mode, are really reflected in significantly higher performance.

Windows 11 22H2 in the test: these are the benchmarks

IMTEST installed Windows 11 22H2 on several computers for testing with semi-finished pre-release versions. Windows Update had to go through several tests on these tests and benchmark itself against the original version. This test aims to show if exactly anything has changed in terms of performance while working and playing, battery life, and network speed.

The test should show how Windows 11 22H2 behaves thanks to the new technology when working with professional products Office or Adobe Creative Suite or during video conferencing compared to Windows 11.

In order to check if Windows 11 22H2 does a good job on the go, it should show how well and nice it handles your laptop battery.

Those who like to play on the computer especially rely on high frames per second. IMTEST experts used a gaming laptop that is currently being tested to see if anything has changed in terms of pure gaming performance.

Microsoft promises to improve performance with Windows Update, especially when gaming and under load. In testing, on computers of all performance classes, the new operating system should prove whether it actually runs faster.

IMTEST showcases improvements and all new features.

Working performance of old and new Windows 11 on test bench

In a Windows 11 test from last October, IMTEST logged small performance issues: Windows 11 performed roughly 4 percent worse than Windows 10 in the test. Although this was not noticeable in everyday life, it was still annoying. So, the experts repeated the same tests with a mid-range laptop used at that time:

Sketch with a mid-range laptop in the title below bars in different shades of blue and lengths with values
© in the exam

Excellent: Microsoft and many manufacturers have accomplished a lot in the past few months and got many problems supposedly caused by device drivers under control. As a result, they not only brought performance to the level of Windows 10, but also slightly improved it in individual cases, as the test shows.

Microsoft surface in front of a patriotic background

Microsoft wants to distribute the all-new Windows 11 version in May. IMTEST tells you everything you need to know.

Gaming performance with Windows 11 22H2 in the test: One more window!

In the comparison test between Windows 10 and 11, it became clear that in terms of gaming performance, something happened in individual cases. Although this only gained 1-2 frames per second, every player is happy with the free boost. The test results show whether this replicates with Windows 11 22H2 compared to Windows 11. So IMTEST used two special gaming computers: on the one hand, a high-end Razer laptop (Razer Blade 17 2022) and on the other hand, a gaming computer made by the same company ( Core i9 12900K, 32 GB DDR5 RAM, GeForce 3090).

Results Razer Blade 17 2022

games windows 11 Windows 11 22H2
subway displacement High accuracy 56 56
4K 28 29
Forza Horizon 5 High accuracy 99 101
4K 72 72
Shadows of the Tomb Raider High accuracy 145 145
4K 64 66
3DMark TimeSpy (FHD Adaptation) 110 112
TimeSpy Extreme (4K, higher value) 43 44
average cd 103 104
Average 4K 52 53

PC Game Results (Intel 12900K)

games windows 11 Windows 11 22H2
subway displacement High accuracy 199 201
4K 65 66
Forza Horizon 5 High accuracy 132 132
4K 88 89
Shadows of the Tomb Raider High accuracy 235 236
4K 101 102
3DMark TimeSpy (FHD Adaptation) 174 175
TimeSpy Extreme (4K, higher value) 63 64
average cd 185 186
Average 4K 79 80

In all tests, Windows 11 22H1 managed to get exactly one frame per second (frames per second). Is this visible with soft values ​​of 185 or 79 fps? No Since every player is happy with every FPS increase, that’s at least a small part of the good news.

Battery life: More on the go with Windows Update?

Windows 11 has proven admirably that it allows laptops to live longer. Compared to Windows 10, for example, it lasted about 20 minutes when watching Netflix on a mid-range laptop. So was Microsoft able to improve Windows 11 22H2 in the test?

A sketch with a mid-range laptop and bars in different shades of blue and lengths with values
© in the exam

The new Windows version in testing once again showed that optimizing device drivers and reducing background apps provide a small bonus for mobile work. However, these improvements can only be seen with accurate measurements – the few minutes gained are unnoticeable in daily use.

Windows 11 22H2 tested with this network performance

The new feature in the Windows 11 test is the network test where experts copy a 500MB folder from one computer to another via WiFi. This contains a mixture of images, documents, and installation files. To do this, IMTEST first used two computers identical to the original version of Windows 11 as of October 2021 and repeated the measurements several times in order to get the most accurate results possible. Then the experts updated the computers to Windows 11 22H2 and repeated the exact scenario. Here are the results:

The initially mentioned network connectivity improvement provided a decent performance boost in our testing. Huge 4 seconds can be saved. So, if you frequently move several gigabytes of data back and forth in your home network, you will see a noticeable performance increase after updating Windows.

Windows Logo Security

Windows 11 is the latest version. Does this mean that older versions 7 and 10 are no longer secure?


It wasn’t really expected that after the huge jump from 10 to 11, the all-new Windows 11 22H2 version would see similar big improvements. However, Microsoft has improved a few things: In addition to several new functions such as the recently revived Windows Media Player and a revised task manager with efficiency mode, there have also been a number of improvements under the hood. As the test shows, these features provide a larger battery, better performance, and smoother gaming performance.

Since Windows Update does not bring any major flaws or errors, IMTEST’s recommendation is clear: as soon as Windows Update is available, you must install it immediately.

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