9-Euro-Ticket: The longest train track on public transport

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€9 ticket: You can travel on these routes

With a ticket 9 euros directly to the Baltic Sea

With a ticket 9 euros directly to the Baltic Sea

The €9 ticket for public transport is available for three months from June to August. With regional trains you can go to the Baltic Sea. The video shows these regional train routes.

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A 9 euro ticket makes local transportation cheaper. The longest regional train route takes you across the country – and to the sea.


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  • Because with a €9 ticket, especially cheap local transport can be used throughout Germany
  • This is the longest way you can cover with a ticket

from June 1, 2022 People in Germany can travel across the country with a 9 euro ticket for little money per month. The ticket is part of the federal government’s “energy cost relief package” and is meant to apply to local public transportation — such as buses, trams, subways and regional trains. This is especially useful for long regional train routes 9 euro ticket: Here are the longest paths. The ticket is a done deal, after the Bundestag gave the go-ahead as well.

Germany faces a summer of cheap home holidays: from June to end of August You can use German local transport for 1 month with a €9 ticket. If you buy the ticket for each of the three months of the campaign, you will pay a total of 27 euros. This will get you very far on local and regional transport in Germany. I read here: As the 9 euro ticket is not valid

Because if you think that a 9 euro ticket is enough for the way to work or for a trip to the neighboring city, you are wrong: the longest Regional train routes Germany is hundreds of kilometers long and transports travelers across the country in just a few hours. And best of all, two of them take passengers to the Baltic coast.

Deutsche Bahn: Germany’s 10 longest regional train tracks

The €9 ticket will be used throughout Germany at Local and regional transportation Apply and be easily available to people with an existing subscription. Otherwise, however, the same driving conditions apply as always: the cost of a bike, for example, is extra if it’s not already booked on a similar subscription. I read here: These are the most beautiful ways to travel with a 9 euro ticket.

Anyone with a €9 ticket can use both trains German train As well as other private railway and transport associations. Deutsche Bahn does not only operate in regional traffic. Here is a list of the ten longest regional train tracks in the country:

  • RE5 from Rostock to Elsterwerda (Distance: about 390 kilometers, duration about 5 hours)
  • RE2 from Cottbus to Wismar (Distance: about 365 kilometers, duration about four and a half hours)
  • RE3 from Stralsund to Falkenberg via Berlin (Distance: about 360 kilometers, duration about 5 hours)
  • RE1 (SÜWEX) from Mannheim to Koblenz (Distance: 330 kilometers, duration about 4 hours 20 minutes) – also one of the most beautiful roads
  • Alex State Railway from Munich to Hof (The distance is about 315 kilometers, and the duration is about three and a half hours)
  • RE1 from Goettingen to Glauchau (Distance: about 300 km, duration about 3 hours 40 minutes)
  • RE11 (Rhein-Hellweg-Express) from Düsseldorf to Kassel (Distance: Approx. 290 km, Duration 3 hours 20 minutes)
  • RE4 from Lubeck to Szczecin (Distance: about 295 kilometers, duration about 5 hours)
  • RE42 (Franken-Thüringen-Express) from Leipzig to Nuremberg (Distance: about 290 km, duration 4 hours 10 minutes)

Is the 9 Euro Card Really Coming?

At the end of April, the federal government decided on a relief package and with it a 9 euro ticket. Meanwhile, the Bundestag also approved the project. Voting in the Bundesrat is still pending.

Passenger associations already fear that trains and buses will be overburdened if many travelers want to use the local transport offer more than usual. They are asking for additional personnel and security personnel. However, there are also traffic jams and congestion on the roads during the holiday season – when everyone travels by car. (riba)

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