BMW lives up to its role as favourite, Audi surprises

( – The DTM training session starts in Lausitzring in humid temperatures of just under 30 degrees – and BMW fulfills its role as a favourite: Walkenhorst driver Marco Wittmann got the final leg of the second training session at 1:32.035 best time of the day before Schubert’s brand mate Sheldon van der Linde (+0.035) (click here for the result of the second training session).

Marco Wittmann shows what a BMW M4 GT3 can do: Best time Friday


However, the South African sprinted into his M4 GT3 18 minutes before the end of practice, causing a red flag and had to be dragged away. The cause of the problem is still unknown. This time, despite the high-speed characteristics of the track with Bank Turn 1, the best non-BMW car was the Porsche.

After significantly changing the balance of performance (BoP), SSR driver Dennis Olsen took third place by 0.037 seconds, followed by two Mercedes-AMGs and GruppeM Maro Engel (+0.072) and Mikael Grenier (+0.189).

It is claimed that Audi is denied the fastest in the first corner

But Audi also proved strong in the lead-up to the race despite Nico Muller’s concerns, even if Abt Kelvin van der Linde, as top driver with the R8 LMS GT3 Evo II, did not finish ninth in the afternoon. Because the Rosberg-Audi driver Müller, who completed a long distance in the second training session, took the lead in the morning with a best time of 1: 32.249 (the result of the first training session).

His best time in the overall standings was 0.179sec behind sixth, meaning Rosberg was once again faster than Abt. Which is also encouraging for Ingolstadt: in Turn 1, where the short Audi is actually deprived of aerodynamics compared to a BMW, the Audi pilots drive the best speed values.

Kelvin van der Linde clocked 239.9 km/h in the second practice session, while Arjun Maini was 0.6 km/h slower in the Mercedes-AMG GT3. Also the third fastest driver was Audi driver with Attempto rookie Marius Zug. It reached 239.1 km / h. This indicates that the Evo package, which is also intended to make the R8 LMS more stable on the road, performs well.

By the way, none of the pilots managed to get through the slightly sloping bend without a quick lever, which puts a lot of pressure on the right front tire, especially at such high temperatures.

Obviously the best time of the day is theoretically for an Audi driver Muller

The times in the first sector, which consist only of the start and straight end, turn 1 and straight back, should also give Audi hope: Sheldon van der Linde set the expected BMW record of 19.306 in the first practice session, Nico Muller but was 0.029 seconds slower. Only in Audi – and therefore the second fastest driver ever.

Nico Muller

Nico Muller, Audi as well as SSR Porsche ran well in Friday’s training Zoom

Additionally, if you rank the sector’s best times of the day, Muller led the best lap ever in 1:31.735. Sheldon van der Linde, who wastes time in the slick second sector with a long BMW, comes in second with a theoretical best time of 1:32.130.

How seriously should you take the times of the day? That’s still a bit unclear, because simulations from AVL Racetech yielded a theoretical best qualification time of 1:31.3. Last year’s Winward Mercedes driver Philip Ellis drove 1:30.292 into pole position on Sunday – albeit with a faster performance rating balance.

Rosberg faster than abt again?

The fact that Muller is doing well will also make Rosberg’s side happy: last year they had a disastrous weekend at Lustitzring and never saw a country against Abt. At least in free practice, Muller once again had the upper hand against Abt’s best driver, Van der Linde.

But he sees it calmly: “We haven’t tested here before, while many teams have been here before. Unfortunately, that’s the flaw we have. But we combined that well today, we found a lot. Overnight we will now look at more things and then We hope to do well in the qualifiers.”

The Ferrari AF Corse, Lamborghini Grasser and T3 Motorsport teams were not very clear on Friday: Ferrari driver best Nick Cassidy, who took the car of substitute Sebastien Loeb, was 0.520 seconds short of Whitman’s best time on day 16 overall. .

Esmee Hawkey, Thiim and Zug cause accidents

DTM leader, Mirco Bortolotti, as the best Lamborghini driver, took only 22nd place with 0.992 seconds, taking into account the best times of the day. The Vienna-based Italian, who also tested with Team Grasser at Lausitzring last week, was the last driver to go within a second of the fastest time, indicative of the massive power density.

Nikki Theme

Nicki Thiim’s T3 Lamborghini was also stranded in the first practice session Zoom

There were some accidents, especially in the first practice session: Eight minutes before the end, T3 Lamborghini driver Esmee Hawkey – likely after turning – stopped at the pit entry and had difficulties getting her car back in the right direction.

“I don’t know how to get back in,” she complained over the radio before heading back to the pit as instructed by her race engineer. Shortly before the square flag, her teammate Nicky Thiem and Atembo driver Audi Zug were injured, and their cars also stopped at the same time. The first qualifiers at Lausitzring start on Saturday morning at 10:05 a.m. (click here for TV and broadcast times).

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