Camping camper rental in Australia and New Zealand

Camping has become the number one holiday trend in recent years. This also applies to Australia and New Zealand. Due to the strict Corona policy, trips abroad are practically no longer possible since 2020 and so young locals in particular have discovered their country in a mobile home. Now the Europeans can enter again and follow the trend. We’ve rounded up the top tips:

  • Book a mobile home for rent in Germany in advance

  • Abu Dhabi Airports Company members benefit from discounts

  • There are still enough mobile homes for rent in Australia and New Zealand

Why book a mobile home rental now?

This applies to all travel times and destinations Quick-witted Those with a larger assortment and cheaper models are still available. According to ADAC Car Rentals, all models are currently available in Australia and New Zealand due to long-term travel restrictions – unlike Germany, where you can only get a mobile home for this year’s travel season with luck.

If you book your caravan vacation now, you need to be flexible. If you want to start with a rented mobile home in Germany, you have to either be very lucky or postpone your vacation until after school break. An alternative would be to take a train or travel to a holiday destination abroad and just start there with the mobile home

Tobias Rove, Managing Director of ADAC Car Rentals©ADAC SE / Theo Klein

Travel time in Australia and New Zealand starts at March and lasts until November. New Zealand has two climate zones. The north of the North Island has a subtropical climate with mild winters and relatively warm summers. A temperate climate can be found in the southern part of the North Island and throughout the South Island. Australia has four climatic zones – from the temperate marine zone of South Australia, through subtropical and tropical to desert, which is highly dependent on the destination of travel when it is the best individual travel time.

Book a mobile home for rent in Germany

It is always advisable to book Campervan for Australia or New Zealand from home. For one thing, you have time to be careful Check prices and servicesyou understand the terms of the contract and have a German speaking contact person who can support you later if the worst of the worst happens.

The car rental company ADAC recommends one, for example all inclusive insurance tariff, However, there is also standard insurance with a discount.

All other costs are also displayed transparently, including all taxes and fees for all services, so you don’t encounter unplanned additional costs at your mobile home station.

Popular mobile homes are Welcome to the top of the cartAnd double dropAnd Sheila HitopAnd compass And for trips to remote areas from 4WD X Terrain. Families should choose a larger car, such as the type of RV six adults or explorer mobile home.

Mobile home rental in Australia
With a mobile home for rent across the outback© Adobe Stock / ronnybas

Mobile home rental: what should I pay attention to when booking?

  • organizational: An International Driving Permit is an advantage, but it is not mandatory in Australia – unlike New Zealand. One Credit card You definitely need it – you can’t rent a mobile home in Australia and New Zealand without it. Among other things, it is necessary to deposit.

  • Additional driver and driver – Which car rental company ADAC highly recommends due to very long distances – Must be 21 years old. because of the fashionable left hand movement Sufficient driving experience is definitely an advantage. However, some owners also allow rentals from the age of 18, so that young people also have the opportunity to go on a road trip.

  • Planning: In addition to the cost of the trip and renting a motorhome, there are also costs Meals, fuel and parking spaces to. When planning the route, you do not necessarily have to go back to the starting point, as one-way rental cars are possible at Adak Rent A Car.

  • Overnight in Australia: in the big Caravan parksThe caravan site, which is well-equipped, costs between 20 and 50 Australian dollars (AUD) for two people, at rest areas There are many parks around the national parks – from 3 to 11 AUD per person. on it Dedicated rest areas You can park for free. However, these are usually far from the next town. wild camping Especially on private property or in public places such as national parks, car parks or beaches is strictly prohibited and fines are very hefty up to A$1,000.

  • Overnight in New Zealand: holiday parks or Campground Offering the safest and most comfortable way to camp, it costs between 10 and 40 New Zealand dollars (NZD) and has showers, toilets, kitchens, and in most cases even washing machines and barbecue areas. There are also electrical connections, and sometimes swimming pools or small overnight huts.

  • The DOC Camps The Department of Conservation is located in the most beautiful natural setting and is simply equipped, with a maximum cost of NZD 19. There is a lot of emphasis on environmental protection and nature conservation. wild camping It is also possible in some cases, but each municipality has its own laws. Most of the time you need one Self containment certificate, which indicates that you can take care of yourself for a few days. Then you can enjoy very nice places without disturbance in nature reserves.

This is how the rental mobile home is delivered

Mobile home delivery takes between 30 minutes and 1 hourSo that the tenant gets acquainted with the gas, toilet or awning for example. A tour of the vehicle to record and confirm the current damage is also part of this.

When the vehicle is delivered, it is explained how to operate Supply fresh water tank He works in camps, stadiums and where and how wastewater or dirty water is disposed of from the tank. You will also learn how to connect and use gas, water and electricity in a mobile home for cooling and cooking.

Important vacation tips for a rented mobile home

of trips in the darkness In Australia – and not only in the outback – it is deeply frustrated by the wild animals. Even in the event of a malfunction, this can be very inconvenient. Besides, you should always Enough drinking water and fuel On board, because the nearest gas station can be 200 kilometers away. Here you can find everything you need to know about Australia as a tourist.

In New Zealand, campers will be on Ferry between North and South Island Easily. However, the online ferry must be pre-booked directly with the ferry company. When planning your trip, you should pay attention to which of them Methods subject to approval You have or have had restrictions on driving in a mobile home. Everything you need to know as a tourist in New Zealand can be found here.

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