City offers for summer holidays

Summer vacation in Krefeld
Vacation program with exciting events

Parents can now enroll their children in the Krefeld City Vacation Program during the summer holidays. All day fun activities for kids provide sport, fun and creative activities.

(jeku) For the upcoming summer holiday, which begins on June 27 in North Rhine-Westphalia, the Municipal Department for Youth Welfare and Employment Promotion, in collaboration with Krefeld Youth Facilities, has developed a holiday program under the motto “Holidays – now more than ever!”. The shows are generally aimed at children between the ages of six and twelve. For the first and second week of the holiday, the “Crefeldia Ferienstadt” in the Southern Leisure Center invites all children between the ages of 9 and 14 to become part of the city designed by themselves.

Krefeld Vacations is a trusted group show. It includes all-day entertainment for children with sports, fun and creativity and many opportunities to develop their own ideas for organizing the holiday. Kids meals included. Registrations are possible from now on.

The holiday town Crefeldia is located in The first week of vacation From Monday 27 June to Friday 1 July, on the grounds of Freizeitzentrum Süd, but also the Open Door Herbertzstrasse campaign, Stahlnetz Youth Center and the Mobifant play campaign. Children become citizens of their own designed city, expecting a variety of activities. Additionally, the Water Tower’s youth facility is about “Our Earth”, and at the hands-on Mallewupp Farm, it’s all about “Summer – Experience nature and animals with all your senses.”

also in The second week of vacation From Monday, July 4 to Friday, July 8, the holiday show will take place at the Water Tower Youth Center. In addition, ‘Discovery Summer 2022’ can be started at the Youth Center in Fischeln. Here Fischeln, Krefeld and the surrounding area are examined by the participants.

at Third week of summer vacation From Monday 11 July to Friday 15 July, the ‘Natural Vacations’ theme in the Schicksbaum hostel and residential area is about the local flora and fauna. The ‘Summer Circus’ will take place at Café Oje, ‘Discovery Summer 2022’ will continue at the Fischeln Youth Center, and at the K³ Chapel of the Redeemer Youth Center will be ‘Clear the ring for our Circus’.

The Fourth week of vacation From Monday, July 18 to Friday, July 22, children can spend some time in the “Creative Workshop at Villa K”. There is also a Krefeld Holidays at Wenzel Youth Centre. The theme of the week at Mobifant at Saint Norbertus Youth Center this week is “A work of art created” and at the same time in Casablanca the slogan “Animals from all over the world”.

at Fifth week of vacation From Monday 25 July to Friday 29 July, “Workout, Fun and Movement at Villa K” is the order of the day. Herbertzstrasse Open Door deals with the “ravages of time” and there’s also a “Krefeld holidays at Funzel Youth Center” again. Holidays in K³ City themed “Our World is Colorful”.

“Wonderful Holidays in Kanabe” is a show in Sixth week of vacation From Monday 1 August to Friday 5 August accompanied by a dog. At JoJo in Uerdingen, the children’s motto is “Be a Gardener” and the “Our World is Colorful” theme continues in K³ City. The Mobifant Games campaign will kick off from Saint Norbertus Youth Center with the “Zirkus Povorello on Tour”. Children ages 8 to 13 can participate if they bring a walkable bike, a bike helmet, and a bike test certificate. First, there is rehearsal and rehearsal, then the traveling circus travels by bike through different parts of the city to show what has been done.

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