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Severe weather alert in Lower Saxony: The Social Welfare Department expects heavy rain, thunderstorms and storms. Hurricanes are also possible. Storm record as of Thursday: severe devastation in the Diepholz region with one person seriously injured.

HANNOVER – The first storms have passed over Lower Saxony, but on Friday, May 20, 2022, the weather will become more explosive. Heavy rain, thunderstorms and storms are expected. The threat of severe weather also brings with it the possibility of a hurricane. Severe weather alerts were announced in several counties. Yesterday Thursday, May 19, 2022, there was already great devastation in the Diepholz district.

Severe weather alert and hurricane risk in Lower Saxony: DWD warns of heavy rain and thunderstorms

At the beginning of the week of May 16, 2022, the first major storm of 2022 swept over half of Germany. Even if Lower Saxony and Bremen come out slightly, there is again a storm warning and even hurricane risk with violent thunderstorms, torrential rain and even flooding, the German Weather Service (DWD) also issued its storm warning for Lower Saxony.

There were violent thunderstorms in Lower Saxony on Thursday. Heavy rain, thunderstorms and storms are also expected on Friday, May 20, 2022. (iconic image) © Julian Stratenschulte / dpa

According to DWD, a thunderstorm with a high risk of thunderstorms will move over northern Germany toward the northeast through Friday.

Severe weather warning and hurricane risk in Lower Saxony and Bremen: thunderstorms lasting several hours with heavy rain and storms

Heavy thunderstorms with heavy rain and hurricane storms are expected again on Friday, May 20, 2022. As reported by DWD, strong thunderstorms, some lasting several hours, will move from the southwest to Lower Saxony from the afternoon and there is a risk of tornadoes According to the weather forecast.

According to the Dutch border weather forecast, the first thunderstorms are expected between 3 pm and 4 pm. These bring torrential rains, violent storms, and possibly floods with it. Then the storm front moves east through Lower Saxony. And starting at 5:00 pm, the depression also hit Bremen. After that, at the latest, severe storms can be expected in the south of Lower Saxony.

DWD Weather Service warns: Storm could cause winds of up to 120 km/h and isolated tornadoes

In the worst case, torrential rains of about 40 liters/m², gusts of up to 120 km/h, and hail with large hail can occur, according to a DWD report. Occasionally there can also be 60 liters of rain in six hours. In addition, isolated tornadoes according to the weather forecast are not excluded.

Severe weather warning in Lower Saxony – Department of Social Development warns of heavy rain, storms and violent thunderstorms: different areas affected

Severe weather warning in several regions in Lower Saxony on Friday, May 20:

Osnabrück district and city – official wind warning

Nienburg region – official wind warning

Hanover Region – official wind warning

Sile County – Official wind warning

Olsen County – Official Wind Warning

Grafshaft Bentheim area – an indication of the possibility of a high storm

Emsland region – an indication of the possibility of a storm surge

Vechta region – an indication of the possibility of a high storm

Diepholz area – indication of high storm probability

Heidekreis – an indication of a high storm probability

Lüneburg region – an indicator of a high probability of severe weather

Storm balance sheet as of Thursday in Lower Saxony: one seriously injured by a falling tree, the festival site in Dipholz badly damaged

Severe weather warnings have been issued in various counties. In Diephols, the fire brigade initially reported 32 operations after Thursday’s thunderstorm. Emergency services removed many fallen trees; The site where the Appletree Garden Festival was severely damaged. According to the NDR, a person near Edelstedt was seriously injured by a falling tree and a firefighter was injured and had to be taken to hospital.

Beech tree broken roof destroyed
A broken beech tree destroyed the roof of the Appletree Quarter at the site of the Ludersbush Festival in Diephols. © Janssen, Eberhard

Curved trees, dangerous traffic conditions: Video from County Diepholz showing the destructive power of a thunderstorm

A video from the village of Heiligenfelde in the county of Diepholz shows the extent of Thursday’s storm. Several trees were cut down during the storm. Motorists on Federal Highway 6 got into partially dangerous traffic situations.

Severe weather in the Oldenburg region: safe from thunderstorms

On the other hand, the Oldenburg region is largely spared from large thunderstorms. County firefighters are preparing for the worst. The Oldenburg Land Control Center tweeted Thursday at 1.50pm that staffing will be increased. She added that employees outside working hours will be put on standby. All technology has been tested to ensure that all incoming emergency calls are processed as quickly as possible. However, only a little rain fell.

Heavy thunderstorms today, Thursday: One person was seriously injured after lightning struck the cargo ship

Devastation also occurred in other regions of Germany – one person was seriously injured. A person was seriously injured when a lightning strike struck a cargo ship in Duisburg. A spokesman for the fire department said it was likely an employee on board the ship. Lightning struck the deck. The fire brigades in Bavaria also had to deal with flooded streets and lightning strikes in homes. A house was set on fire by a bolt of lightning. The fire department said the family of four who lived in the house were not harmed.

Beware of thunderstorms: how to act correctly?

Thunderstorms can be life threatening. About 250 people are struck by lightning each year, resulting in about 10 deaths annually. It is advised to stay indoors in case of a thunderstorm. The safest are buildings with lightning rods or cars. If you can’t find a place in a closed room, you shouldn’t wander outside with an open umbrella. You should also stay away from trees and metal poles. It is also advisable not to touch any metal objects, as they are especially good conductors of electricity.

In such weather, it is difficult to avoid damage to your home. The General Assembly of the German Insurance Industry (GDV) recently published a summary of damage reports in 2021 due to heavy rain and flooding. As a result, damage reports in Bremen and Lower Saxony have more than doubled from the previous year

An overcast evening sky can be seen, indicating rain or thunderstorms.
Heavy rain, thunderstorms and storms are expected in Lower Saxony on Friday May 20, 2002. Before that, Germany swept through Germany’s first severe weather in 2022. (icon image) © Julian Stratenschulte / dpa

Heavy thunderstorms and heavy rain in Lower Saxony and Bremen: severe weather intensifies south of Bremen and Windland

As Tobias Schaaf, a meteorologist at the Hamburg branch of DWD, explained to kreiszeitung.de, the storm warning forecasts for Bremen and Lower Saxony are inaccurate.

40 liters per square meter can be reduced selectively.

At the moment, it is assumed that there will be severe storms with heavy rain in the south of Bremen and Windland. “Sometimes it can fall 40 liters per square meter,” Schaaf says of violent thunderstorms and the potential for heavy rain. In the area it will be 20 liters per square meter, “which is definitely good for the environment.”

Thunderstorm radar: map materials available for storms, floods, floods, and continuous rain

Where exactly is the storm? Maps about current events and thunderstorm radar, among other things, are provided by Kachelmannwetter. In addition to storms, the amount of rain, storms, continuous rain and floods can also be tracked.

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