Exam: Free voters demand more sports in school

Childcare from Ukraine poses new burdens on teachers. Therefore, group leader Streibl is already demanding an additional 1,000 teachers in the fall.

2,500 extra teachers, 1,000 extra administrative staff, more physical education classes and generally more time for exercise, especially for the youngest students – that’s what the Free Voters (FW) want to push through the state government and in the state parliament. If parliamentary group leader Florian Strebel and other members of Parliament were on their way, the schedule and curriculum should have been simplified. But it seems that the Ministry of Culture has pressed the brakes, said Friday in Munich from the circles of participants in the retreat of the parliamentary group FW.

Streibl justified the demand for more staff with the additional burden on teachers caused by Ukrainian refugee children who were accepted into schools in Bavaria. So at least 1,000 additional teachers are needed by the fall.

Hubert Aiwanger: the education system ‘stitched on the edge’

This demand was supported by Economy Minister Hubert Ewinger, leader of the Liberal Voters Party and deputy prime minister. Ewinger said the education system was “tightly stitched” even before the Ukraine crisis. He recalled the billions to support the economy during the Corona crisis, and called for more money to be spent on the “new problem area” in schools and day care centers in order to improve child care and education.

In the written resolution, which was passed by FW MPs in a one-day retreat, there were no longer many such demands. Focuses on the health of students and teachers. The ultimate goal is to “instill in students the joy of exercising and the importance of sports activity for their physical and mental health.” More needs to be done for young pupils in particular: “Especially at the beginning of school life, at a time when a child’s natural desire to move is still particularly strong, special attention should be paid to the offerings of mobility in everyday school life.”

Voters Free Plans: A third gym class and more swimming lessons

This will have to be achieved, among other things, through a third physical education lesson in selected primary schools, the expansion of the “In Shape” initiative, which has been established in the primary school calendar since 2010, and through the strengthening of swimming lessons. Cycling will also be promoted through pilot projects entitled “School of Cycling”.

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According to Free Voters, more should also be done for the health of teachers. “We have two exceptional years behind us, which has pushed nearly everyone in the school family to their breaking point,” said Tobias Guthart, spokesperson for the Parliamentary Group on Education Policy. Extensively discuss and develop professional associations.

Wants to simplify the schedule in Bavaria schools: Florian Stiebel, leader of the parliamentary group of free electors in the Bavarian state parliament.

Photo: Matthias Balck, dpa

The great desire of the faction leader to reduce the schedule and simplify the curriculum in order to create more space in schools for education, teamwork development, and social skills is not written in writing. The announcement of a similar initiative has remained unchanged. Group leader Streibl spoke openly in favor of this in a conversation with our editors before the exam. He said, “There is so much in the curriculum that people never need. We should clean up a bit so that our teachers feel comfortable and can focus more on the basics again.”

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