Former Gladbach top scorer defeated cancer

Ex-Birthday of Boros
At the age of 60, Uwe Rahn made his most significant comeback

Uwe Rahn was the top scorer and footballer of the year like Borussia, and scored a legendary goal for Germany. For the past two years, he has suffered from cancer. But there is good news for the 60th birthday.

Footballer Uwe Rahn is not mentioned as a fighter. Instead of a tech-savvy attacker who was a suspended attacker when the term did not exist. As a headline. However, man Uwe Rahn has become a fighter in the past two years after a shocking diagnosis: colon cancer. He won the battle.

“It was the hardest battle of my life, as I struggled with surgery, chemotherapy and drastic weight loss. I beat cancer and will be in good shape again soon,” Ran said just before his 60th birthday on Saturday.

Still experiencing some post-surgery effects. “But I think positively that it helped me a lot all the time,” said the former professional, who played for Gladbach, 1. FC Köln, Hertha Berlin, Fortuna Düsseldorf (1991/92), Eintracht Frankfurt and Urawa Red Diamonds played in Japan. Frankfurt’s Europa League win impressed him, with Ran saying: “It’s impressive how much this team will have.”

Paid Content On April 1, 2020, the doctor and his wife, Christel, informed him of the diagnosis. “We were confused. I never expected it to hit me,” says Ran. As a former competitive athlete, he knew his body so well, “When you’re so restricted, it’s a disaster, mentally too,” says Rahn.

In 1980, when he was 18 years old, he came to Gladbach as a gift from Waldhof-Mannheim. Coach Jupp Heynckes, with whom Ran remains in regular contact to this day, became his foster father athlete. In his capacity, “Der Lang” fits in perfectly with the new pony squad formed by record scorer Heynckes. Rahn scored 111 goals in 285 matches, the sixth best value in Gladbach club history.

However, he belongs to an incomplete Gladbach generation that has remained untitled despite all the quality and options. In 1984, he lost the cup final, and in 1985, after the 5-1 victory over Real Madrid, there was a 0-4 loss in the second leg, and in 1987 Borussia failed in the European Cup and in the DFB Cup in the semi-finals. “There was always something missing, unfortunate. But we had a great team and we succeeded too, almost always playing at international level.”

He personally collected two nicknames. In 1987 he was the best football player and top scorer in the German Bundesliga. Only Heynckes (1974, 1975) and Heiko Herrlich (1995) were Borussia’s top scorer. Rahn’s 24 goals in that time have not been reached in Gladbach since then, and Herrlich has scored “only” 20.

Curious: the target gun was delivered to Ran only in May 2019, at that time on the sidelines of the opening of the Borussia Museum. It was previously said that Ran was “missing”. He has only put an end to football and has other priorities. “And it ended just that. I met other people and developed other interests.” He earns his money from stock exchange transactions, and goes to Belgium and Italy with his wife, where she ran European schools.

In 2019, football once again took over the prodigal son when he was named top scorer. “It was fine, especially when I was sick, I often called old colleagues, talked about the old days and laughed a lot at the same time. Some sent me videos of my goals,” says Ran.

For example, from his first goal for Germany, again in Cologne against Sweden, Rahn scored his first touch of the ball nine seconds after his entry. Another 13 caps and four more goals. In 1986, Rahn was a member of the German team that finished second in the World Cup, but did not play in Mexico.

The disease has dominated the past two years. “Two years have gone by a lot of sacrifices and many bad days, but now it’s time for the last step into normalcy,” says Ran. Even if he rescinded the German federation’s invitation for the Nations League match against Italy in Gladbach on June 14 because he still wanted to give himself some time: the new year in his life should be marked by his return.

The fact that he will always be on the road as an ambassador for cancer prevention is the crux of his fight against this insidious disease. “Prevention is important, the earlier cancer is caught, the higher your chances. It probably saved my life,” says Ran, the fighter.

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