Giro d’Italia live in the bar: Stage 14 to Turin through five steep mountain classifications – fight for the pink jersey

The stage starts in Santina at 1:15pm, and the finish is expected in Turin between 5:00pm and 5:30pm.

On the two 36.4-kilometre rides around Turin, Superga (655m) and Cole della Maddalena (698m) climbs with slopes of up to 20% are in the program twice.

In light of these difficulties, it is very likely that there will be some movement in the overall ranking, especially since there will be time bonuses again at the end. Juan Pedro Lopez’s pink shirt is in grave danger.

Giro d’Italia

Giro d’Italia: premiums, regulations, shirts, ratings in a nutshell

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Many points are also awarded in mountain classification and a change can also be made there.

Jiro Lives in the Tape: Fourteenth Stage to Turin

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Giro d’Italia live video: the search continues

The lead around the Bora trio continues to increase the distance to the next set. The descent is also difficult today, and Almeida continues to show small weaknesses.

Now it’s time for the final turn, again on both climbs and 36.4 kilometers.

Giro live tape: 50 km left

The pool of candidates around the Bora trio comes in third out of the five ratings, Wilko Kieldermann clears the points – the Dutchman works tirelessly to keep the drivers at a distance.

Kildaremann had previously won by 18 points at Superga Stadium. The group is located around G.

Gero Stage 14: Attack with Consequences

The victims of Bora’s work are Guillaume Martin (Covides), Alejandro Valverde (Movistar), Thaymin Arensmann (DSM) and Lucas Hamilton (BikeExchange), who were not in the top 15 of the overall standings.

Jiro tape: Bora explains the competition

Bora’s big attack now continues to count driver after driver in this mountainous classification, and Zuehoff and Kamna have done their job. Kielderman, Hindley and Bushman are still ahead of Bora – only nine riders are following them: Carapaz, Landa, Nibali, Bilbao, Hurt, Buzofevo, Yates, Almeida and Lopez in the pink jersey.

Direct indication of the fourteenth Jiro stage: the increase begins

Bora continues to lead the race with full pressure. The previous main group was caught while Lopez was wearing the pink jersey and Almeida and Landa approached from behind. There are still about 20 passengers in this first group.

Giro Live Bar: First End Pass – 73 km left

The splinter group crosses the finish line very narrowly and starts the last two rounds. Bora continues to drive at full speed and only Richard Karapaz can keep up with the rear wheel. Lopez and Almeida struggled to catch the bigger field again.

The Bora quartet consists of Emanuel Buchmann, Lenard Kamna, Wilko Kieldermann and Guy Hindley, now joined by Ben Zuehoff at the front. The movement left Mikel Landa, Joao Almeida, Juan Pedro Lopez and others behind!

Tape for Jiro’s Fourteenth Stage: Entering Bora

Bora now takes over the pace on the field and brings the difference to less than two minutes. Now it’s time for the first bonus race of the day, before that for the first time across the finish line and into the two tough final laps.

Bora stressed the field so much that the peloton split into many groups. Lopez’s pink shirt can’t keep up with the pace, even Joao Almeida is falling behind!

Jiro bar: Dumoulin comes out

First assignment of the day: Tom Dumoulin got off his bike and the Dutchman of Team Jumbo-Visma was leaving the 2022 Giro d’Italia. It’s a shame the former winner couldn’t continue the Tour. He shone in the time trial in Hungary, but then back problems stopped him more and more.

Live indicator of Jiro’s fourteenth stage: the ascending group is standing

After a long and hard battle, a group of twelve riders have now split up: Ben Zuehoff of Bora Hansgrohe as well as the owner of the mountain jersey, Diego Rosa (Iolo) of Italy, are present from a German perspective. On the field, Ineos now controls Richard Carapaz, and the gap increases to nearly three minutes.

Jiro neighborhood bar: first mountain classification

The first mountain ratings out of five were reached that day, and an escape kit has yet to work, Leonard Kamna tried it twice. Diego Rosa (Yolo) in a mountain jersey gets the points in this third category and extends his climbing rankings lead.

Tape for Giro 14: Chain of Attacks

The first stage of the race is very fast and full of attacks, but no group can break up, the field always reacts instantly. The pace is very high and many teams want to achieve something today, the profile opens up good opportunities for many drivers.

Giroud’s Trail: A Glimpse of the Challenging Stage Fourteen Route to Turin

Giro bar: The first attack by a Superstar

One of the Giro’s big stars launched the first attack that day, but it was not crowned with success: Matthew van der Poel fought as a soloist in front of the field for more than ten kilometers, then his lead ended and the Dutchman of the Alpecin-Fenix ​​team was again trapped in the middle of the day again .

Live indication of the fourteenth Giro stage: starts at 1:15 pm

Let’s go, the green start flag is waved and immediately the first drivers rush off the field…
Three drivers who did not start today, Germany’s Alexander Krieger of Alpecin, Sis Paul (Netherlands/DSM) and Giacomo Nizzolo (Italy/Israel). This leaves 160 drivers in the race.

The fourteenth stage of Jiro: Today’s favorite

Today’s profile suits a number of drivers well: the course suits many general standings contenders, such as Richard Carapaz or Joao Almeida, but Vincenzo Nibali, Simon Yates and Matthew van der Poel are also traded. From a German point of view, Leonard Kamna and perhaps Emmanuel Buchmann could figure something out.

Welcome to the Giro 14th stage live tape!

Welcome to the 14th stage of the Giro d’Italia 2022! As always, we are there for you from start to finish right here in the live bar while you race! The day starts at 1:15pm in Santina, target should be reached between 5:00pm and 5:30pm according to the route schedule. In the program there is “only” 147 kilometers, but it has a lot – we can look forward to a spectacle of the five mountain classifications.

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Giroud’s Trail: A Glimpse of the Challenging Stage Fourteen Route to Turin

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