Ice Hockey World Championships: Finland dominates Austria

Valtteri Filppula (2nd place), Mikael Granlund (25th place) and Toni Rajala (48th place) ensured the hosts’ sovereign victory at the sold-out Nokia Arena with 11,573 spectators in attendance. The Austrian left empty-handed in the sixth match in Tampere, but despite the short break that followed the match against Latvia, they showed a strong fighting performance. The result reflected the commitment of the Austrians and the strong performance of goalkeeper David Kickert: because the stats showed 39:19 shots for Finland.

For Austria, the focus is now on Monday’s decision against landing against Great Britain. Unlike the British, Badr’s team could recover before the confrontation. Great Britain takes action against Latvia on Sunday (3.20 pm). Finland defended its lead in Group Two with a second consecutive closing.

Geba / Daniel Goetzapper

11,573 people from Zsuchau created a wonderful atmosphere in Tampere

Goaltender rollover continues

The Austria team was much appreciated compared to the narrow defeat against Latvia. Team Leader Bader sent more or less the same classes on the ice as 24 hours ago. The two exceptions: As expected, goalkeeper Bernard Starkbaum got a free Saturday given the Great Britain game, and David Kickert was the substitute. Dominic Heinrich was also allowed to take a break. “So he is refreshed for the last match,” Badr said in an interview with ORF. Phillip Weimer needed training after being suspended for one game anyway.

Although the weather in Tampere has been great like the past four days and invited for a trek into the expansive forests and lake views around town, the Nokia Arena was rather full during the penultimate appearance of the hosts in the group stage. Austrian spectators broke through the blue and white wall of the stands only a few. The masses expected a similar outcome against Austria as the day before against the British. A 6:0 was the Finnish requirement.

Finnish lightning start

In the early stages, the Austrian fans were already afraid that the wish of the Finns would come true in the first third. Because the hosts obviously didn’t want to get caught up in the patience game. So the disc took exactly 1:45 minutes to twist into the network. Vilpola, once a mainstay in the Detroit Red Wings game, stole from behind the defense in front of the Austrian goal, giving Kickert no chance.

However, in Forlge, the figure who often appears in this World Cup and who is in the Austrian national team was evident. Because Red, White, and Red weren’t bothered by the “cold shower” and kept quiet. Finland apparently set the tone and tested Kickert 16 times from all positions, but Badr’s boys gathered their strength and held out strong until the end of the first half – a respectable success.. Austria’s shots on goal can still be counted on one hand, and there were only three of them. harmless category.

Kicks in constant pressure

Fans are pleased that the audience hastily started the second clip. The date of the onset of lightning almost repeated itself, but Harry Bessonen, overlooked by the Austrians advancing forward, failed to pass Kickert’s disc twice (22). Barely three minutes later, the 28-year-old, who was injured 15 times in the second half, didn’t have a chance. NHL star Granlund, who was world famous 11 years ago in Bratislava with his “lacrosse goal” against Russia, scored the 2-0 win for the Finns.

Despite the constant pressure, the Austrians remained surprisingly calm and focused. When Finland rested briefly, Badr’s team seized the opportunity and created scoring opportunities through birthday boy Lukas Haddom (31) or Benjamin Nesner (32). Shortly thereafter, Manuel Ganal failed in a counterattack with a man down (33). Speaking of outnumbered players: Shortly before the end of the third half, Austria almost gave the Finns a short stint in the dressing room. But Jussi Olkinuora practically blew the siren against Ali Wukovits.

Finns play the house game

Fans in Tampere may have taken the Austria goal as an insult. From their point of view, the result for the inferior guests was very satisfactory. Thanks to great shooting and constant great effort, Red, White, and Red kept damage within limits. Only with an accurate shot from Rajala, who found the gap between the shoulder and the crossbar, the Austrian goalkeeper had no chance. The fact that those at the front lacked the strength needed for the final attack was also irrelevant in the end. At least when he sang the Finnish anthem, Austrian ideas were already about Great Britain.

2022 Ice Hockey World Championships in Finland

Saturday, starting at 3:20 p.m.:

Finland – Austria 3-0

(1: 0 1: 0 1: 0)

Tampere, 11,573 spectators

Goals: Villabola (2), Granlund (25), men’s (48).

Kick-out minutes: 2 or 6

Austria: Kickert-Mayer, Untrueger; Zundel, b. Hackl, Kirschlager; Brunner, Wimmer-Casper, Haddom, Ganhl; Schneider, Nessner, Th. ravel; Leppler, Wukovits, b. hopper; Schwinger, Ackermann, Feldner

Finland: Olkinuora – Lindell, Othamää, Lehtonen, Hietanen; Heskanen, Seppala; Friman, Vatanen – Mänalanen, Björninen, Antila; Granlund, Maninen, Hartekainen; Rajalaala, Filppula, Sallines; Bisonnen, Lameko, Jeremiah

The second group in Tampere

game schedule:
05/13 United States of America Latvia 4: 1
Finland Norway 5-0
05/14 Austria Sweden 1: 3
Czech Republic Great Britain 5: 1
Finland Latvia 2: 1
05/15 Norway Great Britain 4: 3 n
Austria United States of America 2: 3 b-e
Sweden Czech Republic 5: 3
05/16 Latvia Norway 3: 2
Finland United States of America 4: 1
05/17 Austria Czech Republic 2: 1 n
Sweden Great Britain 6-0
05/18 Austria Norway 3: 5
Sweden Finland 3: 2 nP
05/19 United States of America Great Britain 3-0
Czech Republic Latvia 5: 1
20.05. Finland Great Britain 6-0
Austria Latvia 3: 4 n
05/21 United States of America Sweden 3: 2 a.d.
Austria Finland 0: 3
Norway Czech Republic 7:20 pm
22.05. Latvia Great Britain 3:20 pm
Sweden Norway 7:20 pm
05/23 United States of America Czech Republic 3:20 pm
Austria Great Britain 7.20 pm *
05/24 Sweden Latvia 11.20 am
United States of America Norway 3:20 pm
Finland Czech Republic 7:20 pm

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