Ice Hockey World Championships: ÖEHV scores the next point in the action

In a turbulent match, Thomas Ravel saved the Austrians in extra time in the 47th minute in front of 8,516 spectators. Benjamin Nessner, who put the ÖEHV team ahead (22), and Dominik Heinrich (32/PP2) scored the other Austrian goals. For Latvia, who lost 1:5 to the Czech Republic the day before, Rudolf Palser scored twice (26, 36) and Rehards Borkarts (30/PP). Roberts Burkarts earned two points for the Balts in the penalty shootout.

With a fourth point, the Austrians extended their table lead over Great Britain, who lost 6-0 to hosts Finland in the afternoon, to three points and thus into the final and possibly decisive match on Monday (7.20 pm, live). On the ORF Sport+) they all excel within reach. Before that, Austria will face the Olympic champions Finland and the organizers, who have already qualified for the quarter-finals, on Saturday (3:20pm, live on ORF Sport+).

Penalty kicks in Latvia

In the end Austria failed against the Latvians with 3:4.

New decks

As after the first rest day, team boss Badr mixed up his offensive lines a bit this time as well. Manuel Ganal found himself in the same group with teens Marco Casper and Lucas Haddom, while Brian Liebler went looking for targets alongside Ali, Quites and Paul Huber. Philip Weimer, who was suspended after a penalty kick against Norway, missed the defense. A good comfort alternative has been provided at Erik Kirchschläger. Bernhard Starkbaum was already in goal before rest day.

Red, white and red were the dominant colors for the first time at the World Championships in Tampere, no wonder given the similarity between the Austrian and Latvian banners. It was not surprising that the dark red color in Latvia predominated, because compared to Austria it is a stone’s throw from the Baltic states to Finland. However, ÖEHV fans are holding back and so will their vocal chords.

Austria is more toxic again

Latvia very quickly began apologizing to the fans for their “watschn” against the Czech Republic when they were already 0:5 behind after the first third – but the Austrians quickly took the wind out of the attack sails. The day off brought back the “10 to 15 percent of vitality” (quote: Roger Bader) that was missing against Norway. The ÖEHV squad was toxic again, hitting the duels with full force and working in third place with great focus and as a team.

With this, the Austrians quickly gained a visual advantage. Casper, in particular, continued to push the team forward. The 18-year-old didn’t shy away from controversies either. With 9:6 shots on target, Austria also held the lead in this record, and the only truly convincing opportunities weren’t there. A shot from Leppler’s turn made Atrus Silov sweat even more. On the flip side, watch out for counter-attacks by the Latvians. The spectators watched an entertaining match that only missed the goals.

Nessner scores the dream goal

That changed abruptly in the second half – and after only 70 seconds in Austria’s favour: Nessner completed a perfect counter-attack with a right-handed strike – a dream goal (22). And just two minutes later, the Viennese would delight the red-white-and-red minority in the hall again, but this time snagging Seelov’s arm. The quick start was the starting signal for an exciting exchange of blows.

0:1 by Benjamin Nessner

Nessner puts Austria ahead.

Bad luck from the Austrian point of view that a slap shot from Balcers to equalize (26′) put the Latvian fans back in the game (26′). The crowd, mostly in the Baltic camp, was finally over the moon when Rihards Bukarts converted a shot from Carlis Cukste into a strong Starkbaum play (30). The Austrians brought their suffering upon themselves with two consecutive kicks.

Badr’s team stumbled, but the Latvians themselves kept on their feet. A double disqualification gave Austria two more minutes with two men. With an accurate shot in the cross corner, Dominic Heinrich ensured the balance again (32). Keep moving back and forth. Starkbaum saved his team from falling further with a great save by Rodrigo Apolles (34). However, the Latvians had the last word on the third word, because Balchers, after Nissner lost the disc, completed a combination with Rihards Burkarts to make it 3:2 (36th place) – and with Haudum’s chance just before the siren, the Silovs pre-emptive edge was no. still on the way.

Raffle equalizes the pressure stage

The team boss must have reminded his boys in the locker room to come back against the Czech Republic, because the Austrians’ will to change the game again was evident. Bader’s team took more and more leadership and at times clamped down on Latvia. In the 47th minute, it’s time: Raffel deflected a long-range shot from Kilian Zündel unfavorably for Silovs – who had just launched a massive backlash against Heinrich – and it was 3:3.

3:3 by Thomas Raffle

Compensation from Captain Salzburg.

The match remained hot and fast-paced – but balanced in the end after 60 minutes. Both teams had chances to get three points. First, Peter Schneider and Ravel failed in a double net (49th place), then Starkbaum saved to save Ronalds Kenins (55th place). Paul Huber hit Selfuss once after a counterattack (56 minutes), and because Martins Dzirkals only hit the Austrian goalkeepers instead of the goal in the last minute, the match went into overtime.

Happy ending to Latvia

With the extra time, Austria had less and one time very good experiences against the USA and the Czech Republic. In overtime it looked like a happy ending for the Latvians, but both the right and left posts were initially reluctant to claim a Latvian win after a hammer from Kennes. On the other hand, Huber missed the Austrian match point.

Therefore, the winner had to be determined again in the so-called penalty shootout. There, Latvia finally got the better end with 2-1 conversion attempts. While Nikolays Gilesiejevs and Roberts Borkarts scored for Latvia, only Dominik Heinrich had the right trick ready for Austria to beat Silovs. But even a painstakingly fought point can be worth its weight in gold in the fight against relegation.

Comments about the game:

Roger Bader (ÖEHV team boss): “We played very excellent ice hockey, which sold Austrian ice hockey very well. I don’t know when the last time I played a match like this against Latvia. The first third was very good, in the second we lost a few discs. It was a third The latter are brutally strong, we played them against the wall. We have to win the match in 60 minutes. We are happy to get the point, but we deserved to win.”

Thomas Raffel (ÖEHV striker): “The team did a very good job again. Everyone was mentally prepared. I’m proud of our team. We learned from our mistakes and stayed positive. We know how it works.”

2022 Ice Hockey World Championships in Finland


Austria – Latvia 3: 4a. b.

(0:0 2:3 1:0/0:0 0:1)

Tampere, 8,516 spectators

Goals: Nessner (22 minutes), Heinrich (32 minutes / PP2), Ravel (47 minutes) or Balchers (26 minutes, 36 minutes), Boekarts (30 minutes / decisive penalty).

Kick-out minutes: 8 or 10

Austria: Starkbaum-Mayer, Untrueger; Zundel, Heinrich; B. Wolf, Kirchschläger; Brunner, Hackl – Kasper, Haudum, Ganahl; Schneider, Nessner, Th. ravel; Leppler, Wukovits, b. hopper; Schwinger, Ackermann, Feldner

Latvia: Siloff-Zell, Jack; Robbins, Kolda; Sotnieks, Cukste, Mamcics – Kenins, Abols, Balcers; Bukarts monastery, Dzerins, Dzierkals; Jelisejevs, Batna, Ro. Bukarts; Marinis, Feinbergs, Krastenburgs; Smirnov

The second group in Tampere

game schedule:
05/13 United States of America Latvia 4: 1
Finland Norway 5-0
05/14 Austria Sweden 1: 3
Czech Republic Great Britain 5: 1
Finland Latvia 2: 1
05/15 Norway Great Britain 4: 3 n
Austria United States of America 2: 3 b-e
Sweden Czech Republic 5: 3
05/16 Latvia Norway 3: 2
Finland United States of America 4: 1
05/17 Austria Czech Republic 2: 1 n
Sweden Great Britain 6-0
05/18 Austria Norway 3: 5
Sweden Finland 3: 2 nP
05/19 United States of America Great Britain 3-0
Czech Republic Latvia 5: 1
20.05. Finland Great Britain 6-0
Austria Latvia 3: 4 n
05/21 United States of America Sweden 11.20 am *
Austria Finland 3.20 pm *
Norway Czech Republic 7:20 pm
22.05. Latvia Great Britain 3:20 pm
Sweden Norway 7:20 pm
05/23 United States of America Czech Republic 3:20 pm
Austria Great Britain 7.20 pm *
05/24 Sweden Latvia 11.20 am
United States of America Norway 3:20 pm
Finland Czech Republic 7:20 pm

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