Is Virtual Reality Horror Worth It On PC?

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The much-anticipated PC VR for Resident Evil 7 was released this week. Do you deliver on what you promised?

Resident Evil 7 VR is one of the best virtual reality games ever. Downside: Since its release, you can only experience the title in virtual reality with the old Playstation VR. Capcom still owes much to the high-quality PC version of VR.

Developer Bray Doug can help. He is best known for his PC virtual reality mods in Resident Evil 2 and 3, and he wants to repeat the success with Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil Village. The corresponding PC VR mods were released this week in a greatly improved version.

In this test, I only tried Resident Evil 7. I played through the original on Playstation VR in 2017 and I’m still playing it lovable Scary memories of him.

Experience Resident Evil 7 on PC in HD, for the first time with virtual hands and a simulated body? The expectation was great.

But was it justified?

Installation: a hard start

The installation seemed trivial, but it turned out to be unpleasant. The official guide is written for a different Resident Evil and does not tell you which version to install. Like Standard Edition or Recommended Nightly Build, OpenVR or OpenXR Edition? I even had to install a mod manager for a small mod extension that improves the button mapping on the Oculus console.

After successfully starting the game follows first shock: I get 25-30 frames per second! Well, the GTX 1080 Ti card has passed the peak of its growth. But on Discord, even PC users with a GTX 3080 have reported problems achieving 90fps.

I open the graphics menu and start trying it out. I turn off complex post-processing effects, SSAO and other computationally intensive graphics eaters, and then I still get over 45 frames per second. Thanks to Valve’s Motion Smoothing app, the frame rate is increased artificially to 90 frames per second. It’s not perfect, but it’s enough.

In order to get a perfectly smooth 90+ fps, I have to play at a much lower resolution than the original Meta Quest 2. But I don’t want to, because Resident Evil 7 doesn’t look much better than the Playstation VR glasses.

New manual interactions

Once you’ve eliminated the worst performance issues – and that took 90 minutes – you can finally start. The textures and details of the interiors are more cheerful and beautiful than ever before in the PC VR version. Mia looks horribly real out of placeWhen you jump for my throat for the first time.

For the first time I see my hand in virtual reality. I can’t do much with them though. Object interactions are usually pre-rendered animations, so I can usually see what my avatar is doing. Later, when I get my hands on a pistol, I’ll be able to shoot it with my hand instead of my eye for the first time. This should be a decent improvement over the original script.


Bray Doug also did Programmed new interactions: Here’s how you can heal yourself by extending your hand over your shoulder and pouring liquid onto your hand, or fending off attacks by raising your hands up. But I didn’t get that far to try it out for myself.

Not for the faint of heart – and the weak stomach

Also new is the virtual body that adapts to your movements and allows you to look at yourself. How much extra immersion it brings – I’m not sure. After all, the original wasn’t bad just because it lacked this feature.

Talking about motion: Supports mode as far as I know No artificial inflections. If you want to play while sitting and do not tolerate smooth rotation, you should keep your hands out of this position. All others can virtually spin in the event of an emergency if the cable allows, or if Air Link is an option.

It is absurd for the stomach to see the very repetitive cut scenes in which the game controls the camera and moves it according to the mood. Neither artificial tunnel vision nor changing to a virtual screen or similar is an option here. This can cause severe motion sickness.

That spoiled my interest in Resident Evil 7.

Conclusion: For PC VR adventure lovers

Undoubtedly a lot of work has been done in PC VR mode. Yet she is Free. Developer Praydog deserves a lot of praise for this.

PC VR mods have their jagged edges and are not suitable for everyone. This also applies in this case: if you want to experience Resident Evil 7 in full PC glory, you need one high quality calculatorAnd Prepare to improve and one strong stomach. Resident Evil 7 VR is (yet) nowhere near as good as the original PSVR or PC performance or not.

Anyone who wants to support Bray Doug’s work can do so via Patreon. You can find help on the Discord of the Flatscreen for the VR Modding community under > Resident Evil VR > Back Support. However, be sure to read the installation guide first.

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