Ivy – Die Kulturrundschau from May 21, 2022 | Documentary Mariupolis 2 directed by Mantas Kvedaravičius in Cannes – Ruangrupa and racism in Indonesia – Katja Petrowskaja – Djaimilia Pereira de Almeida

Shirley Jaffe, All Together, 1995. Photo: Pompidou Center

at FAZ Ulf Erdmann Ziegler warmly recommends a visit to the Center Pompidou, which houses “the last post-war American artist in Paris”, Shirley JaffeBrick as he writes. She stayed in her tiny Parisian apartment until her death in 2016, stacking unsold paintings in a closet: “The exhibition traces the life forms of this artist. First the early paintings, Iridescent of colors already applied. Here are wildfires, there are islands in the ice. Sure, it was supposed to be “Abstract Expressionism”, era style, coin of the clock, but in fact it was Eclectic on the go Between Claude Monet and Willem de Kooning, In Search of the Literal Sense. Then she simplified the colors, giving them shape. Between 1970 and 1972, she stacked purely monochromatic fields into almost infamous portraits excess minimum. The irony knocks. After a few years, a white color appeared on which the hues seemed to float. The lighter the scaffolding, the more serious the task.

Uh , Documenta. at Berlin newspaper Hanno Hauenstein pulls the big stick and endorses everyone who criticizes stances related to the boycott movement racists To be. That’s why Ruangrupa is not to blame for canceling the promised discussion events. If one could discuss there to what extent the countries of the European Union, the United States, Canada and Britain recognize anti-SemitismDefinition of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) In practice, parts of it have developed into a political tool often used explicitly in the German context against the actors:Not insideLeft or white groups into effect. And this as well ur German longing Seems satisfying, from Jonas Dorg to mainstream journalism: longing xenophobic motives To vent by playing with an interpretation he seems to have learned from the heart, anti-Semitism reigns supreme against minorities or groups critical of Israeli politics. And whether they are Palestinians, Indonesians or Jews, they don’t seem to play any role anymore.”

This is not entirely true. Marco Stahlhout is very interested in Ruangrupa’s exit Indonesia Come. Why? ask in FAZIn Indonesia, the group of artists is arguing about anti-Semitism that no one cares about, instead of dealing with the original people in their country. For all the oddity in the vocabulary of Israel and the Palestinians, Ruangrupa has so far Not a single word about Papua they lost. Papuans have to fight racism: “Everywhere in Indonesia, even on their mother island. In schools they are taught by teachers as parents Expel from who will not get anywhere. In universities, which very few reach anyway, they will do it Excluded. Indonesians protest in shared taxis and buses the noseWhen they meet the Popes, they smell like hell. Most recently, in March, UN officials issued dire warnings about “appalling” human rights violations in Papua, including Children killingAnd to tortureDisappearances and mass expulsions. … Not a word about all this from Ruangrupa, nor a word of criticism in general about the shameful handling of black people in indonesiaThis is despite all the sensitivity shown by the group towards racism.”

art historian Wolfgang Ulrich In his latest book, Art After the End of Its Independence, he rejects the idea of ​​independent art and independent artists who “protest their loss of standing with aggressive and authoritarian slogans”. pearl diver– Author Peter Trochner disagrees and sees him in “Fotolot”. Art world problems Quite elsewhere – in the social misery of the many artists in the business so generously supported at the same time: “One can imagine what ‘privileged’ income conditions lead to deeply selfish and authoritarian excesses! For comparison: Director of the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, Sabine raging 311900 EURVienna Albertina Director Karl Albrecht Schroeder 310,700 euros. relationships that 1: 1 over Germany It is portable and makes Ulrich’s portrait of independent artists in 2022 seem a far-fetched absurdity.”

Also: In Berlin’s House of World Cultures, members of the Anthropocene working group search for the “golden spike”, the place where Transition to the Anthropocene (An idea that many geologists seem to reject) according to Petra Anh Fi FAZ.

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