Lauterbach Ministry stops nude commercials for corona vaccination

The old official campaign to vaccinate against the Covid 19 virus, which the federal government had to take a lot of disdain: many viewers were reminded of the advertisements for toilets at motorway service stations.
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Not even 50,000 coronavirus vaccines are given in Germany every day.

In order to better prepare for a possible new wave of infections in the fall, Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach announced a new vaccination campaign in the middle of the week.

Business Insider has learned that the Ministry has funny and fancy commercials made for the trash. Logic causes a frown.

The federal government’s vaccination campaigns since the start of the coronavirus pandemic have failed: there have been criticisms of “sleeves up” ads because some of the reserved celebrities were never vaccinated and the message of the short films was not reaching the target group. The blue-green poster’s ad was even more tattered: boring, not very useful, and some felt reminded of the toilet provider’s logo to stop resting. The Germans looked with envy at the sensational ads of their European neighbors. But now the federal government also wants to get the unvaccinated with the bare facts.

As Business Insider has learned, a whole series of miniseries in which some actors were filmed nude was filmed in Berlin in February. There are elegantly dressed and undressed actors in each of the individual scenes that will later be compiled into a short film. The latter are exposed to wind and weather without any protective clothing, and obviously represent the unvaccinated. In the scenes, for example, a taxi driver takes a well-dressed old lady to her destination and helps her out; The filming also included naked basketball players from their fans wearing the home team jerseys. An advertising campaign to make you smile, making the impotence of the unvaccinated clearly tangible.

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The films were already supposed to be broadcast on TV in June/July this year. But nothing will come of it. Business Insider has learned from government departments that the federal health department has decided to postpone vaccination announcements. The ministry declined questions about the announcement session. Officially, it says: “The new version of the vaccination campaign is currently in the strategic planning stage.” Unfortunately, information on specific content cannot be given. The ministry spokesperson does not want to answer a question about filming and pregnancy costs – because actors, cameramen, sound engineers and director have already been paid for their work.

Business Insider learned from government sources why the broadcast was delayed: it allegedly did not take into account Ukrainian refugees. “Those who fled the war in Ukraine felt that the scenes of the film provoked them,” she says. The films may be used later, but one gets the impression that the Ministry does not want to have anything to do with the films anymore.

There will be an urgent need to strengthen the vaccination campaign: according to the vaccination dashboard at the Robert Koch Institute, currently only 45,000 doses are vaccinated per day. However, in the middle of this week, Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) announced that it would buy another vaccine for €830 million. The minister explained the federal government’s measures “to prepare for a new outbreak of corona in the fall.” “I have to have a lot of vaccinations, in an emergency, I have so many that I can vaccinate everyone,” Lauterbach said.

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With the arrival of the shipment in late May/early June, stocks will rise to 110 million doses of the vaccine with a maximum of 69 million vaccines in the country. There is no vaccine available for children yet. In this context, the Federal Government’s answers to a small question from the CDU/CSU Parliamentary Group in the Bundestag are interesting. The document is available to Business Insider. Accordingly, the vaccination campaign (“vaccination helps”) launched by the traffic light government at the end of January was not very effective: since then there have been only 90,413 primary vaccines. The campaign has cost 31 million euros so far. So Tino Sorge, the union’s health policy spokesman, criticized: “The costs and benefits are disproportionate.”

In the middle of this week, Lauterbach also announced that his ministry was working on a new vaccination campaign in the fall. Anyone who needs or wants to have the IV vaccination should get it. Obviously, the minister does not rely on funny commercials with nudes.

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