Left Party: President Whistler wants to run again


Status: 05/21/2022 1:18 PM

Despite the numerous electoral defeats and the sexist controversy in the Left Party, Whistler wants to remain the leader of the party. she told him that ARD Capital Studio. She will appear again at the party congress in Erfurt at the end of June.

Written by Sarah Frohoff, ARD Capital Studio

The Different Phases of Crisis Management: Janine Whistler has been able to keep a close eye on it in the past few weeks. At first there was the shock of the sudden resignation of its co-chair Susan Hennig-Wilso and allegations of sexism in her government engagement in Hesse. There has been a lot of speculation about whether Whistler will resign as well. Then came the challenge.

Whistler tried to escape forward and made it clear that she would lead the Left Party on her own, at least until the party convention in June. Now you decide if you want to stay longer. She wants to contribute to restoring the Left Party’s confidence and success again. The party has great potential, it is, after all, the only opposition from the left.

Janine Whistler, chairwoman of D-Link, talks about the future of her party

21/5/2022 1:18 PM

Only defeats since taking office

Some might doubt that Whistler wants of all people to reorganize the Left Party. She and co-chair Henning Wilsau took office in February of last year. Since then, the party has suffered defeats almost exclusively: in the federal elections, the Left party failed at the five percent barrier and entered Parliament only thanks to the outright victory of three states. The party lost in all subsequent state elections.

Sexism allegations have rocked the Left Party recently. One case affects Whistler very personally. Her ex-partner, who was also her employee, is said to have been sexually assaulted. The person in question, who is also a member of the Left Party, claims to have contacted Whistler about the allegations. But they did not react. Whistler denies this.

Good chances for re-election?

However, Whistler admits that the party is in a difficult position. Only a few weeks ago she said at a press conference that there was nothing less than the presence of the Left Party at stake. She herself has successfully led her National Assembly for years, and is therefore confident in the reorganization of the left. Whether delegates to the party convention see it this way is an open question.

However, there are some in the Left Party who believe Whistler has a good chance of being reelected, albeit with a poor outcome. According to Weisler, it is now important to present a united front and speak with one voice to the outside world. Even if he doesn’t mention the name, Whistler is clearly alluding to Sahra Wagenknecht, who often takes positions on talk shows that don’t align with executive party decisions.

Wagenknecht supporters as co-chair?

But Whistler still needs one, or a co-chair. This is what the party law states. No other candidate has officially announced himself. Only Soren Bellman was interested in this. He won the third direct term in the Bundestag elections, thus saving the party’s status as a bloc.

Bielmann is a supporter of Wagenknecht and is said to have close ties to Russia. Just a few days ago, Der Spiegel published an article about his unusually high campaign budget. Where the money came from is not clear. Bellman declined to comment. When asked about Pellmann, Wissler reacts evasively. You want to compete as a team at the party convention. In the next few days there will be some talks.

Whistler must hurry up

To date, the dual leadership has consisted of a member of the West German and East German party. This is not mandatory, but a construction that no one has dared to shake yet. Whistler also wants to look around in the Eastern Leagues. Benjamin Hof, head of the state chancellery in Thuringia and close to left-wing Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow, is repeatedly referred to as another possible president. So far, Hoff has submitted several proposals to the party convention, but it seems unlikely that he will announce his candidacy.

Jan Kurti, Parliamentary Director of the Parliamentary Group in the Bundestag, can be seen by many as the leader of the Left Party. Although Kurti comes from Lower Saxony, his constituency is in Saxony-Anhalt. It is doubtful whether he would be considered an Eastern candidate. It is even more questionable whether he had the motivation to take on this position.

Few of Kurt wanted to be the leader of the new parliamentary group after the losing federal election. Until then he didn’t want to compete. There are only a few weeks left until the party convention at the end of June, so Whistler must speed up his search for a joint presidential candidate.

Janine Whistler wants to run again for the left-wing presidency

Ule Hook, ARD Berlin, May 21, 2022, 1:30 p.m.

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