Minister Visser: “Women are killed because they are women” – Domestic Politics

Nancy Visser (51, SPD) is the first woman to head the Federal Ministry of the Interior and she knows that it is still a danger for women in Germany. It’s about the dark corners on the way back home, but it’s also about the violence within your four walls.

Bild am Sonntag: Mrs. Visser, have you ever experienced violence before?

Nancy Phaser: “No violence, but I did get death threats from ‘National Socialist Underground 2.0.’ Women in particular who were fighting right-wing extremists were threatened there.”

Domestic violence has continued to rise in the past year. What are you going to do about it?

fibersInvestigating authorities must become more sensitive. Perpetrators must be expelled from the condominium immediately after the first violent attack. We need special contact points with specially trained personnel throughout the police force. We are also working to expand the women’s support system, especially women’s shelters.”

Each year, about 150 women are killed by their partner or ex-husband. Why do politicians accept this?

fibers: “There must be no understatement at all. These are murders! We should clearly call this femicide. Women are killed because they are women. The state has to admit that we have a big and serious problem there. And act.”

Men who kill their wives are usually convicted of manslaughter, not premeditated murder, because the wife’s behavior is usually considered the motive for the crime. do you accept that?

fibers: “No! These horrific crimes should not be portrayed as ‘jealousy drama’ or ‘relationship tragedies’. The judiciary should look closely here. If the perpetrator believes the woman is his property, he can be sentenced to life imprisonment for vile murder. If the offender is behaving maliciously, the same applies.”

Where are the greatest risks of child abuse?

fibers: “In the private sphere. Often the perpetrator knows his victim well and takes advantage of this proximity. We must break this taboo. We have to speak frankly about this so that we can better protect the children.”

To what extent do you estimate the number of unreported cases?

fibers: “Unfortunately too high.”

The EU Commission wants to automatically check all mobile phone messages and emails for child pornography by service providers. Do you support that?

fibers: “I want to toughen the position on the perpetrators of egregious violence against children. We have to take tougher action against this heinous crime – especially at the European level, in order to gain access to the big platforms. But we must not interfere with encrypted private communications and thus the share of many People who have nothing to do with these acts. It is a great achievement to have a communication that the state may not consider. I don’t think it is compatible with our rights to freedom to check every private message without reason.”

Minister with BamS reporters Angelika Hellemann and Roman EichingerFoto: Parwez

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Minister with BamS reporters Angelika Hellemann and Roman EichingerPhoto: Parvits

But then the perpetrators can communicate in encrypted form and not get caught.

fibers: Images of abuse and marketing are primarily shared on forums and on Darknet platforms. And it is precisely these that we must constantly monitor, condemn the perpetrators and close the platforms. If a substance is discovered there, the service provider must immediately inform the investigating authorities so that they can take immediate action.”

Does this lead to further investigations?

fibers: “definitely yes.”

Do you have enough staff for this?

fibers: “We have to keep strengthening here. At BKA, we make sure of that. The same must happen with law enforcement authorities in countries. Only then can the perpetrators be identified immediately and children protected as quickly as possible. The more we investigate, the more we discover Actions. In order to understand the full extent, more personnel and very good technical equipment are needed. Tomorrow I will discuss this with the investigators at BKA, who are doing a very difficult and very good job. “

Unlike your predecessors, you raised a rainbow flag in front of the Ministry. why?

fibers: “Because I actively advocate for an open and diverse society. I wanted to send a signal that no one in our country should be attacked because of their gender identity. But no one should err: I am at least as strict with crime, hate and violence as the men before me in office. Cause I speak plain language and say: Yes, we have a problem with clan crimes. And yes, we have a problem with Islamists who hate Jews. Fighting is one of my priorities.”

Minister Visser:
Photo: BUILD

Are you patriotic?

fibers: “Yes, I am my patriot. Not only, but especially in football. I really cheer for our national team. The EM 2024 event in Germany will be a highlight of my tenure as Minister of Sports. I was overwhelmed by Frankfurt Eintracht’s win on Wednesday in the Europa League.

If your fellow SPD, Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht, is getting her way, she will not be working with the European Championships as Minister of Sports. She hopes to run for president of the state of Hesse in 2023.

fibers: Will you give up this post of Federal Minister of the Interior? I don’t intend to.”

So the statement did not agree with you?

fibers: “no.”

Lambrecht has been criticized for taking her adult son on business trips several times. You are the mother of a 7-year-old son. Can you understand that?

fibers: “Something like this could only happen within the framework of regulations. For all I know, that was the case.”

Do you take your son with you on business trips so that you can spend more time with him?

fibers: “I try to spend as much time as possible with my 7-year-old son, but I didn’t bring him on business trips.”

13 female victims of violence every hour!

Every third day a woman dies in Germany at the hands of her partner or ex-partner!

In 2020, the number of so-called murders of women was 139, in 2019, 117. In addition, there are cases of serious injuries by men – every hour in Germany, an average of 13 women are victims of intimate partner violence. Bad: Many women are afraid to go to the police or are afraid that they will not be believed. Recently, in April, a case caused an uproar in which a man from Berlin cut the neck of his ex-wife in the street.

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