NBA Playoffs: Golden State Warriors shock Dallas Mavericks with monster return

The Golden State Warriors secured a 2-0 lead in the West End Finals with a strong comeback. Although Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks dominated the first half, the Warriors increased the competition and won 126:117. In the end, a strong Doncic is not enough for the Mavs.

Golden State fell by 19 points after the Mavs hat-trick in the first half, but that wasn’t a deciding factor. The hosts turned the game after the break while the MAVs collapsed. The second half went to the Warriors with 68:45.

Stephen Curry was the top scorer in the league, scoring 32 points (6/10 three-pointers, plus 8 rebounds and 5 assists) and the last prick against the MAVS defense. Above all, Kevin Looney’s performance was outstanding, as his 21 points and 12 rebounds (10/14 FG, 5 offensive rebounds) dominated the area. Jordan Paul also contributed 23 points from the bench, Klay Thompson scored 15 points and Andrew Wiggins scored 16 points.

Luka Doncic was crowned the match’s top scorer, who topped his attackers with 42 points (12/23 FG and 5/10 hat-trick) and made 8 assists. Jalen Brunson (31, 5/7 three) and Reggie Bullock (21, 6/10) provided solid support. However, the offense had massive problems after changing sides and could no longer prevent the warriors from returning. Maxi Kleber only had 3 points (1/5 three) at -20 in 33 minutes.

Both coaches relied on the same starting lineup for the first match, but Doncic has been ill for the past few days due to illness. However, there was nothing to be seen on the field, the vanishing scoring and third move opened by the Slovenian. After just two minutes and an opening three for Bronson, Warriors coach Steve Kerr saw a need for discussion.

Warriors turn to game 2 – Mavs are completely collapsed

That didn’t change the fact that Dallas and especially Doncic started the red-hot game. Bullock’s triple, the Mavs’ fifth, gilded 13-0, and Golden State took several turnovers. The Maffes’ lead grew to 16 points before Curry got his team back into the game. Doncic finished the round 13-0 with a header, but Dallas is now cool off. Thanks to 18 Luca Tables, guests entered the second quarter with a ratio of 32:25.

Ball losses on both sides increased, but the shooting was back in Dallas’ favour. After a trio of Davis Bertans, Damion Lee quarreled, resulting in a technical double. Even with Doncic on the bench, the Mavs were the better team, with Dallas leading by 19 points Kleber also purges Wiggins. Several foul whistles put the match out of flow, but the Mavs’ three shots continued to fall. Curry fired another late run, Doncic responded with a deep hat-trick to 72:58 in the first half.

Dallas started the second half cold before Clipper finally lost his first three of the night at the fifth attempt. Draymond Green (6 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists) received his fifth foul in the middle of the third quarter. The Mavs are now having more problems with the home team’s area defense or Box-and one. On the other hand looney shined, Golden State came back with 16:6, at the end of the third quarter it was only 85:83 for Dallas.

A three-pointed corner kick by Otto Porter Jr. to start the last period gave Golden State their first lead. Looney continued to dominate the area, with Downtown’s Poole finally blowing up Chase Center (+5). Even Green, who came back after a long break, sank by three points, Curry increased his lead to 9 points about 5 minutes from the end and Thompson also joined in the fun from downtown.

The Mavs’ offense now only passed through Doncic, who kept his colors at close range with several steps to step. However, guests do not get any downtime. Made downtown Curry a minute before the end cover on piece. Golden State went to Dallas with a 2-0 lead in Game Three on Monday night.

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