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Status: 05/20/2022 12:46 PM

With the monthly ticket, passengers should be able to use local public transport nationwide from June 1 for nine euros. However, some ferry links in the MV will be excluded from the new law. The Federal Council approved today.

According to a Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Department of Transportation spokeswoman, only ferry services that are part of the transport union can recognize the ticket. This will affect ferry connections in Rostock from Warnemünde to Hohe Don and from Kapotzenhof to Gilsdorf. Things are different in Hiddensee, for example.

The nine euro ticket is not for the Hiddensee . ferry

Vacationers and locals who want to translate between Schaprode on Rügen and Hiddensee will have to pay the full price according to the current state of knowledge. Reason: According to the ministry, other ferry services in the country have a transport function similar to local public transport. But they are not part of public transportation. The island’s mayor, Thomas Janes (Conscious Democrats), sees things differently. As management assures, a ferry connection to Hiddensee is also included in the local transportation plan for the area.

Fears photo damage to the island

Excluding ferries from the nine-euro ticket means residents are excluded from relief, while others benefit from cheap bus and train tickets. But Jens also fears permanent damage to Hiddensee’s image. In his opinion, vacationers who do not know the real reason may think that the island deliberately does not participate in the nine-euro ticket and does not welcome vacationers.

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Prepare local transportation companies with medium cars

The Bundestag gave the go-ahead for the €9 ticket on Thursday (19 May), and the Bundesrat will vote on it on Friday. Shortly before the decision, MV’s local carriers were ready for the planned special campaign – but also somewhat concerned about the potential for additional passenger volumes to rise.

“We will sell the nine-euro ticket from May 23, once on buses as a paper ticket or as a mobile ticket,” Ludwigslust-Parchim’s managing director, Stefan Lösel, told dpa. If the cheap monthly ticket is used a lot in the area, there is a risk that the regular scheduled services will be overcrowded. If the on-demand, flexible bus service is in great demand, this could reach capacity limits at peak times, Lösel continued: “We’ll set everything we have on fire. But if that’s not enough, we can’t change that either.”


Buses and trains are expected to be crowded in places

If the Federal Council makes a decision in favor of the ticket, Rostocker Strassenbahn AG is also ready. Customers should be able to buy it there next Monday. “We don’t assume that we will then have completely crowded trams and buses in Rostock every day. This will certainly be limited to certain times and areas like Warnemünde,” said Jan Bliss of the RSAG board of directors.

Sales are scheduled to start on May 23 in many places

Most other local carriers in the Northeast also want to sell the €9 ticket from May 23, as mentioned on the company’s website. On the other hand, Nahbus Nordwestmecklenburg plans to start issuing special monthly tickets on May 24.

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