Penzberg holiday mobile home sites ready only after the holidays

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to: Wolfgang Schörner


Another construction site: On the strip between Volksfestplatz and the curling lanes, there are parking spaces for motorhome vacationers – completion won’t work anymore for the Pentecost holidays. © Wolfgang Schörner

In addition to Penzberger Volksfestplatz, long-planned parking spaces are currently being built for vacationers traveling with campers. There will be twelve parking spaces for tourists. Contrary to what was believed, it does not work to open the place in time before the Pentecost holiday.

Penzberg – Penzberg may not be a destination for many tourists, but the area is very popular with vacationers. In order to benefit a bit from tourism, parking spaces for vacationers in mobile homes will now be set up next to the Berghalde fairgrounds. Eleanor Hoffmann, who is responsible for tourism promotion in Penzberg, cites a study conducted by Kempten University of Applied Sciences from 2021. Accordingly, campers are people with good purchasing power who spend up to 50 euros per day or overnight. A few years ago, the Pfaffenwinkel Tourist Association calculated that mobile home travelers spend an average of €60 per person on shopping or dining out.

Twelve mobile sites aboard Bergaldi – currently still a construction site

The 65-meter-long, 10-meter-wide strip between Volksfestplatz and Stockschützenbahn is still a construction site. At least the electricity, water and sewage connections are prepared. In fact, “parking spaces for mobile tourist homes” should be completed by Pentecost, according to city architect Justus Clement. “But that didn’t work for two weeks.” There were problems with the delivery of asphalt and small parts. Therefore, the place cannot be opened until shortly after the Pentecost holiday. With a small caveat. According to Eleanor Hoffman, it will take some time to deliver the parking pole. Delivery time is said to be several months. However, it does advocate that the parking space be opened as quickly as possible – even if the rickshaw drivers will initially park their cars for free.

Parking pole delivery may take longer

Hoffman and Clement presented the current situation at this week’s construction committee meeting. As planned, twelve parking spaces will be created in which mobile home drivers can park for up to 48 hours. This should cost ten euros for 24 hours and 15 euros for 48 hours. Electricity must be paid separately. A garbage collection point will also be created. A copy of Benediktbeuern’s car park, which opened five years ago, is used as a model. According to Hoffmann, a dashboard should also be created for vacationers, directing them to culture, sports, entertainment, restaurants or doctors.

The power supply must be upgraded

Originally, eight of the twelve parking spaces were to be supplied with electricity via a power pole that was already in use at the Kirnberger See. At the meeting, however, Hardy Linke (SPD) proposed extending this to all stadiums, which was unanimously approved. This requires another power shaft, which is estimated to cost around 2,500 euros. The total costs of the “tourist camper playgrounds” are about 38 thousand euros. When Jack Eberl (FLP) indicated that the new stadium should be registered online and in stadium apps, Hoffman made it clear that this would happen. “From experience, words will spread quickly,” she said.

RV Sites: First Attempt Failed

A plan to provide parking space for a motorhome in Penzberg has been around for some time. The first attempt failed only a year later. In the fall of 2020, the Gut Hub’s bathing lake camping venue closed again after complaints. As a result, there were several ideas. The considerations for a location in Birkenstraße, where the nurseries are currently located, are becoming more realistic. In search of a temporary solution, the bar next to Volksfestplatz came into operation a year ago – but the plaza there could now become a permanent facility.

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