Schleswig-Holstein: There is no remake of the Jamaica Alliance

nAfter a joint exploratory talk by the CDU, Greens and the FDP, a new edition of the Jamaica Alliance was launched in Schleswig-Holstein. Prime Minister Daniel Gunther (CDU) said Thursday evening in Kiel that he deeply regrets this. Despite the skepticism of junior partners, the three parties together for the first time sought the continuation of their former coalition nearly two weeks after the state elections. They met at a hotel in Kiel on a Thursday afternoon.

Matthias Wissowa

Political correspondent for North Germany and Scandinavia based in Hamburg.

Earlier on Tuesday, Günther’s CDU had only explored with the Greens and then with the FDP. His former path was approved Wednesday evening by the state’s executive board: Although the CDU will only need one of the two former partners in the future, Günther stuck to the goal of continuing Jamaica. This was justified by the successful course of the past few years and the high approval of the alliance.

The CDU won the state election with solid gains, coming in at 43.4 percent. The Green Party also increased, reaching 18.3 percent. On the other hand, the FDP had to accept losses and only took 6.4 percent. Above all, even before the elections, she has ruled out working in a coalition that does not need her mandate. After the defeat, Gunther’s plan in Jamaica was described as “witch,” but LDP state president Heiner Garg indicated before the conversation began that there was a clear alternative with a majority of black and yellow.

The Green Party’s comments sounded more critical for days. Leading candidate Monica Heinold said Thursday evening that it has been established that “there is no common basis for the next five years in an alliance in which no partner is needed.” “We are ready for a black and green government,” added Aminata Toure, who came second on the list.

The Social Democrats, which suffered a bitter defeat at 16 percent, had previously criticized the three parties on their course. The SPD candidate, Thomas Los Mueller, who took over the presidency of the parliamentary group, said that maintaining power is more important to them than their content.

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