The ten most emotional stories of 2021

The best of 2021

The rebellious owner, a fitness center problem and a love affair of three: these are the ten most emotional stories of the past year

Our reporters discovered surprising, curious and intimate things in eastern Switzerland last year. We present ten stories that were particularly touching.

circumvent the child

Lina, 34, wanted children more than anything else in the world. But this desire did not come true for years. So I tried expensive and sometimes adventurous treatments. Martin Oswald tells the touching story of a St. Gallen mother who sacrificed everything for her desire to have children.

Getting around the Baby – Part 1

The touching story of the mother of St. Gallen who sacrificed everything for her desire to have children

Rebellious hotel owner from Arbon

Gionatan Capuano has been at odds with the authorities for years. Reason: The owner of the “Red Cross” in Arbonne built two legs of his restaurant garden without a building permit. Now he is going to federal court. In a meeting with Annina Flaig, Capuano gets an insight into his inner life – and his path from bad student to successful property owner, who is also involved in a cigar factory in Costa Rica.


He was a bad student, had no apprenticeship and still owns a gold mine today: this is Jonathan Capuano, the rebellious owner of the “Red Cross”

Ex-Swiss Airlines pilot looks back

October 2, 2021 marked the 20th anniversary of the founding of Swissair. Fritz Wirz of Torgau has been a pilot for the airline for 32 years. “You gave everything to the company, sacrificed yourself, and contributed to the good reputation of Swissair. Suddenly it was nothing anymore,” says Wirz, looking at those dramatic hours and days. He was supposed to complete his last flight in December 2001 – after which he has stored his uniform downstairs and has taken care of his family ever since. Photo of Alan Roteschueser:

20 years of the foundations of Swiss Airlines

‘For me, a world collapsed in that moment’: Fritz Wirz of Thurgau lived through the last days of Swissair 20 years ago as a pilot

Alan Roteschueser

caring for relatives

Urs Diener is one of 170,000 interested relatives in Switzerland. Niederteufner takes care of his Parkinson’s wife, Els, around the clock, and is supported by Spitex, but there is also help from other agencies.

caring for relatives

He achieves great things and gives up many: what it is like to take care of a sick woman

Jolanda Redner

Ménage à trois: the love trio of Teufen

“I think there are many who want to live in an open relationship, but don’t dare,” says a 26-year-old woman from Teufen. She shares a man with another woman and openly says that the monogamous lifestyle is not for her. The high pressure of expectations in relationships and traditional needs that one person has to fulfill – they don’t want that in their love life. Jolanda Ridner and Martin Oswald Met The Love Trio From Teofen:

‘Jealousy has nothing to do with love’: Eastern Swiss trio openly talk about their polygamous relationship

Jolanda Redner and Martin Oswald

Goodbye to the kebab shop

Mahmut Özdemir has run the Limon kebab shop in Linsebühl in St. Gallen for 21 years. Now finished: After health problems and a second shutdown, he decided to give up his work because: “When I was sick, I realized that it was no longer worthwhile to continue working.” When he met Sandro Buchler, he said that he now wanted to enjoy life with his family. What comes next, he does not know.

“This was my child 21 years ago”: Mahmud Özdemir gives up the famous kebab shop Lemon

Sandro Buchler

Wheelchair user condemns harassment in Romanshorn

After a brain hemorrhage, Romanschourner Sylvain Momenthaler was in a coma for three days. He’s been in a wheelchair for 13 years. Almost every day he is disturbed by the inconveniences that people with disabilities face in daily life. Stuck in train station door, bus driver scolded, slammed in shopping mall for his dog: a tour of his residence with a wheelchair user.

‘Some make me cry’: wheelchair user wants to end harassment of disabled people in Romanshhorn

Reminder instead of training fitness center customers

‘I don’t know how this person can sleep in peace’: this is what a single mother of two said of the owner of the Hotshape gym chain. The company closed all branches in Switzerland, including those in St. Gallen. But clients were unable to terminate their contracts – they were bombarded with warnings and debt execution.

Insolvent Fitness is covering clients with warnings, and the owner has disappeared: “I don’t know how this guy can sleep so peacefully!”

Alan Roteschusser

Globe player scandal in the Swiss provinces

The media in his native Sweden accused him of being part of a drug smuggling gang, and he was convicted of drunk driving and minor drug offenses: world champion Alexander Rudd. In August, it became known that the player of the scandal and the spectator is moving to Switzerland: to the tail club Ad Astra Sarnen. What’s behind this story and headlines about Rod? David Grob met the guy – his photo:

A new start for a fallen star: why a great Swedish player is moving to the bottom of the Swiss league

trader resignation record

“Music has become worthless. You can download or stream it, but many people don’t want to do that. They want to own something and hold it in their hands.” Thomas Spirig says so. However, his record store closed, yesterday, Yesterday’s music in St. Gallen in the fall – 30 years later. Now he wants to slow down a little – and spend more time with his bandmates one more time.

‘Sometimes I couldn’t get rid of clients at all’: Despite vinyl boom, St. Gallen’s next record store disappears with ‘The Music of Yesterday’

Alan Roteschueser

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