Wells Kog talks about his relationship with Jimmy Blue Ochenknecht in “The Battle of the Reality Stars.”

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to: Janine Naberca


Yeliz Koc moved into the “Battle of the Reality Stars” hall. In front of the RTL2 cameras, she talks about her ex-husband Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht. It is said that the father of Snow’s daughter Ilani allowed Mother Elise to pay for everything in the relationship.

Phuket – In Thailand, reality stars are fighting for victory in “Battle of the Reality Stars – Shipwreck on the Dream Beach” (a quick glimpse of all the information about the RTL2 programme). In the new episode, Yeliz Koc takes to the lounge on the beach in Phuket. In a conversation with comrade-in-arms Ronald Shell, the former beautician broke up the relationship with ex-Jimmy Blue Ochenknecht.

Reality star, beautician
November 3, 1993 in Hannover
Jimmy Blue Uchenknecht, Johannes Haller
Bachelor’s, Bachelor’s in Heaven, Summer House of Stars, Reality Star Battle

Liz Kog Breaks Up Her ‘Battle of the Reality Stars’ package: ‘Pregnancy was the worst time of my life’

However, once you’ve moved on, Yeliz Koc makes a bogus error. The TV personality made it easier when “Island of Adventure” star Yassin Mohamed and former “Love Island” contestant Paco Herb pulled their bags. “I just found it simple, you didn’t say thank you,” said “Berlin-Day and Night” representative Martin Wernick.

When an RTL2 commentator asked her if she knew who carried her bag, Liliz Kog replied, “If I remember correctly, Baku and Yassin carried my bag. Lovely.” But she didn’t have much to say about it: “I don’t want to make friends here, but I I don’t want to be any enemies either, because I want to reach the final here.”

Yeliz Koc could open up to Ronald Shell in “Battle of the Reality Stars”. © Screenshot / RTL2 / Kampf der Realitystars

Liz Kog talks to Ronald Shell about his relationship with actor Jimmy Blue Ochenknecht

One TV star in particular is very excited about the new engagement. Ronald Shell greets Willis with anticipation and wants to know from her: “Where have you been?” “I was on The Bachelor,” Liliz Kog replied. “Whistle? Did you slap a man in the face?” the judge asks the reality TV star.

Indeed, Willis Cog became famous, among other things, for slapping bachelor Daniel Foles in front of the camera on season eight of “The Bachelor.” Lilise was disappointed that she did not receive a rose from Danielle Cavalier after their first kiss together and had to leave RTL.

‘I had to pay it all’: Wells Cog talks about Jimmy Blue Ochenknecht’s debt in ‘The Battle of the Reality Stars’.

Daniel Foles wasn’t the only man who disappointed Willis Cog. On “Bachelor in Heaven” she met Johannes Haller and fell in love with her. The two participated in “Summer House of the Stars” together. However, this relationship fell apart just like the one she had with Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht.

On ‘Kampf der Realitystars’ Yelise Kog talks candidly with Ronald Scheele about why the actor’s son Uwe Ochsenknecht’s love hasn’t lasted: “He also had debts. It felt like it was all on my shoulder when I paid rent or shop. It bothered me that I had to pay for everything.”

Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht paints a slightly different picture of Lilise Kog in “Dies Ochsenknechts” on Sky

Yeliz’s ex-boyfriend and father of their daughter Snow Elanie talks a little differently about the financial situation. In the reality documentary “Dies Ochsenknechts”, which can be watched on Sky, Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht is grateful for supporting Yeliz financially during a difficult time. In the meantime, he had paid her all his debts. Another reality show is about to start all over again: This is The New Bachelorette. Sources used: rtl2.de/sendungen/kampf-der-realitystars, sky.de/serien/diese-ochsenknechts

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