When will the 100 euro relief package be paid out?

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Relief package: A one-time child stipend of €100 will be paid to each child in July. © Julian Stratenschulte / dpa / imago / Montage

The relief package is intended to relieve consumers. Families and parents should also benefit from the bonus. But when will the child bonus be paid out in 2022?

Update April 20, 2022 at 4:33 pm: Finally safe. Child Bonus In response to higher energy and fuel prices, like other actions from the relief package planned for 2022, the Federal Council (May 20, 2022) has been thrust in order to give parents and families a €100 children’s bonus in difficult times for relief. In addition to the fixed energy price, it was also decided that the €100 children’s bonus, the Hartz IV bonus and, most importantly, the €9 ticket and the tank discount on diesel and petrol at German petrol stations.

The inexpensive monthly ticket and tank discount will start as early as June 1, 2022, while the €300 flat rate energy price is expected to be paid in September 2022 and will end up in consumer accounts.

Child bonus: when the measure from the 2022 relief package should support parents with €100

First report from May 9, 2022: BERLIN – The 2022 relief package has been on everyone’s lips for some time. After all, the federal government led by Olaf Scholz (SPD) wants to support consumers with five measures to ease the burden of rising costs. In addition to the Children’s Bonus 2022, which aims to support families and parents with €100, a €9 ticket, a fuel discount, a subsidy for Hartz IV recipients and a €300 energy fixed price have been approved by politicians. .

Child Bonus 2022: When will the award from the relief package be paid out? and how?

But families and parents in particular are asking themselves the question: When will the 2022 child stipend from the relief package be paid? Because while the official start date of the ticket is 9 euros, the purchase of which is planned in advance in May, the possible date for the payment of the energy price at a flat rate of 300 euros has been set, the tank discount has also been set. The date of payment of the child bonus is 2022. The amount of €100 is less significant in public, similar to the €100 Hartz IV subsidy.

Politicians say the 2022 child bonus will be paid in Germany in July 2022, then end up in family accounts without parents having to do anything else. On the subject of Payment of Child Benefit 2022, the Federal Government says: “Payment shall be made immediately to the July 2022 Child Benefit payment dates. Child Benefit 2022 will be paid automatically by the relevant Family Benefit Office.

Child Bonus 2022: How high is the bonus and who will receive the €100 payment from the relief package?

Financial support from the Relief Package for Families includes the payment of €100 for Child Benefit 2022, which is paid as a one-time payment for each child.

The 2022 child stipend is paid through the Family Fund. However, high-income earners have to deal with one limitation: The Child Bonus — like the Corona Bonus for Families — is offset against the tax credit. As a result, high-income people will not or will not benefit at all from the children’s bonus from the relief package offered by the traffic light government.

Child bonus set: Traffic light delivers relief package 2022 – families receive one payment of €100 per child

In order to obtain financial support for the families, the child bonus applies through the relief package decided by the politicians. In addition to the child benefit, a one-time payment of €100 per child must be made by the Family Benefits Office. As with payments in the Corona years 2020 and 2021, the child benefit will be offset against the child allowance.

This means that high-income earners hardly or at all benefit from this measure through the subsidy package provided by the SPD, SDP and the Greens. The situation is different with recipients of social benefits, who receive an additional one-time payment of €100 in addition to the €100 benefit already established. In the 2022 relief package, this also applies to Hartz IV recipients, for example.

Child Benefit from Relief Package: Will Child Benefit Increase in 2022?

Apart from the child bonus from the relief package, there is no further increase in the child benefit for 2022. While parents received the 2021 child bonus of 150 euros as part of the Federal Government’s Third Coronavirus Tax Assistance Act, the rationale for the payment was to support families who were It has to deal with certain challenges and financial burdens due to the heavy burden of the Corona crisis.

The federal government had previously paid out the 2020 Child Benefit for the first time. The amount of the child bonus at that time consisted of a total of 300 euros for each child entitled to child benefit in 2020. At that time, payment was made in two different installments from September to December 2020. At that time, the child bonus was the so-called child bonus . Therefore, the payment was a special payment which was dealt with in the event that the child was rewarded with the same aspects that apply to the child’s entitlement.

Child benefit in Germany: how much is the child benefit remuneration in 2022?

As early as January 2023, the standard requirements should be increased within reasonable limits due to the price increase. However, consumer rights advocates have already criticized that financial assistance in the form of a relief package will not be enough. Because people who already have little money at their disposal will not be able to make do with one-time payments.

But what about rewarding the child? First of all, in principle, all parents in Germany are entitled to monthly installments. The purpose of the child benefit is to help mothers and fathers cover the cost of clothing or food for their children. It does not matter if the child is your child. Adopted children, and sometimes adopted children, also receive this amount. Ultimately, we’ll see if the federal government can submit its project and if the 2022 child bonus from the relief package can be found in parents’ accounts in July.

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