You can travel to these countries without exams

Measures against the coronavirus have been sharply curtailed in almost all countries. summarized the current rules ahead of the summer holidays.

The basics in brief

  • If you want to go on vacation in the summer, you also have to deal with the rules of Corona.
  • provides an overview of the rules in the most popular destinations.

When planning a vacation trip, a new item has been added to the to-do list for two years: taking precautions regarding the coronavirus, because procedures vary widely by country. provides an overview of the current situation in some of the most popular destinations.

France – Opening borders for vaccinators

Anyone who has been fully vaccinated can enter France without prior testing. This also applies to those who have recovered if the injury was not more than six months old. On the other hand, unvaccinated people must be able to prove a negative test result upon entry. These rules do not apply to children under the age of twelve.

Mask requirements have been greatly raised in our neighboring country. A protective mask is still only mandatory when visiting health facilities.

Italy – Quarantine for the unvaccinated

One of the four requirements to enter Italy must be met: full vaccination including booster, vaccinated twice no earlier than nine months ago, recover no more than six months ago or corona test. The result of the antigen test must not be older than 48 hours. The PCR test takes 72 hours, and in both cases only the swabs for coronavirus are valid.

Anyone who does not meet any of these requirements can enter the country, but must remain in quarantine for five days and then be tested. Children under the age of six are exempted from these rules.

Since May 1, the “green corridor” is only required for areas such as hospitals. On the other hand, it is still necessary to wear FFP2 masks on public transport and at cultural and sporting events in closed rooms until mid-June. Children under the age of six are also exempt from the mask requirement.

Germany – the continuation of third generation rule

The 3G rule still applies to all entrances to Germany. The duration of the test should not exceed 48 hours. People are considered fully vaccinated after the second dose.

In principle, most of the preventive measures against the Corona virus have been lifted. However, individual federal states can decide their own rules, for example regarding the obligation to wear a mask. It is critical that the occurrence value remain below 1000.

Austria – Don’t forget the FFP2 mask

Austria has lifted entry restrictions since mid-May, which means third-generation proof is no longer required. However, there is still a relatively strict requirement for the mask in the country itself. Adults must wear an FFP2 mask on public transportation and in most shops. A cloth mask is sufficient for children under 14 years old, children under six do not have to wear it at all.

Spain – 3G rules at the border

Spain also continues to rely on third-generation rules against the coronavirus. Those without a Covid certificate must fill out the Spain Travel Health form.

Mask requirements were raised almost everywhere in mid-April. This now applies only to public transport and health facilities.

Greece – Borders open, masks will soon be mandatory

The Greek government raised entry requirements until September. This means that travelers do not need to be able to show evidence of vaccination or testing.

Masks remain mandatory in enclosed spaces available to the public such as bars and museums until June 1. After that, this rule also falls.

Turkey – Anti-Coronavirus rules apply only by plane

For air travel to Turkey, 3G rules still apply to anyone over 12 years old. However, those entering the country by other means are exempt from the Corona rules.

In the country itself, the measures have recently been relaxed. The mask must only be worn on public transport.

Croatia – the borders are open to everyone

Croatia lifted almost all restrictions. There are no entry restrictions. In Germany, mask-wearing is only required in nursing homes and retirement homes.

USA – Entry only with full vaccination

If you want to travel to the USA, you must get vaccinated against the Coronavirus. In addition, all air travelers must show a negative test. According to the government, wearing a protective mask will also be mandatory on all public transport, including planes.

A court has now overturned these rules, which is why the health authority is only issuing an urgent recommendation.

Japanese border for tourists is closed

Not all countries have lifted entry restrictions in any way, as the example of Japan shows. Moreover, the borders are generally closed to foreigners. A maximum of 20,000 people are currently allowed into the country per day, for example for business trips, students or travelers visiting relatives.

Planning a vacation abroad this year?

Vaccinated persons should be tested before and after the flight. Those who have not been vaccinated must then be in quarantine for an additional five days, compliance with which is monitored via an app. Beyond your four walls, a protective mask is part of just about everything.

But the Japanese government is also daring to take another step toward opening up. For testing purposes, vaccinated tourists from the USA, Australia, Thailand and Singapore are now allowed to enter the country in a controlled manner. In June, foreign visitors will again be fully received, but only as group travelers.

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