A whole city celebrates its anniversary


ALSFELD (ACR). It is, so to speak, the most important event of the anniversary: ​​the weekend of the big festival celebrating the 800th anniversary of Alsfeld. Celebrations will take place at seven locations across the city this weekend – from morning to evening with a varied programme.

It’s no secret that Alsfeld can celebrate it. That’s exactly what the city showed again on Saturday. It was the first day of the weekend for the big festival marking the 800th anniversary of the city’s founding – and it has already attracted many visitors from near and far. There was a lot of hustle and bustle and the weather gods celebrated too: bright sunshine and at the same time a fresh breeze blew through the streets.

The weekend of the festival began on Friday evening with a business evening, including tapping for a beer brew. Mayor Stefan Paul needed five shots before the “Helle Elle” beer, made for the anniversary, poured in and everyone toasted the evening and weekend, which kicked off the next round on Saturday with a full programme.

Alsfeld starts the weekend at the festival

Whole streets of the old town, practical activities as far as the eye can see, a varied theater program and all kinds of humor – this is how you can sum up the festival on Saturday in a nutshell.

Celebrations were held at seven locations across the city. In the heart of the city, the Market Square, where the main platform was located, you can, among other things, plant hats with the Fruit and Horticultural Association, have your photo taken as a Schwalm couple, prove your skills in milking cows and goats on dummies, enjoy yourself an anniversary beer “Helle Elle and Upper Hessian specialties, or relive your memories in the Fairy Tale Day and Hessen Day campaign areas.

800 years Alsfeld: Of course, many traditions also developed during this time. For example, we dice New Year’s Eve – this can not be missing on the market square.

A few steps away, Church Square has turned into a wine village. Here you can not only enjoy anniversaries or other wines and drinks, but also fortify yourself with salt cake. Of course, there were also delicacies elsewhere in town to satiate your hunger and recharge your batteries.

What definitely stood out for younger visitors was not only the small Pentecostal market on Volkmarstraße, which was turned into a fun mile with a children’s Ferris wheel, roasted almonds, cycle and whirlpool for children, but also the fire brigade and children’s wall. Face painting, to name a few examples of many attractions that can be mentioned. Those who prefer a little quiet can go on a small tour of the Bürgergarten. Here you can, for example, test your shooting skills or visit the two ponies, Gretel and Sunny.

For two, you can try your luck at mouse roulette.

…and above all, the right mouse got the kids excited.

Historical and mythical encounters

While the monastery garden invites visitors to take a journey back in the Middle Ages, where they met knights or foresaw the future in Maria’s magic card room, in front of the fairytale house, whose doors opened, of course, was “running water” in the fire-bucket sprinkler – and while pumping, Father began And the mother sweats a lot. By the way, not only fairy-tale characters were encountered in a fairy-tale house or a fairy-tale tent: Puss in Boots or Little Red Riding Hood also wandered the alleys among visitors, but, unlike pedestrians on stilts, they were not seen from afar.

Water walk! Young firefighters at work.

The Neurathaus and the museum barn also opened their doors on Saturday. In the completely renovated part of the Neurathaus, visitors can glimpse 800 years of Alsfeld’s history. “800 years – celebrate Alsfeld!” It is the name of the special exhibition steeped in history for Alsfeld’s anniversary, in which 76 ceremonies are shown and their history relayed at the same time.

In the adjacent museum barn, where you can still admire the exhibition “Hinterhöfe – Alsfeld’s Little Escapes,” it was time to shoot when the small film and photo club in the museum barn offered a glimpse into the various film treasures. He brought four short films from the old days.

Not only did the array of hands-on activities and kiosks invite you to browse extensively, but also the supportive program from Alsfelder for Alsfeld: music and dance performances, theatrical performances, concerts, magic, historical and imaginative encounters ensured that seats were full, plenty of applause and plenty of humor.

Together, 800 years of city rights must be celebrated widely into the evening hours before the next round of the festival begins on Sunday weekend. But even after that, the anniversary events will not end, because Alsfeld celebrates all year round.

There are many impressions here:

Sunday program

the shop
11.30 a.m.: Morning pint with “blech.Quadrat”
2 PM: Dance performance by ACC Konfettis
2.15 pm: Schwalm Dance and Traditional Costume Troupe of Lushausen
3 p.m.: Concert of the Alsfeld . Music School
3.50 pm: TVA gymnastics group show
4.10 pm: Alsfelder Ratssänger . Concert
4.55 pm: Theatrical performance “Alsfelder Hexennacht von 1663” by ASS
6:20 PM: Tiger & Dragon eV performance
6.40pm: Dance Show by ACC Purzelgarde and Tanggarde & Jerboa
9pm: Nosferatu – Silent movie with live music

monastery garden
11 a.m.: Opening with Nachtwindheim
12:30 PM | 2:45 pm | 4.30 pm: Viesematente
1:15 pm: Knight Show and Fight
4 pm: Juggler Freidrichhab
5 p.m.: Pub Game

city ​​park stage
12 p.m.: Juggler Friedrich
2 p.m.: the house of the night wind
3:30 PM: Fakrishow

Church Square
3 p.m.: A multicultural band from the Alsfeld Music School
3.30 pm: Concert with “Dreiklang”

fairy tent
1 m | 2 m | 3 pm | 4 pm: Stories
3 p.m.: Myth: “Puss in Boots” – with the cat

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