After analyzing the season VFB: Which building sites coach Matarazzo wants to tackle – VFB Stuttgart

A turbulent 2021/22 season behind VfB Stuttgart. After countless setbacks and a tough relegation battle, the Swabians saved themselves with a dramatic last-minute victory over Kowloon. “It’s been an exciting season,” sums up the VFP club coach. “We had to take a lot of setbacks and deal with a lot of resistance. It was the season of extremes.”

Whether it’s injuries, Corona cases, lack of luck in the match or narrow referee decisions – a lot has come together. VfB can still stay awake, but the party time is over: there is plenty to work on at Mercedesstraße before the season begins. Coach Pellegrino Matarazzo gives insight into his analysis of the season and explains the areas he wants to tackle.

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