Alonso’s engine change before the race

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For completeness: It won’t rain in Barcelona today either. In fact, today is actually the hottest day of the entire weekend! Let’s see how fast the tires flip next…

1:18 pm

Aggressive Bottas

The motorists’ parade has already begun on the circuit. There Bottas reveals his desire to attack “at least” one of today’s Mercedes drivers. As a reminder, he took seventh place and thus was “best of the rest”.

But it shouldn’t be easy. Because Mercedes is looking forward today, too. Even Russell assumes you could have a chance on the podium today…

1:12 pm

Live broadcast

Less than two hours until the start of the race and as promised we will quickly provide the start time for the analysis of the day. Starting at 8:30pm, Kevin Schoren and Christian Nimmervall will be reporting live on’s YouTube channel!

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New spare parts for Verstappen

Yesterday in Q3, Verstappen’s DRS hadn’t worked for a while. Red Bull is not taking any racing risks and has replaced the corresponding parts in the world champion’s car.

This is also possible under Parc Ferme rules, provided the parts are identical. That was the case, so there is no penalty.

12:43 PM

Chaos in Barcelona

We have already heard from many colleagues and fans on site that the conditions on the track are said to be very chaotic. This applies to things like arrival and departure, but also to drink stands, for example.

Were the organizers surprised by the large crowd? Anyway, one hears that there are huge queues all around and people sometimes have to wait forever for their drinks. Not pleasant, especially in the heat.

If we have readers on the right track, please write to us about your experiences using the contact form!

12:17 PM

racing tires

In this context also take a look at the racing tyres. It seems very likely that all teams will focus on soft tyres, with at least three groups remaining for all drivers.

The situation is different for the modes, in which there are no more than two, many drivers and even only one. And all 20 drivers have one sentence left of the solid mix.

But according to Pirelli, you shouldn’t use force anyway. It’s very slow here.

12:10 pm


Here is an overview of the strategies Pirelli suggests for the day. We rarely have so much variety: it should be medium – medium – soft – medium – soft – similarly fast.

Three-stopper with Medium-Soft-Soft-Soft is also possible on paper. On the other hand, it seems that only one terminal is very unlikely and is not listed by Pirelli.

But who knows, maybe someone will try it anyway. It can be a strategically exciting race!

12:02 pm

Change the engine in Alonso

And we stay with the French again, because fellow Albert Fabrega reports that Alonso will get a new engine. He had to start from the end of the field. It doesn’t make much of a difference, because he would have taken 17th place anyway.

The change has not yet been officially confirmed, but the picture looks very clear.

11:53 AM

Speaking of the Alps…

The French have an update with them in Barcelona. But apparently not both drivers got all the parts. Alonso reveals: “The two cars are not the same.” Ocon has a “small update” he didn’t get.

“We have to see if I can do it [am Samstag] It has some performance. “It was his turn this time, it’s okay,” said Alonso, who has also had priority in updates in the past.

By the way, Ocon starts from P12 after that. For him, the points are much closer.

11:45 am

Alonso: “Misunderstanding” ended the first question

The Spaniard started on the decisive lap of the first quarter yesterday behind Norris. Of course, this was not the best – and in the end the Alpine pilot was wiped out. How did this situation happen?

“It was a misunderstanding,” he says, explaining, “I started the course behind Lando thinking I only had a second or two left until the end of the session.” In fact, there was still plenty of time.

In theory, he could have left a much bigger gap for McLaren. In the race, he now needs a “colossal great safety car” to still have a chance of a good P17 result.

we will see.

11:38 am

Ferrari excludes stable orders

It is becoming increasingly clear that the 2022 World Cup title will be decided between Leclerc and Verstappen. Sainz is already 51 points behind his teammate. That equates to more than two race wins.

However, Ferrari is ruling out stable management at this point in the season. “It’s only the sixth out of 22 races,” race director Laurent Mekies explains. “We’re still very, very far from facing such a dilemma.”

So Sainz should win his home race today. The full story is here!

11:30 am

All the best!

Congratulations to Pedro Diniz who celebrates his 52nd birthday today. The Brazilian remained in Formula 1 for a full six years between 1995 and 2000, but he did not collect more than ten championship points.

He has never been on the podium in 98 races, which puts him fifth in the stats for most Formula 1 starts without a podium. Nico Hulkenberg (181 races) is unchallenged in P1.

By the way: in 2021, Deniz again made the headlines because Sebastian Vettel visited him on his organic farm …

10:42 AM

Screen: Formula 1 and Co. Live on Sky!

The main race of Formula 3 has already started in Spain, and Formula 2 is about to begin. Did you know that all of these support series are broadcast live on Sky?

With a Supersport ticket, you’ll also get access to the IndyCar series, Handball Bundesliga and all matches in the Premier League, all of which are set to end tonight.

Starting at just €19.99 per month, you can live everywhere with a Sky ticket. Report here!

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Aston Martin “compromise”

This may explain why Vettel and Stroll were eliminated in the first quarter yesterday. “The temperatures have really warmed up from us this weekend,” admits Andrew Green, technical director of the new package.

He explains that refrigeration is a “compromise”. As a reminder, Aston Martin is using the new parts for the first time this weekend. Apparently, the necessary cooling was simply wrongly calculated.

“It certainly hasn’t shown its potential yet,” Green says of the upgrade. Because the car is almost brand new and you have to learn and understand many things first.

For example cooling…

10:20 am

Schumacher and Vettel: losers in qualifying

Admittedly, at first glance, Schumacher does not look like one of the losers yesterday after qualifying for the first time in his career. Why is it anyway?

Kevin Schoren and Christian Niemervall explain this on YouTube channel in our comprehensive analysis! The following topics were on the agenda yesterday:

Schumacher: Another clear defeat against Magnussen
Vettel: Aston Martin is also following a B version
– Leclerc & Verstappen: Dramatic Pole Battle
Bottas, McLaren and Alonso
– Mercedes: the tires are not in the right window
– Long term update: Ferrari increased!
– Questions from channel members from live chat

The two will contact you again this evening for an analysis. As usual, we will announce the exact start time during the day.

Schumacher and Vettel: losers in qualifying

Not the Saturday of Mick Schumacher and Vettel at the Spanish Grand Prix, but the drama in the struggle for first place: we’re analyzing the qualifying! More Formula 1 videos

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