Best job fair in Nagold: The future begins in Stadthalle – Nagold and the surrounding area

The companies provided detailed informational materials. Photo: Frit

About 90 companies have presented themselves on their best side. At the “Top Job” training and study fair in Nagold, they recruited young people and offered jobs.

Nagold – “Change your world” – is not a bad mantra to start your career. In any case, starting a career changes the world of young people. Only: where do you get? Hundreds of young people have a look at potential employers at the top job training and study fair. About 90 companies from the region have shown what they have to offer young people. For example as a landscape gardener at the Bühlers Gartenwelt in Nagold. The company announced its “world-changing” careers with the Federation of Gardening, Landscaping and Sports Construction outside the trade show.

outdoor heavy equipment

Most of it happened in Stadthalle, a lot in the underground car park in the city center north and outside on the square in front of the Stadthalle. There were big things: excavators and bulldozers for garden workers, logistic trucks, mobile consulting vehicles from the Bundeswehr and Südwestmetall, and a huge orange tractor with all sorts of attachments that probably made a lot of a boy’s heart (and a lot of a girl’s) beat faster. The tractor, worth 250,000 euros, belongs to the Nagold Road Maintenance Division. “Road Supervisor” is the name of the profession where you are guaranteed freedom to travel in winter with clearing and in summer with mowing and maintenance. “We’re always training,” said department head Michael Goetz.

Interest increases again

Like the life of a road manager, Al-Haraji’s life takes place primarily outside. Landesbetrieb Forst (ForstBW) has pitched its tent next to the road maintenance department. “Fortunately, the interest has surged again,” says forest master Jens Debertshäuser, who heads training at ForstBW’s Calmbach base in ForstBW. For people in the forest, there are probably many large machines also – but working in the forest is still hard work.

The people on the construction site also do hard work as construction or foremen. Even the people who have to hire new employees are doing the hard work there and thus making attractive offers in return. “We always offer courses with good supervision,” declares Uwe Eitelbuß from Seele Bau in Eutingen.

“another thing”

It was Raphael Schultz who learned brickwork. But now he wants to do “something different” and is staying in the Pfalzgraf suite with his companion Samantha Kecaj. Irina Radaz from the human resources department advises. Vanessa Gansel explains what a food technologist does. “Plant control is also interesting for boys, not just baking cakes,” especially when 22,000 cakes are baked at the end of the day. Of course you can try some in the Pfalzgraf suite.

Also platform for trainees

On the Wackenhut platform, Panagiotis Avgeros tries a driving simulator. Justin Hoffman takes care of him. Hoffman is himself a trainee as a digitization management writer at the mobility service provider Nagold. Top Job is also a forum for the trainees themselves, where they showcase what they are learning and show those about to graduate what they can actually do. Therefore, many information kiosks are run by “interns”.

Trust pays off

For example in Veyhl. There is a model of the High Head Crane – an intern project that many people flock to. The crane was created as a result of teamwork among product designers, electronics engineers and mechatronics engineers. “If you trust young people, a lot of them will come in,” says Bernard Waltz, an electronics and systems coach.

Those who prefer to pursue a social career find many suggestions in the underground car park, such as those of the Bruderhausdiakonie or those of the Emmaus Center for Seniors. The Federal Police announced there, and so did the State Police. “At Nagold, Freudenstadt and Pforzheim we offer interesting in-house training with a diverse programme,” says Andreas Roster, Employment Adviser at Police Headquarters in Pforzheim/Kalu, “for example the traffic police, the dog unit and spectators during shooting training.”

The trainees distribute handouts

Tania Schroeder and Robert Kern have found an interesting job in a well-suited field. They “love the food” and educate the retail reps at Edeka Rentschler. They are now on the platform distributing flyers (“Apply Now”), notebooks and pens.

There were small information platforms like Edica, and big booths like Rolf Benz. The company presented itself with a large seating group and demonstrated its training opportunities, including the job description “Upholstery Sewing and Decorating (M/F/D)”. Appropriately, Rolf Benz announces with the slogan: “Strengthen your future.” Probably not a bad slogan to start your career.

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