BILD FITNESS PROGRAM: Lose one dress in four weeks! – advisor

Check your dress size in four weeks – with BILD you can do it!

Tomorrow (Monday 23 May) the 4-week fitness program at BILDplus begins with BILD weight loss coach and personal trainer Christian Blisse. Then the fitness specialist provides two full-body workouts per week (Monday and Thursday) and regular nutritional advice to make you leaner and thinner. Beginners or advanced in fitness – everyone can train from home.

During this time we will be accompanied by four BILD readers who can hardly wait for it to begin.

Matthias Zoelos (50), commercial writer from Ahlerstedt

Matthias Zoelos finally wants to get back in shape with the BILD fitness programFoto: Sybill Schneider

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Matthias Zoelos finally wants to get back in shape with the BILD fitness programPictured: Sybil Schneider

Height: 1.80 m
Weight: 96 kg
Clothing size: XL / XXL

“I find it difficult to lose weight. The main reason is definitely that I do not exercise enough. Either I sit at my desk or in the car. I have just started playing tennis again, but I am not quite fit and after training I have severe joint pain because I carry Too much weight and not enough muscle strength.With intermittent fasting, I lost eight kilos from January until Easter, but gained it back quickly.I’m totally excited to start a BILD fitness program and finally get fitter.For me, this is the positive pressure I need To keep going because I don’t want to feel lazy anymore.”

Andre Werner (31), office clerk from money

In the evening after work to exercise - Andre Werner finds it difficult to put himself together.  That must change nowFoto: Andreas Buck

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In the evening after work to exercise – Andre Werner does not find it easy to motivate himself to do so. That must change nowPhoto: Andreas Buck

Height: 1.83 m
Weight: 95 kg
Dress Size: XL

“Since I quit school and started working, I’ve been sitting at the office all day. When I get home, it’s very hard to get myself together and exercise. The sofa is simply more tempting. I try to go to the gym once a week, but it works.” Infrequently.Corona period hasn’t made it completely better, I’ve become more stagnant.My goal now is to get leaner, lose weight especially on my stomach, and stop being bothered when I see fat deposits in the mirror.I’m really interested in the BILD campaign and I’ve already told many Friends and colleagues I’m sharing. It’s official now and you can see how I look after the four weeks.”

Stefan Luhrmann (42), a manager at a health insurance company in Dortmund

Stefan Lohrmann is looking for new motivators in trainingFoto: Stephan Schuetze

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Stefan Lohrmann is looking for new motivators in trainingPhoto: Stefan Schweitz

Height: 1.91 m
Weight: 112 kg
Clothing size: XL / XXL

“I haven’t had a drive for two years. Because of the pandemic and working from home, my ambition and motivation have decreased and I get to the gym maybe every 2-3 weeks. I want my motivation back from the coach and help with nutrition and training times. It’s easy for me to start, but hard keep going.Diet is a huge problem for me.the rest of my family doesn’t have to watch my’s hard for me to say ‘no’ when curry,fries and mayonnaise are on the table.I would like to be able to put my shoes on again without having to lock up My breath and to be more mobile and fitter in general. I would like to be able to wear my favorite jeans, suits and T-shirts again as it was before the pandemic.”

Nicole König (45), educational director from Oberhausen

Nicole Koenig wants to lose ten kilos in the long runFoto: Stephan Schuetze

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Nicole Koenig wants to lose ten kilos in the long runPhoto: Stefan Schweitz

Height: 1.65 m
Weight: 97.6 kg
Clothes size: 44 / XL

“My weight used to be my best. Now I’m trying something new – I’m no longer hiding! It’s like I’ve tried all the diets and dietary changes, but the pounds won’t drop. Once the enjoyment suffers, I give up counting calories and weighing meals. I like to enjoy light food.” , but this is only possible with exercise. Because my metabolism is a sleeping pill. EMS training once a week is not enough for me to lose weight. For more self-love, I only need a few centimeters less waistline. Losing two kilograms in four weeks would be an order Nice and hopefully realistic. In the long run, I want to stay on the ball and get under 90kg.”

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