Congo trip, call for environmental awareness and more

Despite his severe knee problems, Pope Francis plans to travel to the Congo in early July. This was stated by Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo Bisongo, Archbishop of Kinshasa, according to the press service “ACI Africa” ​​(Saturday evening). At the last meeting of the Cardinal’s Council in the Vatican, the Pope confirmed that he would attend – “subject to new developments,” the cardinal said in an exchange with journalists.

As a Jesuit, Francis has “a sense of work and a sense of duty,” according to Ambongo; His knee pain will have no effect. However, they will be taken into account, along with the Congolese government, in organizational preparations.

Francis is scheduled to arrive in the capital, Kinshasa, on July 2. During his four-day visit to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, he also wants to go to Goma in the east of the country. He then travels to neighboring South Sudan, where he travels with the Anglican president, Archbishop Justin Welby of Canterbury.

Francis welcomes the readers of “Famiglia Cristiana”

Pope Francis received the editors and readers of the weekly on the 90th anniversary of “Famiglia Cristiana”. “Dear readers, you are the true capital of magazines like Famiglia Cristiana,” the 85-year-old said Saturday at the Vatican. The management and editorial team has always maintained good relations with their readers.

Francis warned that in times of digital transformation, new channels of communication must be constantly sought. Dialogue should not be limited to exchanging data or information. It’s about really getting to know the other person, the person you’re talking to, keeping an eye on your roots and being open to new things.

Aiming at families, “Famiglia Cristiana” first appeared on December 25, 1931 in Alba, northern Italy. The founder was the later canonized priest Giacomo Albrioni. Initially, 1,000 copies were printed. In the 1950s, the magazine received a professional editorial team. In 1980 it had nearly six million readers and a circulation of 1.2 million copies. There are now about 200,000 subscriptions left

Bob wants more environmental awareness

Pope Francis has called for increased environmental awareness. In a world where everything is closely intertwined, new pedagogies must enhance education and allow the growth of a culture of care, Francis (Saturday) told participants of an international meeting at the Vatican.

The exchange organized by the Italian Gendarmerie took place in Rome in the last few days and was entitled “Nature in Mind – A New Culture of Nature for the Protection of Biodiversity”.

Vatican athletes run for more teamwork

The sports team Atlética Vaticana of the Holy See will take part in an integral relay race in Rome next week. The 4x400m races will not be competed, but the baton will be handed over as a sign of brotherhood and integration, Atlética Vaticana announced (Saturday). Those willing to participate include people with Down syndrome, prisoners and victims of abuse, as well as refugees and migrants.

New Papal Ambassador to North Macedonia and Bulgaria

The new Vatican ambassador to Macedonia will be the Papal Ambassador to Bulgaria, Archbishop Luciano Soriani (65). The Italian was assigned to the Embassy of Sofia just a week ago. Although the date of Saturday is not clear, it appears that Soriani holds the two positions in parallel. Relations between the two neighboring countries are historically difficult. For years, Bulgaria blocked the start of EU accession talks with North Macedonia. The situation seems to be deteriorating under the current governments.

Soriani has worked in the Papal Embassies of Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Niger, Switzerland and Liechtenstein since joining the diplomatic corps at the Vatican. He had to give up his post as ambassador to Bolivia after a few months due to mountain air problems in the Andes. He worked for many years in the Vatican State Secretariat, including the Coordinator of Vatican Embassies.

Italian bishops ahead of new elections for the pope

Pope Francis will receive the Italian Bishops’ Conference on Monday at the start of their General Assembly. The meeting with the 85-year-old later in the afternoon should also address the impending replacement of the presidency. The bishops want to draw up a list of three potential candidates for their five-day meeting in Rome. The decision then rests with Francis as bishop of Rome.

He has already announced that there must be a cardinal, reducing the number of potential candidates. A total of 237 active archbishops and bishops belong to the Bishops’ Conference. After five years in office and at the age of 80, the current president, Cardinal Gualtiero Pasetti, is no longer standing.

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